[3.14] Champion Relic of the Pact Petrified Blood | Snap Cast Channel | Tank Version |

This is more of a reminder for myself, build works but is clunky and lacks damage only about 600k/s shaper dps with about 2-3ex investment. Though it is super tanky and pretty fun to figure out the mechanics while trying to make it work.
Open to advise on more damage and different build style. This is more a showcase on snap casting the skill.



This is a showcase of snap channeling of Blood Sacrament at 0.165 cast speed.
Snap Channeling
We reach below 0.165 cast speed after Adrenaline proc.

Relic of the Pact gives a level 1 Spell Skill called Blood Sacrament

It is a channeling skill that will reserve 3% of your life per channel cast.
So in this case, if we stack Reservation of Skills to a point where we reserve 49.89% of our life per cast, we would only need to channel once for maximum benefit while using Petrified Blood.

To reach 49.89% life reserved per cast, we use:
Lifetap - 200% Mana Multiplier
Arrogance - lv 1 - 220% Mana Multiplier
Increased Area of Effect/Concentrated Effect - 140% Mana Multiplier

Tree Node:
Supreme Ego
50% More Reservation of Skills

Essence Worm x2

40% Increased Reservation of Skills each.

200% (Lifetap) *
220% (Arrogance) *
140% (Conc Effect) *
150% (Supreme Ego) *
(1 + (40% + 40%)) (2x Essence Worm)
= 49.896%

Which rounds to 49.86% in PoE

Cast Speed/Server Tick Rate
The original goal was to reserve an lv 1 Vitality gem with Arrogance support so we instantly finishes the channel since there are less than 49.86% life to reserve after one cast.

However, I realized that it is essentially casting twice to deal damage, once to reserve, once to release.
Plus I want an lv 21 Vitality for more defence.

So if we cast Blood Sacrament and instantly release it, we would essentially double our dps compared to channeling the skill. But for this to work, we need to cast our skill on the server tick rate.

Cast time:
So the breakpoint of the cast speed would be the multiples of the server tick rate: 0.033s.

In the video above, my cast speed is a bit lower than 0.165s, which is 5 ticks. Also seemingly the best cast time in my experience for the skill.

So you want your skill's cast speed to be at
<0.132 cast/s | 7.58 Cast Rate
<0.165 cast/s | 6.06 Cast Rate
<0.198 cast/s | 5.05 Cast Rate

Realistically, <0.132 cast/s is going to be very hard for us to achieve.
So we target <0.165 cast/s
This is the result of jumping to <0.165 cast/s Cast Rate


Level 86 Gear:

Pretty bad gears, didn't put too much effort behind them.

10 Life = 80% More damage

Redblade Banner for perma endurance charge to cap our resist.

Flat phy is pretty big on our build since we have basically none and a shit ton of More damage mod.
Check out my other builds:
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