[3.16][Trickster][Flicker Strike] Looking for a Trickster Flicker Strike build for Scourge League

Hey Exiles! Need your help here :)

I love flicker Strike as a skill and the way it plays you. And I'd like to have some fun with it this league. I like the idea of Trickster and I believe there are some nice pros doing flicker this way. Mainly:
- Zero mana costs for Flicker & Cyclone (leveling with Cyclone before Flicker)
- Possibly nice hybrid evasion/ES deffence considering the 3.16 changes
- Shadow is cool :)

Unfortunately I am not a good build crafter and I didn't find any fresh Trickster Flicker builds for the last leagues to try and update myself.

Maybe someone on the forum can find some time to help me and explain if it's even possible to make an adequate Trickster Flicker in 3.16. And if it's not possible at least I could stop wondering and get over with it.
Last bumped on Oct 27, 2021, 9:59:59 AM
Not sure if this helps you, but on this page some builds of people lvl 80+ are listed.
You could look into it what he has done and maybe adapt it for yourself:

Level 88 Trickster
im using this build
Hey thx guys!

POE Ninja Builds is where I went after league start. Sadly - zero trickster flicker users here. As far as I can see it's mostly Raider, Berserker and Slayer. A little bit of Champion as well.

Last time I played flicker it was Block Champion and it was good but now block is nerfed and I'm not sure if it'll be as fun. Thought about Trickster evasion/ES hybrid withc zero flicker cost but no examples of successfull build at the moment.

Will probably try Raider or Slayer this time. Slayer with brutal charges looks interesing :)

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