[3.14] Doryani's Touch ignite Elementalist|from a 30c budget to beating The Feared|10M+ ignite DPS

3.14 updates and PoB

Obviously there are no good news as the 3.14 patch is all about nerfs. Yet there are meh-but-OK changes and one big nerf.

As you guessed, the major downgrade is the change to Seismic Cry, with only 20% more per previous exert (apparently the base 30% more is unchanged). It means the final slam now totals 134% more effect (30% more, then 4x20= 80% more) instead of 186% more (30% more, then 4x30= 120% more). All in all, it means about 18% less damage in the end. Quite a lot when it comes to slay the toughest bosses.

The rest is OK: the slight nerf of Bastion of Elements seems fair, and Corrupted Soul still provides a huge amount of ES, though we lose ~400 ES.

Only one good news of sort: as most of our gear is unique, we won't lose too much power due to the harvest nerf as compared to most of other builds, including ignite builds. It won't be possible to get high-tier boots without crazy amounts of currency, but I actually used Abberath's Hooves after I hit lvl 100, so no problem here. Ideally you'd want a pair with just some life, lightning enchant and hunter's ignite mod for bossing, and use Abberath's for mapping. Note that the change in the Labirynth might be quite nice as well to get our boots enchanted.

All in all:
- The build stays viable especially as league-starter/early mapper (remember that you'll need to act with another skill, such as Divine Ire ignite or with Dejuvenate's Flameslinger, as you can't equip Doryani's Fist before lvl 64)
- Slight but acceptable nerf in defenses
- Heavy nerf as for damage; high-end bossing will be tougher, but should still be feasible.

- Because it has more damage and doesn't use either Corrupted Soul or Bastion of Elements as defenses, the Incandescent Heart version now seems a bit stronger than the regular Kaom's Heart/rare chest version.
- Due to how hard it will be to craft a high-tier amulet, it may be better to run Primordial Chain for stronger and more reliable golem buffs. However I doubt sacrificing 3 jewel slots for The Anima Stone + 2x Primordial Harmony is worth it.

Updated PoB:
- Budget, lvl 80 character (still 1M dps per ignite after nerf) https://pastebin.com/8eb4tPzh
- My lategame 3.13 build https://pastebin.com/KwmAixL4
- A Incandescent Heart variant I tested with reasonable success, including several deathless Uber Elder: https://pastebin.com/QSBbGAcw

Hi, fellow exiles !

Playing an ignite version of Doryani’s Touch is by no means a new or original idea, yet no build has been published since Elementalist has been reworked, so here we go. I’ve seen some PoB that inspired my own ; I’m sure this actual version can still be empowered, and may give some ideas to others, this is why I publish it.

Why this build ?

I’m pretty new to Path of Exile, having started with Delirium League. I truly reached big endgame stuff last league, playing my Skeleton Nebulomancer with some success.

I play casually, with a poor PC and internet, so map farming is a pain for me. I love theorycrafting, so I try to find builds that can tackle endgame content with reasonnable investment and enough tankiness to survive lags in maps.

This specific build has been created because I wanted to test the new Elementalist and felt that Doryani’s Touch was a very good way to ignite while being incredibly cheap to gear.

General build mechanics – Doryani’s Touch ignite

The build revolves around the Doryani’s Fist Vaal Gauntlet, that provides a huge lightning flat damage to attacks, as well as the Doryani’s Touch attack skill, but requires to be unarmed (no weapon).
Doryani’s Touch slams the ground in a quite large area, dealing the same damage in the whole zone. It has built-in physical-to-lightning conversion, high shock chances and increased shock efficiency, and most of all, has an incredible 600 % added damage effectiveness. This means that each flat damage you gain from any source will be multiplied by 6 when using Doryani’s Touch. Combined to the high base damage from the Fist itself, Doryani’s Touch is one of the most damaging skill per hit. What’s more, enemies can’t evade the slam, so you don’t need to bother with accuracy at all.

