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[3.16] lvl 91 Inqisitor, Needs A drastic overhaul. Going to play Siege for 3 months.

2 keypress to load tree

Just go to the forums and find a buid you would like to try, then just copy the pastebin code [ex. https://pastebin.com/GTT2ceRV],to look at the tree. Then just go to path of building, import char, import from pastebin, then Just press Ctrl + V. then press done. things shouuld turn green.

Pastebin Code [fork]


Bandits. Help Alari




Just a quick build I put together after the 3.16 version. I don't know how I got 5 red sockets in the staff. I never used very many chrom orbs on it. All the gear is very inexpensive to buy. Just 100 or so for all of it. Shud be able to clear a t8 map & the boss. You can equip a second trinket/aumlet. Just do a trinket blueprint, grand hiest in the rouge harbor. You can only equip the trinket that you get in the grand hiest. You can't give it to one of your other characters. he/she must do the blueprint, grand hiest also. The trinket is only good for use, in the rouge harbor.

Looks Like


I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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Hi Yavoue

I'm guessing you are a new player judging by some of the things I can see in your build which I find a bit confusing.

Firstly im actually impressed you have managed to get to 91 with your current set up

For starters I would recommend switching out most if not all of your unique items for rare items with health and resistances, just because they are unique does not mean they are good. This should be done until you are at least resistance capped you will notice a dramatic increase in your survivability.

Also I noticed you have a lot of item rarity focus this is bait for new players and id suggest ignoring it mainly in place of more useful gear.

Secondly looking at the tree you seem to be a bit confused on some nodes such as attack damage for staffs as these will grant nothing for you build if you are casting freezing pulse, also a number of other points that could be spent better Could provide a better tree of guide example if you are interested

Also would highly recommend respeccing your ascendency into pious path as this would be a huge defensive boost as you have a decent amount of energy shield. unless this is just a bug in pob display.

Finally your links im incredibly confused why you have gone for bleed, phys and stun support on a skill that deals no physical damage and already freezes enemies. I would highly recommend switching these supports out for more traditional ones such as spell echo, controlled destruction etc what ever people are using for freezing pulse these days.

Overall while I understand the fun of making your own builds I my self don't like following guides id recommend in future that you do some research of look at builds prior to get ideas around what might work and what not.
I will make some changes after this leauge. [free re-set]

Yha. I see Pois Path up in the top right corner.
I will have to hit it.

Thanks for the tip guy.
I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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