[3.15] Storm Brand Build (League Starter) | Hierophant | Expedition | Path of Exile 3.15

Hey guys, this is a possible starter build for next league. We don't know anything about next league and patch notes are not up yet but I wanted to share a starter build and here it is. Mana stacking might get nerfed or not we'll wait and see. You can use this build as league starter and finisher. I managed to kill maven with this budget gear.

Build Cost
- Low Budget: 0-10 ex

PoB: https://pastebin.com/XjN6MvUN

Build Video: https://youtu.be/8R2UqOps56E

Bandits: Kill all

- Hierophant
Illuminated Devotion: No longer has Immunity to Elemental Ailments while you have Arcane Surge. Now has 50% reduced Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on You while you have Arcane Surge.
- Archmage:
Supported Skills now gain Added Lightning Damage equal to 60% of Mana Cost, if Mana Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend (previously 70-108%).
Supported Skills have base Mana Cost equal to 5% of Unreserved Maximum Mana, if that value is higher (previously 6%).
Can now support triggered spells.
Can no longer support Arcane Skills.
Quality on the Anomalous Archmage Support now grants “Supported Skills lose Added Lighting Damage Equal to 0-40% of Mana Cost, if Mana Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend” (previously 0-60%), and “Supported Skills gain Added Cold Damage Equal to 0-40% of Mana Cost, if Mana Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend" (previously 0-60%).
- Arcane Surge:
These buff changes affect all sources of the Arcane Surge buff, such as the one applied by Harbinger of the Arcane.
Arcane Surge buff no longer grants 10-19% increased Cast Speed.
Arcane Surge buff now grants 30-58% increased Mana Regeneration Rate (previously 0.5-1% of Mana Regenerated per second).
Can now support triggered spells.
- The Brand Loyalty Notable no longer grants 20% increased Brand Attachment Range. It now grants “Enemies take 3% increased Damage for each of your Brands Attached to them” (previously 4%).
- The Holy Conquest Notable no longer grants 10% increased Cast Speed with Brand Skills, or 5% increased Movement Speed.
- Sigil of Power:
No longer has “10% increased Mana Cost of your Skills while in Area”.

(Footage is from 3.14)


Gem Setup:

Storm Brand - Archmage - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Lightning Penetration

Arcane Cloak - Second Wind - Increased Duration - Arcane Surge

Flame Dash - Brand Recall - Second Wind - Empower (Lvl 3)

Sigil of Power - Second Wind - Increased Area of Effect - Intensify

Wave of Conviction - Hextouch - Conductivity

Summon Lightning Golem / Blood Rage (Lvl 1) / Vaal Righteous Fire

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Can you tell me how to level this build on fresh start?
Watch his Video, bro. There he explains everything.


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