[3.14] Coldslinger Vortex Build (League Starter) | Occultist | Ultimatum | Path of Exile 3.14

Hey guys, here is another potential league starter build. I used this build this league as a starter. It was elementalist but same build. Basically we put vortex to left mouse button and using spellslinger for other skills (creeping frost and frostbolt). This is way we can clear faster and we don't have to stay at melee range to deal damage.

You can start using spellslinger at level 24. Before that:
Freezing Pulse - Arcane Surge - Onslaught - Added Cold Damage
Frost Bomb / Flame Dash
At level 12 switch to creeping frost:
Creeping Frost - Added Cold Damage - Efficiacy - Lesser Multiple Projectile - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Frost Bomb
Summon Skitterbots
At level 24:
Creeping Frost - Efficiacy (change this with Hypothermia at lvl 31) - Spellslinger - Controlled Destruction (change this with Bonechill at lvl 38)
Frostbolt - Spellslinger - Lesser Multiple Projectiles (Drop this when you get frozen trail)
At level 28 you can add vortex setup to build.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/cdhxJYGi

Build Video: https://youtu.be/AJRAAJC2q2E

Kill All for bandit

Elementalist Version: https://youtu.be/6e1iOQsapaw

Self Cast Occultist Version: https://youtu.be/mWx5mMnWk8Q

- Frost Bomb
Cold Exposure now applies -15% to Cold Resistance (previously -25%).

(Footage is from 3.13)


Gem Setup:

Vortex - Hypothermia - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Swift Affliction

Creeping Frost - Spellslinger - Hypothermia - Bonechill

Flame Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge (Lvl 5) - Frost Bomb

Frenzy (Lvl 1) - Hextouch - Frostbite - Elemental Weakness

Frostbolt - Spellslinger / Summon Skitterbots

Immortal Call (Lvl 3) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 1) - Tempest Shield (Lvl 7)
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Anyone looking to try this build: In Ritual league I league started cold slinger into LL Vortex and honestly... it was ridiculously smooth and easy. Lots of rares to cap out resistances and get life rolls. I was still using cold slinger into t16 maps and i think up until A4 sirus. The LL vortex was by far the EASIEST Sirus ive ever done. Ended up with 10k ES and a respectable amount of damage. The clear isn't really that bad either, but I ended up only using my Vortex to boss the rest of the league. 10/10 build! You can see my LL vortex build if you scroll through my characters.
Any potential for a passive tree leveling breakdown?
I will start with this in ultimatum, thanks for the post.
Maybe Im an and idiot or blind or both, but I thought spellslinger required power siphone to trigger but I don't see it in your build?

ohhhh... FRENZY! had no idea
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This looks perfect for a SSF starter build, I'll give it a go.

Thanks for taking the time to write this!
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Why am I only using 2 spellslinger? Mana is not enough for anything else.

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