[3.14] Doomfletch Slayer LL RoA. 125% life leeched a second!! Clear T16 on a 1ex budget

This is one of many builds I will be doing with the goal of hitting T16 and/or bossing on a 1ex budget. I won't call them starter because for the first few days some of these uniques are pricey but after that they are very affordable. This build is very smooth for mapping though single target is very lacking. That being said I cleared every t14+ ultimatum to completion so it is very good for the league. I also went back and killed a Maven witnessed Elder so if you know mechanics you can kill some bosses but I wouldn't take this into Sirus or anything without investing first.

This build utilizes the following:

Doomfletch - Any flat source of physical damage is added as 100% of each element

Petrified Blood - This will smooth out any hits we take and because we are a slayer we leech 125% of our life pool a second making it very hard to die

Bloodthirst support - Because we are using petrified blood we will be on low life always, and this support gives a huge amount of flat physical which is then multiplied on our doomfletch

It all adds up to a fairly tanky character that still has damage to do T16's and some early bosses

Path of building


Includes leveling trees, suggested leveling items, and example pieces of gear to go for. Also has the gear I used in my video and cost of all pieces

Gear used, explanations, and cost

Weapon -- Doomfletch's Prism is required! Cheapest route is buying a 6link Doomfletch and using the prophecy "Ancient Doom" to upgrade. 17 Chaos

Quiver -- Replica Soul Strike is not required but it has perfect stats for us AND gives us another ~1300 life leech per second (that will scale with life total) so I definitely recommend it! 5 Chaos

Helm-- You want as big of a life roll as possible and then as many resist as possible. Accuracy is a bonus if your budget can handle. 15 Chaos

Amulet -- You want as high life, flat physical damage to attacks, and increased elemental damage to attack skills that you can afford. Fill in any stats or resists but those should be taken care of when looking for your amulet. Divine judgement is a very cheap anoint for decent damage. 3 Chaos

Rings -- -Mana cost otherwise you'll need to drop an aura or use lifetap support. High Life and flat physical on both rings. Fill in resist and if you can find a decent elemental weakness on hit ring grab it. If your resists are filled in you can use a Profane Proxy in your left ring slot with elemental weakness so your skitterbots curse for you as well but rare rings will vastly outperform. 5 and 6 Chaos

Queen of the Forest -- Not mandatory I just like it! We ended up with decent evasion and I like the little boost in movement speed but this slot is whatever you'd prefer. Replica shroud of the lightless would be a pipe dream though. 1 Chaos

Gloves -- High life, flat physical, resists. Accuracy if you can fit it, and then either attack speed or a % increased damage while leeching craft. 7 Chaos

Boots -- High life, Movement Speed 30% or higher, Resists. 15 Chaos

Belt -- High life, elemental damage to attack skills, any remaining resist or stats needed. Stygian vise is best but if you can't afford one grab a leather belt until you farm up some currency. 8 Chaos

Flasks -- Life + Bleed flask if you are having trouble managing health. Quartz with Freeze immunity. Quicksilver with adrenaline. Diamond flask with warding. Jade flask with reflexes.

Skills and Links

6Link for clear
Rain of Arrows
Mirage Archer
Vicious Projectiles
Trinity Support
Bloodthirst Support -- REQUIRED!!
Elemental Damage with Attacks OR Lifetap Support if you cannot get -mana cost on rings or are otherwise struggling with mana

6Link for single target
Vicious Projectiles
Trinity Support
Bloodthirst Support
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Elemental Focus

Cast When Damage Taken setup
Immortal Call [Leave at level 3 unless you level CWDT]
Cast When Damage Taken [Leave at level 1 unless you want to automate your golem and bloodrage triggers]
Summon Lightning Golem

Petrified Blood
Summon Skitterbots
Enlighten - If you only have a level 1/2, slot it and start leveling it!
Herald of Purity If you can't afford enlighten level 3 at the start, disable Herald of Purity but continue leveling it. Alternatively if you use lifetap support you don't need to worry about enlighten levels as much

Arrogance Aura
Herald of Ice
Arrogance Support Level 15+ at least
Since we are playing low life we can reserve the top half of our HP for more damage/clear. Herald of Ice explosions help with clear and general safety

Second Wind Support

Video Guide

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thanks for the cool build. I had a slayer leveled already so I used some regrets and bought some items/used some I had in my stash to try it and I enjoy it so far. I haven't leveled all the gems yet, but it already feels better than my old build that was more exepensive.
Great work mate. I want to try it out. Tell me pls I have about 8ex now how can I improve this build? Can you give some advice about gear, potions and clusters, what can give us more dmg and life?

And also I want ask about leveling, we can use Doomfletch and rain of arrow from the beginning or we have better skill and weapon to start with?
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Looks interesting. I'm also curious on how to go to the next level with this build.
The main things you'd want to focus on is def getting a 6link for your single target (or put the single target in there and 5link RoA) and then dropping some nodes to get at least 1 large cluster. That would let you get some really nice % life + 2-3 crit multi jewels (very expensive though). Corrupted blood jewel would let you drop that on a flask and pick up bottled faith.

Gear wise I would definitely aim for a chest with flat life, % life, and attack crit at least. Ideally + curse for assassins mark but again super pricey. Gripped gloves with flat phys / dmg while leeching would be a reasonably cheap upgrade, accuracy if you can afford it too (or on rings). Amulet you'd want flat phys / WED / crit multi. Whispers of doom anoint or curse on chest would let you run two curse on hit rings. Lot of options but mainly the build needs more HP through % rolls on belt/chest and just higher rolls overall on gear. Getting to 6k total would be a pretty big increase and it may be worth redoing the tree to be more left heavy especially with the inclusion of cluster jewels because the pathing north of acrobatics isn't the most efficient
Another alternative to the rings I just thought of would be a nice pair of gloves of the high templar with elemental weakness / attack crit / attack speed / frenzy would be a pretty big upgrade overall and let you get some fat rings
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vehx wrote:
Another alternative to the rings I just thought of would be a nice pair of gloves of the high templar with elemental weakness / attack crit / attack speed / frenzy would be a pretty big upgrade overall and let you get some fat rings

Can you pls check my PoB and say what should I change first?
I'm using Loreweave as my chest piece right now. It has everything this build needs and its cheap to boot. I'm currently clearing red maps and conquerers using RoA, havent even needed to use a single target skill. I have all the jewel slots with double phys/multi jewels. Cant find them cheap with life on them. Sitting at about 5300 life.
Hi, i bought everything for this build, bought a farrul's fur chest and using aspect of the cat with 6 frenzy charges (3+3 from tree), dps isn't that great so far, i tried using split arrow instead of rain of arrows, but reaching max 1.2 mil dps anyway, with rain 600-700k, why did you chose roa if i may ask?
I'll try to remove the shadow side of the tree and get some clusters now, any suggestion?

my pob:


i picked endless hunger instead of bane of legends ascendancy cause of stun/bleed immunity, i know bane is more dps but stuns are a big problem, i prefer the safe way

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