Of course, this comes with downsides, first of all being a super low attack speed. There is more than half a second between you using the skill and the slam damaging enemies, and you’re 100 % vulnerable in the meantime ; worse, if you’re affected by skill disruption, you won’t slam at all ! Even when you manage to it, if you don’t one-shot enemies, you have to slam again, so one more second stationnary… When reaching high level maps, this can be terribly risky.

This is why we follow the ignite route. One slam with 100 % ignite chance and enough increases to burning damage will consume any pack to ashes, even magic/rare monsters ; against bosses, you do need to stop and slam once in a while, but rest of the time you can run around and dodge while they will burn to death.

There are two ways to inflict ignite using lightning damage : one is the new Shaper of Flames notable in the Elementalist ascendancy ; second is the Stormfire unique ring. Both are interesting options : if we stack purely lightning damage, using Stormfire is best, as all notable ascendancies offer huge bonuses ; however, it is possible to have other damage source, pick Shaper of Flames and use the ring slot for utility.

In order to maximize each slam’s efficiency, we will use both Fist of War support and Seismic Cry. These gems will hugely increase AoE (for mapping) and damage (for bosses). Good slam management will considerably boost your bossing speed.

As we hit with lightning damage and ignite looks fire resistance, Elemental Equilibrium or EE is a natural choice ; and since burning damage doesn’t scale with critical strikes, Elemental Overload or EO offers a huge damage boost for bosses.

General build mechanics : scaling ignite damage

Unlike most builds, there are two values that matter when estimating your damage output : ignite dps and total ignite damage. The total ignite damage simply is your ignite DPS multiplied by ignite duration ; however, focusing too much on DPS may result in having very short ignites that eventually makes your best dps highly unrealistic, and on the other end, having super long duration is great in theory but as ignites can’t stack, it will take ages to have the boss die.

For max damage, you need to slam with the last exertion of Seismic cry, so your ignite duration should be roughly equal to Seismic Cry’s cooldown, ie 7.3s with 20 % quality. Under this, your max dps won’t have 100 % uptime, and too much over means you overinvested in duration and you should consider more « faster » mods.

Ways to increase ignite damage are :
- reducing enemies’ fire resistance
- fire damage over time multiplier
- increased lightning/fire/elemental/burning damage
- increased damage over time
- added flat lightning/physical damage
We want as many of these mods as we can. Both increased lightning and fire damage work, but you don’t want to add flat fire damage because of EE !

On top of these :
- « Ignites you inflict deal damage faster » raise dps but reduce duration and don’t change total ignite damage.
- « Ignites have increased duration » boost total ignite damage but don’t change dps.

We want to balance these mods so duration stays between 7 and 10 seconds.

What about survivability ?

With the rework of the Elementalist, we have access to very nice defensive options with golems. Thanks to Elemancer, we have immunity to elemental ailments, and big increases to Stone and Chaos golems inherent life regen and physical mitigation. Bastion of Elements offers immunity to elemental reflect, as well as a 3500+ shield against elemental damage.
Stun immunity is an absolute must in this build, as we don’t want the slam to be interrupted. Thankfully we have easy access to the Unwavering Stance keystone.
Unarmed allows using a shield, which offers some block chance and easy access to HP and/or ES.
We have easy access to Fortify with Shield Charge or even Doryani’s Touch.
Last, we get a huge ES recovery on kill with Doryani’s Fist ; this can be used either going CI, or using a Glorious Vanity jewel in the name of Doryani which grants the Corrupted Soul keystone. TheFist’s recovery is instant (not a leech effect), so each time you slam a pack, your ES is immediately and fully refilled !

8k+ eHP plus 3500+ primal aegis shield
Immune to elemental ailments and stun
Some block chance (low)
Insta ES refill when mapping
Run around while bosses burn, so we can dodge attacks with 100 % dps.

