[3.15] Fireball Ignite Build | Elementalist | Expedition | Path of Exile 3.15

Hey guys, here is another elementalist build. Basically this build is spell version of burning arrow. You can do any content with this build. (Monsters have #% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments mod is annoying but still doable.) You can also play armageddon brand with this exact gear/setup.

Build Cost
- High Budget: +50 ex (I didn't spend 50 ex but just to be safe putting this one to high budget category.)

Blackflame: Enemies Ignited by you take Chaos Damage instead of Fire Damage from Ignite.
This modifier causes enemies that the character ignites to take all damage over time from ignite as chaos damage instead of fire damage.

Golems: Using 9 golems.
+2 from Ascendancy
+1 from Skill tree (Golem Commander)
+2 from Anima Stone (+1 from 3 primordial items)
+3 from Primordial Chain

Glorious Vanity: Doryani to get Corrupted Soul.

Life Flask: I didn't want to use one because I had like 1200 life regen. If you don't feel safe without one feel free to use it.

Endurance Charges: Enduring Composure notable from small cluster jewel
Gain 1 Endurance Charge every second if you've been Hit Recently

Budget Version: https://youtu.be/j30MEp88cdk (You can use this setup for fireball)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/zVux6JLv

Build video: https://youtu.be/8ojsbB0Y-pg

Bandits: Kill all

- Elementalist
Liege of the Primordial: No longer has 25% increased Effect of Buffs granted by Golems, or 25% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems per Summoned Golem. It now has 100% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems.
Elemancer: No longer has 35% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments per Summoned Golem.
- The Blowback Notable now grants “Ignites deal damage 8% faster” (previously 15%).
- The Wasting Affliction Notable now grants “Damaging Ailments deal damage 5% faster” (previously 10%).

(Footage is from 3.14)


Gem Setup:

Vaal Fireball - Awakened Deadly Ailments - Awakened Unbound Ailments - Awakened Burning Damage - Ignite Proliferation - Swift Affliction (Greater Multiple Projectiles for mapping)

Summon Flame Golem (Anomalous) - Summon Chaos Golem (Anomalous) - Summon Lightning Golem (Anomalous) - Summon Stone Golem (Anomalous) - Empower / Vaal Discipline (Do not activate discipline aura)

Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Faster Casting

Immortal Call (Lvl 12) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 10) / Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (Lvl 7)

Malevolence - Anger - Enlighten (Lvl 3) / Flame Wall
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might do it I have like 30 ex is it enough to start?
Hi all!

I always wanted to try a Fireball/ignite build.

Im trying to play this one. BUT, I have an incredibly issue with the mana and I cannot figure which is the problem. I can only shot 1 fireball (With the auras)(with out auras I can cast only using an enduring mana flask)

My fireball at the moment costs 95 mana

I checked the POB (Tree, items, etc) And I cannot find the problem). Also I watched the video like 4 times and she/he is barely spending mana...

Im sure is nothing.... but i need to fix it asap. I really dont know what im missing

My profile is public

My POB: https://pastebin.com/a35sqD66


Read your staff implicit.

Fireball go in your staff.
Kaboinglefop wrote:

Read your staff implicit.

Fireball go in your staff.

Shit! I cannot believe i put the fireball in the chest....

Thank you! @Kaboinglefop!

EDTI: Btw, really nice build! Ty!
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What about the NPCs you can help or kill, are they important at all?
This is not right. I have to use staff with "use energy shield instead of mana" and in tree skill I have to pick "Energy shield is 0". That's not working for me or maybe I'm stupid or something.
Banana, the Glorious Vanity has to be the right version, so that The Agnostic node is replaced by the Corrupted Soul.

Also, may be a dumb question, but what is the third primordial item in the build, to get the anima stone bonus? I see chain and eminence only.
so if i didnt want to use that staff and just have mana regen how would that happen
Leveling with this right now but a little different. Investing into mana regen, MOM, and Agnostic. Run clarity and vitality. Basically have enough damage with GMP to one shot everything. Mana sustain is ok really

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