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[3.16] DOMLAF Vacuum Cracker Cyclone Berserker


Welcome fellow Hipster Exile!
If you're looking for meme builds, you are at the right place!


This build is based on the scourge mod "Deal 19% Of your Maximum Life As Fire damage to nearby ennemies" aka DOMLAF

The damage of this effect scales with Life, Ennemy Resistance.
Instead of waiting for ennemies to attack you, you can proc it yourself by using Eye of Innocence amulet.

A fast hitting AoE Skill is mandatory to proc the effect as much as possible, Cyclone is the best choice for it.

How to scale the damage:

1 - Maximum Life.
2 - Chance to ignite at 100%. You need to deal a bit of fire damage with your main skill.
3 - Attack Speed capped.
4 - 100 Chance to Hit%
5 - Number of ennemies hit.

The AoE of the effect is really tiny, Empire's Grasp along with Divergent Knockback Support and Knockback nodes on tree allows to Vacuum ennemies while Cycloning.

6 - Ennemy Fire Resistance and increased damage taken.

-96% to -32% from Flammability and Elemental Weakness Curses
-10% from Combustion Support
-10% from 2 * Cooked Alive (Medium Cluster Jewel)
-15% from scorched ground from Legacy of Fury
-10% from Exposure from Eye of Malice
*1.5 from Eye of Malice
20% increased fire damage from Covered In Ash from Wrapped in Flames (Medium Cluster Jewel)

Path Of Building links

Lvl 90 attainable Gear: https://pastebin.com/sX8UHHtv
Lvl 100 target Gear: https://pastebin.com/88AK5yvk


Body Armour
Mandatory with the scourge mod on it
At first, get whatever rare you can find that is suitable.

Then, the best obtainable armour is Belly Of the Beast IMO.





Main Hand
Maximum attack speed Imperial Claw for the Life gain on Hit implicit
Craft 60% fire damage and Chance to Ignite

Shield with Life, Chance to Block, and 5% Life recovery on Block

Belt and Rings
Get HP, complete elemental and chaos resistances and stats requirements for Dex and Int
Get %increased Maximum life Hunter mod on belt


Get Charges when Hit mod on all flasks
Get Instilling Orb "Used when flask reach full charges" mod on the 4 utility flasks

Gem Links

Body armour 6L
Divergent Knockback
Faster Attacks
Increased Area of Effect
Additional Accuracy
Life Gain On Hit

Gloves 4L
Cast When Damage Taken
Blade Vortex
Increased Duration

Boots 4L
Elemental Weakness

Helmet 4L
Cast When Damage Taken
Blazing Salvo
Ball Lightning

Shield 3L
Vaal Molten Shell
Ancestral Cry or Infernal Cry

Weapon 3L
Vaal Breach
Flame Dash
Faster Casting

Verifications to do:

- Global Damage (Damage, Fire Damage, Elemental Damage, Area Damage) scaling the damage of the hit. (likely)
- Global Area of Effect scaling the AoE of the effect. (unlikely)
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Love the build!

I recently Mythic Orb'd a Queen of the Forest with the DOMLAF mod and am in the process of leveling a Raider to give this build a try. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering.

What did you level as? I'm currently slogging along as Ice Blades.

I was wondering if you could explain your reasoning for picking Berserker over other Ascendancy choices, if only to help me understand what I might have missed going over your build and attempting to transpose it to a Raider.

My current plan:

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I wonder if you can farm t16 maps and do league content with that build.
I leveled with Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray, since it's quite easy to get enough life regen, fire res now and base damage got buffed without using EO and EE, and you can level with the same base tree structure.

I started as Juggernaut because I wanted to use Hiltless but it doesn't hit and so doesn't proc DOMLAF. I didn't want to reroll and Berserker's offered really huge Attack Speed and non-negligeable movement speed.
I considered other ascendancies like Necro or Elementalist but Maraudeur is the best start position on the tree for this take IMO.

i like this niche meme build.
- Global Damage (Damage, Fire Damage, Elemental Damage, Area Damage) scaling the damage of the hit. (likely)
- Global Area of Effect scaling the AoE of the effect. (unlikely)

a week has past. have u test any of those?

2. also does socketed gems matter in body armour for this (like inc aoe)? (very unlikely)

3. also have u maybe try this with Martyr of Innocence Highborn Staff?
i can help u testing if needed.
just equip and unequip weaapon and test dmg done of single spell/atk.
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why not resolute technique?

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