Pros and cons :

Pros :
- Very strong league starter, as you can start the build with <30 chaos and crush T14 maps to farm currency and slam your way through the atlas
- Scales quite well with currency, and have endgame variants if you’re rich and like the build
- Can beat most content, including the Maven, Uber Elder, Simulacrum, and Maven’s invitations.
- Feels nice for both clearing and bossing
- Pretty easy to play, no need to use 5 utility skills before getting in line
- Slamming around with a witch is just SO cool !

Cons :
- Doryani’s Touch being super slow is very punitive if you misplace, so I’d advice against the build in Hardcore
- Again because of the skill’s inherent atkspeed, clear will never be insane, so for pure min/max it’s probably wiser to play another ignite build. Good news are your biggest investments in jewels should be reusable !
- You can’t level with Doryani’s Fist (requires level 64). You can level up with another ignite build though, and need near to no respec when hitting act 9-10.
- The build works around Doryani’s Fist vaal gauntlets, and you won’t drop them day 1 in SSF. However, they can be chanced, and have a specific prophecy, so you can farm them, and the rest of the gear isn’t mandatory in any way.

Gem setup :

Gloves :
Fist of War (classic is safer, anomalous best damage)
Deadly Ailments (anomalous or awakened version)
Unbound Ailments (classic quality or awakened version)
Burning Damage support (awakened or divergent)
‘Early’ options : Ignite Proliferation

As all skill-granting unique items, Doryani’s Fist doesn’t need its sockets to be linked, as all support gems will buff Doryani’s Touch

As one slam is enough to kill non-boss monsters, Fist of War nearly has 100 % uptime, and is the strongest non-awakened possible support for us. Unbound Ailments offer damage, ignite duration and shock effect all in one. Deadly ailments is the third best choice.
Burning Damage support is best for damage, but Ignite Proliferation offers a better clearspeed until you acquire a cluster jewel with Fan the Flames ; Fortify is a solid defensive option if you don’t like Shield Charge as move skill.

Storm Brand 4-link :

Storm Brand
Chaos Golem
Lightning Golem

Storm Brand hits very often, apply fire exposure thanks to Eye of Malice, combustion for lower resistance and reliably sustains EO even with base critical chance.
Chaos and Lightning golems offer additional defensive layers ; atspeed doesn’t boost dps but reduces our stationnary time, which is when we are most vulnerable. Having both golems linked with Combustion can help if you forget to place your brands in the thick of the fight.

Shield Charge 3-link:
Shield Charge
Stone Golem

Shield Charge is the best way to gain the Fortify buff without dampering our damage ; Stone Golem can gain Fortify as well, so why not ?

Other Gem slots (no need to link) :
Seismic Cry (20 % quality asap)
Flammability/Flame Golem

Both auras offer a nice damage boost, but Seismic Cry is key to the build, as it adds tons of damage and AoE.
Flammability is the best damage curse to use. However, if you get a curse on hit Fist (with Elemental Weakness for damage or Enfeeble/Temporal chains as another defense layer), you can add a Flame Golem for additional damage.

Some possible variants :
- Use fortify in gloves and use a Dash movement to gain one gem slot
- Find a corrupted ring with lvl 21 Wrath/lvl 23 Flammability to gain one gem slot
- With the free slots, add Culling Strike (lvl 1) and/or increased critical chances to Storm Brand, or link Storm Brand to Flammability and Hextouch.
- Smite’s aura offers a huge damage boost but I feel it too clunky to use when it really matters (Uber Elder, Maven etc) so I don’t run it even though it looks great on PoB. You can give it a try if you wish !

