Hello Exile I'm PROmaore and I wanted to share with you my take on necromancer for 3.15 league

This is messy little work in progress sub-guide and not too noob friendly for now. Pls keep it to the references guides below if you're lost.

Feel free to ask anything
Sorry for bad english

The Disco plot twist:

Baranites Preacher Spectre & Skeleton Mages are scalable together without too much sacrifice
Baranites are OP at clearing
Skeleton mages are good boys but they can "panic" in a few situation (legions, expeditions, tuff tuff packs, delirium) where they're going to shoot very unefficiently

All in all, the very different style of projectile they provide is the big strenght! Baranites clear well and fast so skeleton can focus on high hp target

Convoc the boys for a lethal blow while perma phasing bitwin packs
Mind over matter / agnostic is in a real good spot with nerfed flasks.
As you have to position youre cluttery army, toughness is not an option!


Odif's skele mage

Therealtoothman MOM Skele mage


-Very good map clear
-Very good survavibility (mom, agnostic, capped bloc, bone offering, 55%+ phys mitig, bone armour, unwavering stance, endu charge)
- Nice gameplay (imo)
- Good mobility with "100% uptime " phasing

-Clutter but now you have an EZ excuse when dying :p
- 10Ex entry level, you need certain key items for it to work
- double swap for bossing (not necessary in maps)

All in all i'd say over classic skele mage, it's better for mapping
Bossing actually depends, if boss is very static he will get destroyed


Gameplay is a bit agressive as Baranites have not a good reach, you have to position them yourself with convocation. Don't worry you tanky enought
Typical gameplay loop: convoc, Phase run through pack, cast the Elemental equilibrium spell or skeletons. Sniper's mark the middle man if pack is tuff. Move on


Sirius AL7 deathless (ez boy)
Maven (last phase can be a bit tricky because you have to reposition Baranites for good dps, while trying to see sh*t)
T16 mapping safe & effective
Got level 94, can see myself go further with this exact setup



1- First you need youre spectres to get lvl 25 at least.
So 21 from gem + 2 from ascendency
I got +2 from one wand
But they are several way to achieve this
May be cheaper to go +1 wand +1 armor/+1 amulet

Trigger socketed skill craft needed

2- You need a +2 frenzy +2 power charge shield - wich is the price of an awakener orb

(Why necromantic aegis over second wand? Because Spectre doesn't scale well out of gem level)

3- You need a "6L Helmet" to socket skeletons in. Good affixes are:
+3 lvl socketed minion gem
minion damage
+2/3 to critical chance
30% more elemental damage from essence craft

You can go for immolate as third affix wich is cheap but also only 8% more dps - will absolutly do for t16
Immolate require " raze and pillage " on large cluster jewel.
Worth for the cheap side of things

(why do i socket Skeletons over Baranites here? Because Spectre doesn't scale well out of gem level from level 25)

4- Belt Darkness enthroned is too good to pass up if you can get good jewels

The ones i got are kindof nuts keep in mind baranites doesn't scale much from cast speed.

5 Curse on hit ring with elemental weakness
Life mana resist

6 Boots/glove
You want life/mana/resists
Mana is a pain to reach good cap so be carefull

7 ring2:
Life/mana/Mana regen is nice/chaos resist

8- Amulet i got Jinxed Juju

+1 all intel + life + mana prob better

9- Clusters jewels in POB

10- Armour life/mana resist


Vaal Skeleton - elemental focus - spell echo - Pierce (or Hypothermia/inc crit damage for bosses)
This socleted in "6L" Helmet

Raise spectre - spell echo - increase critical damage - immolate - added lighting damage - Divergent greater volley (20%q for better speed proj) / hypothermia (for bosses)
This socketed in 6L chest

How the ennemy are chilled for hypothermia?
Skitterbots or Expedition's End Sentinel Jacket for Animate guardian

Sniper mark - feeding frenzy - hydrosphere - chaos golem
Meat shield - raise zombi - Animate guardian - flame dash

convocation - increase duration - phase run
This is super important to get 100% uptime on phase run.

Desecrate - bone offering - clarity
These are socketed in the trigger wand

Summon skitterbot in an unset ring


This set up does well for me
Not entirely sold at freeze immunity on speed flask

AG buff is on the 1st flask slot


Kingmaker is BIS with fortify + 50% to crit multi
For helmet, nearby ennemy take 6% elemental damage is nice
King of the Tyrant king is probably BIS and require a few tweaks to not mess EE

But do it as you want


They have 32% base crit
So they have 100%+ with the 2 power charge from shield/necromantic aegis
Ball lighting deals damage every 150ms so about 6 time/sec with optimal coverage
So 50K gmp baranite damage in pob is about 300K dps aoe for 1
Ball lighting from different baranite can overlap damage
Overlapping ball of light from one baranite deals no excedent damage


You need 43% of youre total life as mana to sustain mom. With agnostic running a bit more is better.

Dexterity is hard to get, it's done through Carefull planning jewel (pob)
If you can get dex on gear, you can slot Anatomical knowledge for more HP

Skeleton mage are bugged in POB and only shows 5% crit for fire mage. All have 5% crit.

If it's too tuff to feat youre big aura you can socket it in Essence worm unset ring, pretty effective but you loses stats from ring

On bosses you need to hydrosphere first to get EE then sniper's mark for max dps output

On big tuff packs, hydrosphere them then put sniper's mark on the middle man

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Legit AF as fuck!
Hello little update:

Find out a few ways to scale further some tricks are very efficiant:

First here i s a pob for lvl 95-96 chara with double cluster jewel setup for more damage


Be aware of: this pob is set with a pretty good 3 affixes helmet

Upper cluster jewel is not perfect, you'd better get raze and pillage/renewal (do not take, this will pop as last notable) / Vicious bite

Here is another trick for more dps

This enchant on belt boosts fire skele damage from 420K to 520K in pob. I don't understand the specifics but i think this has to do with power charges (gives 200% crit chance effectiveness per)

Enemies gets unnerved through this cluster jewel

I think the blind part is not bad also

Last thing, tried to capture gameplay, but video quality is very lame (old rig) so i won't post it sorry!

Got lvl 95
Killed Sirus AL8 (Killed me once)

Posted a gif of Baran kill so you can see dps are no joke

Honestly build is far better at mapping
Posted a gif of me clearing a very difficult incursion (t16 100%+q) WITH A TON OF EXTRA LAGS FROM CAPTURE that's why it plays kind of odd, i can't even apply debuffs

I've pushed build an other mile far:
here is pob if any interested

- Personnal best mirror of delirium t16 : 93 splinter!! ooofff
- Killed AL8 Sirus deathless this time (ez boy)
- Overall excepptionnal at mapping, ttanky asf, insane coverage

Let me know if youre interested for an centralized update of first post

Here is a POB of lvl 88 chara with very bad gear, somewhat did the job to t16

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