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Just started the game and testing a build will put here my progress, the idea is to play a Storm Brand Elementalist, my friend told me about this build. I'm checking poe.ninja for how to do it. I decided to make a cold conversion with rings Call of Brotherhood, seems to be cheap at start and good for defense. Lets try it...




I take best base and then craft life


Act 1

First think that all told me, craft a good pair of caster wands...

I start with Freezing Pulse and before Merveil will swap for Storm Brand

Equipment at final

Act 1 Notes: Crafted wands make a lot difference, damage was really good with freezing pulse and Frost Bomb

Act 2

Gear at end of act, I upgrade 1 wand with same recipe but with a rare ring

Act 2 Notes: Storm Brand is really easy to play, and nice for bosses, was really easy all bosses.

Act 3

Act 3 Notes: really easy bosses, get 4 link faster as you can, craft second wand when possible with rare ring.

Act 4

Act 4 Notes: Start doing Lab and take Liege of the Primordial, after that we equip 3 golems, and easy way until the end. Easy Malakai!

Act 5

Act 5 Notes: Same as Act 4 really easy. Nothing new.

Act 6

Act 6 Notes: Really easy, just craft more cold res for last boss

Act 7

Act 7 Notes: Again really easy one, we got a 5 link at end, and bought a medium cluster for 3c that I'm not using yet but is a nice upgrade.

Act 8

No change in equipment, really easy again, we make lab 2.

Act 9

Act 9 Notes: This act like the other was really easy, I just bought a helmet for 3c with good resist and life and change some gems.

Act 10

Just finish Kitava, and what a ride, really nice leveling experience. Now need to get some upgrades to kap resistances after kitava.

Act 10 Notes: Still 5link, now worlking for 6link and good equip with resistance and HP.
Still miss 3º lab will do it after improve my gear. Now maps...

Feel free to give suggestions, please :P
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NO Pob, NO Vids and your profile is private, my Suggestion is what did you even bother to post?
shahmat1972 wrote:
NO Pob, NO Vids and your profile is private, my Suggestion is what did you even bother to post?

working progress, you understand that everything start from zero, thx for your feedback
I'm also testing a similar build for next league, just did act 1-10 in less 5 hours.

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Great build... not.

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