Kaom’s Heart or regular armour :

Kaom’s Heart is the best budget option for the build ; it adds tons of life and fire damage increase, plus some armour to help mitigate little physical hits. However, another armour will offer 6 additional gem slots, so if you manage to have a rare armour with high life rolls and « 10 % life as extra energy shield » Juncraft mod (see gear), it may be worth it. If so :

- Add culling strike and increased critical chance to Storm Brand. If you can afford a 6-link, you may as well add Hextouch + Flammability.
- Link Chaos, Stone and Lightning golem to a lvl 3/4 Empower for better defenses
- (not cheap) Link Wrath and Malevolence with lvl 4 Enlighten and Herald of Thunder ; needs to allocate Sovereignity as well, but worth it.
- Alternatively, you can just run CWDT + steelskin, as it’s the only guarding skill we can run (no mana, low armour, no endurance charge)

Gear :

We use several cheap uniques, only rares are shield, boots and amulet. Thanks to ascendancies and our uniques, resistances are really easy to max, even chaos can be for a decent price. Yet there is room for crafting optimization for harvesters !

Gloves :

You want the highest possible roll on flat damage to attacks. Extra ES and ES recovery per kill are nice but damage comes first.
A « curse on hit » corruption can free some gem slots ; all Elemental Weakness, Temporal Chains and Enfeeble are decent options.%increased maximum life is very good as well.

Shield :

Rare shield is best in slot ; as we scale life, armour shields with life rolls such as Ezomyte shields are best base early on. Our block chance isn’t high enough for Heat-attuned shield to become relevant. When maxing the build out, ES shields are a good option because of their « increased lightning/fire damage » prefix
Mods, by order of importance :
- Elemental resistances, up to maximum
- Chaos resistance
- Highest possible life roll
- (optional) hunter influence for prefixes, all are strong :%increased maximum life or more max resistances.

Helmet :

Eye of Malice unique helmet offers quite all we can hope for : reliable fire exposure when coupled with something that hits a lot, such as Storm Brand ; some elemental resistances ; and a unique mod that increases enemies resistances by a 1.5 multiplier. So if they have 30 % resistance, now that’s 45 %… But if you bring this to -50 % fire resistance, is goes down to -75 % ! This is why lowering enemies’ resistance to fire is one of the best ways to scale burning damage.
As Doryani’s Touch isn’t a skill gem, there is no lab enchant to buff it ; however, several enchants are worth considering :
- Attacks exerted by Seismic cry deal 50 % increased damage (best damage mod)
- Increased effect of the buff granted by your ### golem
- Wrath/Malevolence has 15 % reduced mana reservation
Unless you’re brave enough to farm Eternal Lab or finding one to buy, another, easier option is to buy a corrupted helmet with a good implicit, such as %increased maximum life or increased burning damage.

Chest :

Kaom’s Heart is the best entry gear for this build. It offers a huge life pool, a nice increased fire damage mod, and some armour, not great but still better than evasion. If you can afford it, a corrupted one with either increased maximum life, +1 % to max resistances or increased damage is best, but by no means a necessity.
When all your gear has top life rolls and you reach highest levels, you can replace it with a rare chest with very high flat life (150+) and %increased maximum life, whether from elder/hunter or the Guatelitzi prefix from temple, and with an open prefix to craft the « 10 % maximum life as extra energy shield » mod, obtained when killing Gravicius in the Syndicate missions. The life you’ll lose will be roughly compensated by the ES you gain, and the six sockets offer much more damage than 40 % increased fire damage. On top of it you won’t need 191 strength anymore, so that’s extra mods/skill points to use elseway.

Belt :

Another great unique to use with very good life (explicit mod and extra from the strength implicit), decent resistances, and the huge « ignites deal damage faster » mod. Use Turbulent catalysts on the belt to raise it from 35 % up to 42 %.

Rings :

Stormfire is core, as we don’t use Shaper of Flames in this version of the build. Use Turbulent catalysts on it for both Implicit mod and flat damage on ignited enemies.
Emberwake shines in this build as our ignites have quite a long duration and their damage varies quite much because of Seismic Cry ; stacking our two best ignites hugely increases our damage output. You absolutely want to buy one with 50 % slower ignites. DO NOT quality it up with turbulent catalysts, as it increases the slower ignites mod ! Either use resistant catalysts to raise the fire res from implicit, or get a good corrupted implicit, such as increased effect of Wrath, lvl 21 Wrath (frees 1 gem slot) or lvl 23 Flammability.

