[3.14] MoM Mana Stacking BA Scion - 2~15M+ DPS 10~20ex budget

Whatsup guys, how u doing?

Well, I started this league with a sequence of unsuccessful characters and while wandering on poeninja, found a very interesting combination: tankiness and good dps.

I'm sitting around 5300 arcane cloak protection and 15M sDPS. Still need to improve jewels, get a bottle faith and a nice watchers eye.


How the build works

First you'll stack mana so Mind of the Council and Arcane Cloak can turn it into flat lightning damage to attacks. Stormfire will then allow you to ignite enemies (and proc Elemental Equilibrium).

While this boost your damage, you get a big layer of defenses with arcane cloak, mom, etc.

NOTE: The guide is simple, made it while drinking beer peting my cat on the keyboard. I really hope you enjoy and help me to improve it.

For the lazi bois

> tanky
> good damage
> "low cost"
> no need for golems (those ugly guys following me pisses me off)

> no ele reflect maps for you babe (except if you go for elementalist ascendancy)
> ailment avoindance maps are a pain in the ass (no regen isn't a big deal, but a bit annoing)
> can do maps with ease, but will shine around lvl 90 and with around 20ex gear
> its not a ball lightning/ice nova coc damage, but it's very confortable to play

> You can level as you wish, but the best option is probably using lightning skills with archmage. Lvl 80 is a good level to respec into the build.

> Pathfinder and Hierophant (Elementalist if you prefer elemental reflect immunity, but you'll lose defense, max mana and mana regen.
> If you have the need for speed *insert Lil Jon - Get low here* you can go for Raider. Tree will be almost unchanged.

> Bandits are bad, so the are meant to be killed. Right?

My Gear - Still with lots of room for improvement

Gear and Gameplay Details

> # to # physical damage to attacks
> # to # fire damage to attacks
> bows with physical damage
WHY? Burning arrow converts all phys to fire. If mobs take fire damage on the hit, it won't proc Elemental Equilibrium during the burning dot, cutting your damage by half.


Items that are essencial to the build:
> The Tempest Long Bow

Great attack speed, lightning damage boost and the most important part: It has no flat physical or fire damage on hit. Best corruption is flat lightning damage and faster projectiles support.

> Mind of the Council Harlequin Mask

Increases maximum mana and converts it into flat lightning damage, thus increasing burning damage later. Best enchantment is burning arrow debuff damage.

> Stormfire Opal Ring

The item that makes this build work. It'll allow your lightning flat damage to burn the enemy and will allow Elemental Equilibrium to increase it further. Catalyst it for elemental damage.

> Essence Worm

Increases ignite dps and frees up your mana, allowing arcane cloak to provide and absorb more damage.

Items that are bis:
> Atziri's Foible Paua Amulet

Maximum mana and mana regen. Nuff said. Annoint Crusader if possible, Mind Drinker if on a budget. Dont forget to catalyst it (MANA)

> Omeyocan Carnal Boots (lots of dodge and free "perma" onslaught)

20% free attack/spell dodge, movespeed, maximum mana and "perma" onslaught. 70% increased mana regen after casting spells is BiS, so you can regen your mana to maximum as fast as possible after casting arcane cloak

> Dyadian Dawn Heavy Belt

Life, resists and increased burning speed. Don't forget to catalyst it for elemental damage, it'll increase burning speed.

Boots and Quiver
> Life
> Elemental Resistances
> Mana
> Fire damage ove time multiplier (Luxury)

> LARGE CLUSTER: Burning Bright, Disorienting Display, Cremator

> MEDIUM CLUSTER: Blowback, Wasting Affliction (tried other notables, but my pob gave me the highest DoT output with those 2)
> NORMAL JEWELS: %life (BiS), %mana (BiS), %resists (if needed), burning damage, fire Dot multi
> WATCHERS: DoT Multi while affected by malevolence

> +# gems corruption on cloak
> projectile, lightning damage on bow
> frenzy charge on stormfire
> ?????????
> Bottled Faith

1 - Enduring mana flask (to keep its effect running even on full mana)
2 - Your flasks must have freeze, curses, poison and bleed immunity. Quartz flask is very important (you'll reach close to 70% attack/spell dodge with it)
3 - Cinderswallow Urn (keep mana and life high. If you rely just on mana to keep full life, you'll probably suffer because the mechanics I'm going to describe below)

Arcane Cloak and how does it work
When you cast Arcane Cloak, it'll spend 60-70% of your mana to create a barrier that will absorb 75% of incoming damage. 25% will still be directed to life (around 12,5% to mana and 12,5% to life because of damage taken from mana before life passives and items)
1 - It converts your current mana into defense and damage. Thats why it's a must to have it on (and your mana full) all the time. Using increased duration support gem is also a good option to increase uptime.
2 - put it on ur left mouse button, so everytime you're walking or dodging stuff you'll turn it on.
3 - Divergent Arcane Cloak will greatly improve your quality of life because it improves the buff effect (mana into lightning damage). Link it with lvl 4 empower and enhance will almost double your damage and improve it's defensive capability in around 30%.
4 - use it with Arcane Surge (max it). It'll help recovering full mana asap after casting Arcane Cloak, so you'll be full mana as soon as possible to protect your life and allow arcane cloak to be cast on full power again.
5 - to help with the fast recover and dodge, using Omeyocan Boots with mana regen after casting enchant is a must have item.

For bossing the sequence is:
- Sigil of power and brand on ground
- Turn Blood rage on
- As soon as I can damage the boss, pop all flasks and left click to activate arcane surge within sigil of power range. The mana spent inside sigil of power will get it to stage 4 and boost your damage.
- the brand will proc EE, combustion and the curse
- shot him to death
- always remember: It's still a dodge build, keep yourself moving!

Gem Links
> Main 6L: Vaal Burning Arrow + Ignite Proliferation + Deadly Ailments + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Burning damage + Swift Affliction/GMP (single target/clear)
> AC: Arcane Cloak + Arcane Surge + Second Wind + Increased Duration + Empower + Enhance (divergent arcane cloak not needed, but its a huge boost to dps with lvl 4 enhance)
> Essence Worm: Malevolence
> 4L: Sigil of Power + Second Wind + Dash, Blood Rage
> 4L: Storm Brand + Hextouch + Flammability + Combustion

A9 SIRUS VIDEO (not mine, but almost the same)
credits: alexion24

VIDEO GUIDO WITH GAMEPLAY (not mine, but very similar)
credits: 3xul

Did all content in the game deathless and without any trouble

Feel free to try, help, comment or ignore this. If you've tried and have useful info, feel free to help me and other adventurers.

If needed, please pm me ingame @itolsiG

Stay safe, exile

Mi o sutete koso ukabu se mo aru
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Yo, interesting build! Currently trying it out!

Just wondering if you could clip like a shaper guardian map and show me how you play it.. Im Struggling a bit in Ultimatums etc, just started the build tho!

Thanks for the quickie guide!
Yo, interesting build! Currently trying it out!

Just wondering if you could clip like a shaper guardian map and show me how you play it.. Im Struggling a bit in Ultimatums etc, just started the build tho!

Thanks for the quickie guide!

I'm sorry for not writing down the details. I'll improve the post tomorrow.


Hope It helps. Keep me updated.

Mi o sutete koso ukabu se mo aru
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Great build, sad to see it get dismantled 3.16
The POB is missing starter gear and you can get the same damage with practically no gear using traps.

With the budget, the build does look really nice and is very tanky, but so many awakening gems are required for the advertised dps.

/Pass for me but maybe someone else will love the play style

Thanks for posting this great idea

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