[3.14] Exsanguinate Elementalist (Work in Progress)

Hi it's Suzu again, from league start I had been playing with a trapper and then accidentally crafted this.

So I thought to myself, what is a good build for self-cast Exsanguinate since it is not viable to spellsling with Staff, I have decided to go for self-buff Elementalist.

I've decided to start this thread to share my build since I've been having fun with it.

This character is still in progress and I will try to update further into the league. (Especially after I get to prefix cannot be change and remove that resistance mod on the staff)

How it works:

We use Viridi's Veil for the mod for hexproof and damage against you is unlucky so that we can run any map without looking except for Physical Reflect.
Exsanguinate is our main 6L skill and we use Corrupted Fever on Viridi's Veil for +2 to socketed gems so that we can use Empower to further increase its level.
Reap is our Hextouch setup and we use unleash to help with bossing so that Corrupted Fever's uptime is longer and faster.

Also, there's an interesting interaction with Corrupted Fever with this item

Corrupted Fever will apply a stack onto you and it goes away quickly, so we can use Soul of Arakaali for an extra 50% life recovery rate.

I'm currently using a Brass Dome for the immune to crit damage mod, since we don't want to use two magic rings (a waste of opportunity for good gear).

Immune to Elemental Ailments
Immune to Stun & Stampede means immune to hinder as well
Glancing Blow
near 90% physical reduction with flask
Damage against you is unlucky
High HP Regeneration
Decent balance between Clear and Bossing

Not a league starter (I don't think)
Not a speed build
Still experimenting what's good
Not immune to poison and bleed
Still not capped with Chaos Resistance yet
Cannot do reflect maps

PoB: https://pastebin.com/2M8sQPyw
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