Boots :

Boots, like amulet, can massively increase your damage/dps if well crafted.
The most important mod on boots is by far the « adds Lightning damage if you didn’t kill recently » (preferably the Eternal Lab version), that gives more than +10 % total damage on bosses. On a budget, just buy this base with as much life/move speed/resists as you can afford (craft some if need be). This is absolutely enough for tackling even the late endgame.

However, with enough Harvestcraft and Maven’s Orb, you can hit the Hunter’s elevated « increased duration of ignite, ignite deals damage faster » that is another ~10 % more damage.
Here is one way to do so :
1) Buy some Hunter-base boots with « 1 to 160 Lightning damage if you didn’t kill recently » on it. Two-toned boots are best, as they have free resists as implicit. If this is too expensive, buy regular Two-toned boots with the enchantment, augment them with an Hunter’s Exalted and scour.
2) Alt/augment until you hit a tier 1 roll for Life or Movement Speed, as you prefer, and a decent suffix or one easy to remove with Harvest. Best is high tier Chaos res, but this is very very unlikely
3) Regal. If you get a bad and not removable affix, scour and return to 2. Fire resist isn’t best, but if you hit two good mods in 2), you can keep it.
4) If you have 2 suffixes that aren’t fire resist, use either orb of annulment (cheap, but random) or harvestcratf to remove one. If you don’t have fire resist, craft it (lowest level) with the bench
5) Use harvestcraft « augment item with a fire mod », guaranteeing hunter’s « Ignites deal damage faster » mod.
6) If mod is tier 1, that’s great ! If not, remove fire resist with the bench, then use harvestcraft « remove a random fire modifier », and return to 4
7) Use harvestcraft « augment item with a chaos mod ». Now you have 3 suffixes (faster ignites, crafter fire resist, and the one you hit at 2) so you’re guaranteed a Hunter’s prefix, either Unaffected by chaos ground, or +2 to socketed chaos gems, both having only 1 tier (that does matter!)
8) Use Maven’s Orb. If you’re lucky, it will consume the mod you just added and give you Elevated Ignite. If not, repeat steps 4-5 until you hit tier 1 ignite, and use another Maven’s Orb. This time, only the ignite mod can be elevated.

Now you have boots with tier 1 life/ms prefix and a suffix from step 2, plus your Elevated Ignite mod and crafted fire resist. At this point you can stop and use the bench multicraft to add ms/life and a resist roll, or keep going with harvestcraft and augment your item with Speed modifier for ms, life for another life prefix (life/armour or life/ES) or fire/lightning/cold/chaos for resists. Warning ! Augment with chaos can grant Hunter’s « % chance to avoid being poisoned » so hitting high chaos resist will probably require several uses of « removes a chaos mod, crafts a chaos mod », but is feasible.
Remember – even elevated ignite gives less boss damage than the enchant. So if you start crafting, or if you’re rich enough to buy boots crafted this way, never go for a base without the enchant, unless you want to spend the whole league running Eternal Lab.

Amulet :

There are many useful mods to have on the amulet, but sadly it is pretty hard to craft even with harvest, unless spending tons of harvestcraft.
Ideally, you want high life, flat lightning damage to attacks, increased elemental damage with attacks as prefixes ; fire damage over time multiplier (Shaper or Hunter mod) and chaos resistance as suffixes. Due to the number of mods sharing the same tags, it is very difficult (and costly) to craft a perfect amulet ; good news is it isn’t necessary to have the finest amulet to beat endgame. In truth, you can even buy some decent talismans with OK-to-nice annoints for a bargain.
Note:If using a Hunter base, roll your fire dot multiplier before adding chaos res, because you can potentially roll the chaos dot multiplier hunter mod.

