How would you feel about ladder/challenge/race servers (a la Path of Exile)?

I can't speak for other games having special ruleset servers, but EQ1's special ruleset servers were usually a massive hit at the onset and then over time had trouble sustaining populations. But they were definitely very popular in their early days.
I only played Path of Exile during closed beta (it was OK), but every now and then I'll check out Kripp's stream and see what's going on. I'm not entirely sure how these servers are set up, but from what I understand they have these "race" or "ladder" servers which run for a set period of time (I think with ladders based on various objectives) and then they are wiped/reset. While I'm not super familiar with the game or these servers (maybe someone more familiar could chime in?) it does seem like an interesting approach to maintaining interest/freshness.
How would you feel if EQN has a server, or multiple servers, which were wiped/reset from time to time with different objectives in mind, maybe memorializing the top ten each time around or something like that?
Last bumped on May 22, 2021, 7:13:22 AM

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