[3.13]1.5M SHAPER DPS BLADE VORTEX Elementalist

Heya everyone, my name is Sacred, i've been playing since Betrayal League.

I'm new to making builds, and build guides. But i thought i would share my BV Elementalist with you all. NOTE THAT THIS IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS.

It should be able to do most content in the game, but i'm still leveling it currently myself. So i wont know for sure yet. But so far it is really smooth and does alot of damage.

- zoom zoom map
- good enough singletarget
- 3 heralds
- not too pricey for current state
- no HH required

- probably not a delver
- pretty squish without pots
- to be determined

BANDITS: Help Alira

Pantheon: Lunaris / Gruthkul


i'm really nervous to show you guys my build, but i'm thinking of this like a learning experience for both you and me in a sense.
Would really love feedback from you guys so i can make better builds and changes.

Have fun exiles!
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