Update: I ended up with crafting this amulet:

How I proceeded:
1) bought a Shaper base with T1 life roll and Puhuarte suffix "48% fire resistance, 0,4% fire damage leeched as life" and other affixes easily removable with harvest (evasion, crits and cast speed iirc).
2) At that point I had 1 open prefix and no suffix. I augmented with lightning, then removed/augmented until I hit a reasonably high "adds lightning damage to attacks" mod. Luckily I got T1 very fast.
3) removed all suffixes but Puhuarte, benchcrafted "increased fire damage suffix", and augmented with Fire for guaranteed fire damage over time multiplier
4) I hit T2; if you absolutely want T1 fire dot, you can change fire resist to another elemental resist, remove the crafted mod, and annul fire with harvestcraft to remove fire dot, then change back the resistance to fire and redo 3)
5) Augmented chaos, rolled T2 at first attempt.
6) Changed the Puhuarte mod from fire to lightning resistance, resulting in 0.4% lightning damage leeched as life as a sweet bonus
7) Removed evasion mod and benchcrafted increased elemental damage with attacks
8) Qualitied up the amulet with Turbulent catalysts and annointed Measured Fury.

If/when I am greedy, I can annul chaos and do steps 3/4 until I hit T1 fire DoT, then re-augment chaos, but the damage boost is minimal.


The regular passive tree has few notables that really scale burning damage ; this is why all ignite/burn builds heavily rely on cluster jewels to increase their damage.
It is possible to beat T16 maps without cluster jewels, but they will help quite much against lategame bosses and all Maven encounters.
Base jewels offer ways to buff up defenses and damage all at once, and do not cost too much.


We have access to two cluster slots : the top-left and the far-left ones. Medium clusters are very strong for the build, so unless you’re rich enough to buy all 6 clusters, be sure you have 2 medium clusters in your first large cluster before going for a second one.
Best passives for large clusters : Burning Bright (best by far), Sadist (good but very rare) or Vengeful Commander or Prismatic Heart (much cheaper), Widespread destruction.
Best passives for medium clusters : Burning Bright and Cooked Alive are way better than any other for raw damage. Blowback + Circling Oblivion offer a bit more total damage but lower dps and you miss ignite chance and increased AoE. Flow of Life offers some life and regen, but is way behind in terms of damage.
One of your medium clusters should add Fan the Flames for ignite spread ; Fan the Flames + Burning damage support is better than Ignite Proliferation support + any cluster notable in my opinion, and ignite spread is just too clear-efficient to ignore.

Other jewels

Glorious Vanity in the name of Doryani
Yet another Doryani item ! This Glorious Vanity grants the Corrupted Blood keystone, which gives 20 % of maximum life as extra ES, around 1,5k extra ES for us. This is absolutely crazy coupled with the ES recovery on kill on Doryani’s Fist, as we replenish all ES after each slam or so, without any investment in ES leech, regen or recharge. As for other mods, look for extra resists (especially chaos), move speed, life and atspeed. This should be your very first upgrade after getting base gear.

Rare jewels :
Abyss jewels offer tasty flat lightning (or physical) damage but having high life as well can be expensive for little to no benefit ; on the other hand, regular jewels with both « increased lightning damage » and « increased burning damage » or « + % to fire damage over time multiplier » are reasonably cheap as these mods have no synergy except niche builds such as ours. Try to have increased life on all jewels. They also are a good way to cap chaos res, but this comes to a price.
As all our skills have very low mana cost and our mana regen is quite high, it is possible to run both Wrath and Malevolence without the Sovereignity nodes if you have two corrupted jewels with 1 % reduced mana reservation ; as aurastacking has been nerfed, they are reasonably priced this league.

Watcher’s Eye :
We benefit from both increased life and ES.
We can get several useful mods from both Wrath and Malevolence :
- damage over time multiplier (best but also the most expensive)
- increased lightning damage (cheap and strong)
- Unaffected by bleeding/poison (immune to bleed is way better than poison)
- increased life recovery

NB :

With enough harvestcraft, you can achieve 100 % chance to avoid stun with implicit on all non-corrupted jewels (regular and clusters) and so drop Unwavering Stance for two extra passive points. If you feel comfortable with dodgind boss skills, you can stop at 50 % chance and run a Cinderswallow Urn with the « 50 % chance to avoid stuns during flask effect » veiled mod.

