[3.13] Mjolner/Doryani's Prototype Self Curse, -253% lightning res, ~10M Shaper dps

After looking far and wide, I've not seen a truly good build for wielding THOR'S HAMMAH and this nifty chestplate that was introduced in Harvest (the best league).

So, I made my own build from scratch. It's super fun, so long as you are worthy!

For those not familiar with self-curse, we use Shackles of the Wretched with Herald of Thunder, Hextouch (or Awakened), Conductivity, and Elemental Weakness in them to apply curses to enemies with HoT which are reflected back to us. This drastically lowers our lightning resistance. Because of Doryani's Prototype, nearby enemies have the same lightning resistance as us, which means they take enormous damage from our Arc, Ball Lightning, and Shock Nova spells.

Mjolner casts socketed lightning spells on melee hit, and cyclone has the fastest/most reliable melee attack speed; this combo has great synergy.


PoB shows my res as -247% but in-game it's -253%. Ignore the level 50 curse gems, that was just to get my res somewhat close to actual values in PoB.

Pay attention to the alternate quality gems. They're not totally necessary, but they do add a lot of quality of life.

Endgame gear
So much awesome

I double corrupted 20 of these. Poofed 12, bricked 4, white socketed 4, zero double implicits. Finally just bought this one. Attempt at your own risk. Running an uncorrupted chest is perfectly fine, I just like min/maxing.

Completely unnecessary for most people. The exposure implicit doesn't matter, but the -res is good for our damage.

Difficult to find a good one. You can try making your own with Jorgin rank 2 in Research, run a bunch of Simulacrums and pay close attention to the Talisman drops, run Talisman delirium orbs, or just settle for one someone else is selling (like I did). You don't need to have Whispers of Doom as an anoint. Decent anoints: Charisma, Champion of the Cause, Heart of Thunder, Doom Cast, Arcane Swiftness, Disemboweling, Utmost Might, Divine Judgement, Breath of Lightning, and plenty of others.

A Hunter shield would also work just fine.

I tried going double Ventor's, but hitting the Strength requirement was difficult. You can go double Ventor's, though, with Hunter boots with +% Strength and/or flat Strength on them. I just like my boots too much to change.

Good luck finding this combo. Enfeeble is just fine, you'll be close to 100% crit chance anyway.

The strength implicit is cheap and easy to find. Use Deafening Essence of Rage until you get a good combo of life/res, and you're good to go.

Nothing to see here. You'll be just fine (actually probably even better than me) with Strength, +% Strength, life and res on yours. I just like these boots.

You certainly do not need nigh-mirror tier boots like I have, nor the ridiculously awesome helmet. Life, resists, chaos res, and armor are just fine, and some RMR on either Wrath or Herald of Thunder, as they end up being the same.


Defensive layers
Glorious Vanity with Xibaqua gives us Divine Flesh, which means 50% of all ele damage is taken as chaos. We raise our Chaos res to 90% via Born of Chaos on 3 small cluster jewels and +max res on our shield. Mine is Synthesized, but a Hunter shield with +3 and -Mana Reserved might be easier to make/buy.

Avian Twins amulets provide the other 50% of lightning damage mitigation from hits, taking all lightning hits as either cold or fire.

Purity of Fire and Purity of Ice raises our max fire and cold res to 80%.

Fortify from our corrupted HAMMAH gives us -20% less damage taken from hits. Not strictly necessary, but still very nice.

CWDT + Immortal Call. If you can fit a way to generate Endurance Charges into the build (via double corrupt on your HAMMAH or by allocating Overcharged) you can get more bonuses from Immortal Call.

A Surgeon's Granite Flask of Iron Skin gives us around 50% physical damage reduction.

Because of Vile Bastion, we cannot be stunned while we have energy shield, and because all damage bypasses our energy shield due to Divine Flesh, we always have energy shield.

Some block chance from the shield, and if you have Enfeeble on your corrupted Shackles of the Wretched then enemies do less damage.

A decent life pool will go a long way. Mine is pretty low as I got tired of wasting so much currency on rem/add life harvest crafts, and just settled for the bench craft.

REMEMBER: We have ridiculously negative lightning resistance. Lightning damage from hits has been completely mitigated, but lightning degen doesn't 'hit' so it will kill you so so fast. Luckily, there's just not that much lightning degen in the game. Baran's shock square, Shaper's beam, Sirus's storms, and maybe one or two other things in Delve or something else I don't care about.

As always, the most effective defense is to keep moving. Most things die instantly, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Calculating Damage
This one is tough, since our cast speed doesn't matter and our 6link doesn't actually do much damage. Arc/Vaal arc in Mjolnir with Added Lightning Damage and Inspiration is most of our damage output, and PoB is quite bad at calculating this. Best estimate with the gear I have is about 10 million dps based on attack speed, shock effectiveness, and -253% lightning res.
Everything that's not a boss dies instantly. Bosses take a couple of seconds.
It's not god-tier for bossing but it's still rather easy.

Just pay attention to your negative lightning resistance, as that's the biggest factor in our damage output. You can probably hit -300% if you really push for it.

Having high accuracy is also very important, as we need to always hit the enemy with our Cyclone. That's why we run a high level Precision, as fitting Accuracy on our gear is very hard since we need so much fire/cold/chaos res.

Other Ascendancies
I chose Occultist because I wanted to run four curses easily. If you can't get a curse-on-hit pair of Shackles of the Wretched or don't feel like self-casting Assassin's Mark, you can easily get away with just Conductivity and Ele Weakness in your gloves and still have very good damage output.

If you wanted to go Assassin for free Elusive and more crit chance/crit multi, that's still a great choice. You'll actually have two extra passive points to play with. Your damage and movespeed will be higher than mine, but it will be harder to fit all the curses in without using Windshrieks, but that would give your lightning res at least +10%, which lowers your damage.

This could work as Inquisitor, and might even be easier to hit the Strength requirements, but again you'll struggle to fit all the curses in.

Elementalist at first might seem like the obvious choice, but you don't have socket space for golems and you don't do anything but Lightning damage.
So no ignites, no golem buffs, and that leaves you with Mastermind of Discord (useless bc enemy res is hard-pinned to ours), Convergence (who cares), Shaper of Winter (we already chill bc of Cold Conduction on our medium cluster), and Bastion of Elements (which is okay I guess, but the travel node raises our lightning res, so it's bad).

Feel free to take this and tweak it for your own build. You'll need to level as something else though (I leveled this as self-curse BV with Headhunter). You need level 97 at least to make this work, or if you're Assassin then level 95.

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Finally someone create something with this zingy chest! Thank you!

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