[3.14] LL CoC Ice Nova Build | Assassin | Ultimatum | Path of Exile 3.14

Hey guys, recently I uploaded the occultist version of this build. Since I have the gear I wanted to make an assassin version. I already have an assassin version but that one is from 3.12 and it got some nerfed since then.
I actually liked the occultist version better.

Assassin vs Occultist:
- Assassin is faster with elusive. Easy to gain power charges and crit chance.
- Occultist has inc AoE. Freeze and chill immunity. Additional curse. Nearby enemies have -20% cold res.

Build Cost
- Medium Budget: 10-50 ex

Before asking a question please read!!!

Critical Strike Chance: Aim for %100 crit chance obviously but as long as you have +80 you are fine. (for cyclone)
How can I get crit chance?
- Power charges (Try to get +1 from helmet)
- Diamond Flask, Cinderswallow with crit chance mod, Bottled Faith
- Inspiration charges
- Precision, Ice Golem
- Jewels

Cooldown recovery: We need at least %14 for this build.
How can I get cdr?
- Awakened Cast on Critical (minimum lvl 3)
- Shaper/Crusader belt
- Shaper/Crusader boots

Accuracy: We need %100 hit chance.
I got flat accuracy from helmet, one ring and gloves. Also using level 21 precision.

Optimal aps for cyclone is 7.57. Don't go over it.

Leveling: I leveled up with my coldslinger vortex build and I recommend you the same. Here is the link of that video: https://youtu.be/AJRAAJC2q2E
Leveling gems are in the description and leveling tree is in pob link.

If you wanna play with more or less attack speed check out the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/e5pyr8/the_cyclone_cast_on_critical_strike_cooldown/

PoB: https://pastebin.com/UREpQ5A7

Build Video: https://youtu.be/7vbG4Hhuk5c

Kill All for bandit (Alira is a good choice too)

Elementalist Version: https://youtu.be/QsN8BzyL77g

Occultist version: https://youtu.be/fwYVo93YqBc

Inquisitor version: https://youtu.be/j3Jsm0y9ZqM


Gem Setup:

Cyclone - Cast On Critical Strike - Inspiration - Vaal Ice Nova - Hypothermia - Awakened Added Cold Damage [Concentrated Effect (Huge dps but less area) / Power Charge On Critical (Good overall) / Increased Critical Strikes (If you need crit chance)]

Vortex - Bonechill - Hextouch - Frostbite

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (Lvl 5) / Immortal Call (Lvl 3) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 1)

Herald of Ice - Precision - Summon Skitterbots - Enlighten (3 lvl is enough)

Prism Guardian:
Zealotry / Hatred / Vaal Discipline

Cospri's Malice:
Frostbolt / Vaal Ice Nova / Frost Bomb

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What's the difference from this guide? https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2971773
Nice build.
juju666 wrote:
What's the difference from this guide? https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2971773

It suggests a belt that isnt Headhunter for one. Your build assumes you already have infinite currency. Make something more useful.
What about Inquisitor Coc? is this version better?
ok i cant really kill bosses :D
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What passive skills to take after 94 lvl?

I followed your build, and not getting near the same crit chance.

Am i correct when im looking at the " Main hand crit chance " ? and that needs to be atleast 80?
for bosses do I have to change a gem?
same skill tree here..how u get 7.55 attacks?i have only 6.5 same cospri same skill tree.where to get attack speed?

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