Passive tree :
Using Path of Building Community Fork, best builder helper !

Super budget version – entry cost around 25-30 chaos
This features a lvl 80 character with the cheapest items required to have the build running, plus 4 jewels with 5 % chance to ignite to hit 100 % ignite chance. Most items cost 1 chaos or less ; this decent-rolled Doryani’s Fist was 5 chaos, and worst roll Kaom’s Heart was around 15 chaos at the start of the league.

My 3.13 gear :
Still several ways to upgrade the build, mainly Transcendent Mind and better amulet.

Ascendancy, Pantheon, Bandit

Ascendancy :

Order depends on how you choose to level, but when you stat using Doryani’s Fist, you should have Shaper of Flames, Liege of the Primordial and Elemancer. If you want to act as an igniter, pick Shaper of Flames first, else start with the golems. Shaper of flames is the only way to ignite with lightning skills before lvl 80 ; when you equip Stormfire ring and have 100 % ignite chance, regret Shaper of Flames for Shaper of Storms and its huge shock boost, or Bastion of Elements for additional protection against elemental damage and immunity to reflect (for map mods and Atziri). Both are good, choose one or the other depending on if you feel you need boosting your offense or defense.
You’ll pick the other one when you complete Eternal Lab.

Pantheon :
Major : Lunaris
Imho Solaris has lost all interest this league as the toughest fights are maven’s invitations, with multiple bosses at once… Especially for builds that run minions and love avoiding chaining projectiles.
Minor : Ryslatha
Good sustain for long. Tukohama woiuld be interesting if we already had some physical mitigation, but as it is the bonus are negligible.

Bandits :
Kill all. None is half as interesting as two passive points for us.

Flasks :


We have room aplenty thanks to elemental immunity ; I have immunity to bleed as well thanks to Watcher’s Eye, but even if you don’t, you have room for Staunching, Warding and Adrenaline. Curing can help but probably is overkill with capped chaos resist.
We benefit from every mod Cinderswallow Urn provides : move speed, atspeed, damage, and life recovery on kill (ES recovery is overkill).
As I’m terrible at flasking I run both Blood of the Karui and Forbidden Taste… If you prefer, basalt flask or Granite flask are good options too.

Levelling :
You can level this build with any witch build that you like, but for minimal regretting and gem levelling, an Elementalist burn build is best.

Early mapping and gear priority :

This is where Doryani’s Fist shines : mapping from T1 to T16 maps poses no threat even with the tightest budget.
To start using the build, you need litterally nothing but Doryani’s Fist and having levelled the gems you will use from now on. No need for a 6-link or rare, specific stuff ; just self-found gear with life and resists will do. If you feel squishy, you can buy some gear (amulet, boots, shield) with T1 life on it, and some resists if need be.
Emberwake with 50 % slower ignites mod, basic Eye of Malice with decent resists and no implicit corruption or enchant, Dyadian Dawn with decent resist and life – you can purchase each of these for 1-2 chaos and help maxing out elemental resistances. Kaom’s Heart will cost more at league start, but you can start mapping with a rare chest with high life rolls or a Belly of the Beast for extra resists if need be.
This, plus a couple of jewels with life and lightning(or burning) damage is already enough for red maps. Don’t forget to have life, quicksilver and silver flasks with at least Warding and Staunching suffixes !

As you don’t have Fan the Flames early on, you should run Ignite Proliferation Support in your gloves.

From that point, you should follow this priority list :
- Glorious Vanity « in the name of Doryani » - immense ehp boost and survivability thanks to our ES recovery.
- Cinderswallow Urn : damage boost, immense life recovery
- Kaom’s Heart
- First upgrade of rare gear, aiming for chaos res : replace gear with no/low chaos res with gear with same life rolls and ele resists but better chaos resist. Check talismans, they are way cheaper than regular amulets and can have great combination of mods, including chaos res.
- Fan-the-flames medium cluster (at this point replace ignite prolif with burning damage support), and a well-rolled base jewel
- First Large Cluster, with another well-rolled base jewel
- Second medium cluster
- If affordable, awakened support gems : deadly ailments, unbound ailments, burning damage.
- Upgrade boots, buying a pair with the added ligthning damage enchant and good life and resists mods.
- Watcher’s Eye with « immune to bleed » modifier, if possible alongside increased ligthning damage
- Third medium cluster and another well-rolled base jewel
- Second large cluster, last well-rolled jewel
- Fourth and last medium cluster
- Final boots upgrade : high life, MS rolls, added lightning enchant, and « ignites deal damage faster » hunter’s mod. You can go for the elevated mod now or later on.
- Any awakened gem you don’t have yet
- Transcendent Mind
- Upgrade shield and amulet.

At any point where you are lvl 80+ and have base 100 % chance to ignite, regret Shaper of Flames for Shaper of Storms. This should happen with your second medium cluster with Cooked Alive. DON’T if you have lower than 100 % chance to ignite !!!

Videos :
The Twisted with tons of lag (and still deathless)

Due to my computer getting old, the game can be terribly laggy and a pain to watch, and it gets worse with another soft running, even something as video recorder, so I won’t post dozens of videos. I plan on doing a couple Maven’s Invitations and a regular T14+ map with 25 chaos budget ; if you have other ideas that could be worth recording, I’m open to suggestions !

Thanks for reading ! If you have any question or suggestion, I'll be happy to read them. Stay sane exiles !
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Last bumped on May 8, 2021, 5:07:08 AM
Updated with the shittiest quality video ever, just so you can see it's not pure theorycraft. The figth lasts about haft the time of the video with decent play conditions and skills.
The build looks great to the point I said fuck it and I'm now starting a new character to level and eventually try it out. Will level as RF and then make the transition as I get the levels for the uniques. Will post an update as soon as I get to it!
I'm sure you will enjoy the build when you reach lvl 64 :)

Updated the gear section with amulet crafting; my actual gear is far from perfect, but more than decent enough, and quite affordable if you use TFT.
If I use something other than Kaoms. What should go into the 6 open gem slots?
If 6-link, best is linking all 4 golems in chest with Culling Strike (lvl 1) and Empower (lvl 4 if you can).
With the spare slots in helmet/boots, you can add hextouch + flammability to your Storm Brand, and a Cast When Damage Taken - Steelskin guard skill.

If you don't want to rely on golems for culling strike, you can run Storm Brand/combustion/increased critical/culling strike, especially if you've a cursed on hit corruption on your gloves/rings. In this case 5L golems with Empower is fine, you can move one aura in the 6th slot, and add second wind/increased duration to Steelskin.

If you don't care about guard skills and can afford lvl 4 enlighten, you can link your auras with enlighten and with Herald of Thunder, and allocate Sovereignity into your tree.
That are some good suggestion thank you.
Any ideas to incorporate either Berek's Respite or abberaths hooves into the build for the huge ignite chains. For Berek's I figured you could take shaper of flames and drop stormfire, however that seems to impact EE bc of the added lightning.
mochmaster wrote:
Any ideas to incorporate either Berek's Respite or abberaths hooves into the build for the huge ignite chains. For Berek's I figured you could take shaper of flames and drop stormfire, however that seems to impact EE bc of the added lightning.

Berek's Respite really doesn't fit into the build because EE indeed; I think it's too much dps to lose to slot it in in the current version of the build. Maybe we could replace Emberwake with Maligaro's Artifice and put Lightning Elemental in it, but I'm not sure the EE would hit bosses reliably, and losing Emberwake is a dps/damage loss in itself.

However, Abberath's Hooves could be used for mapping if you manage to cap resists without relying on rare boots. Both enchant and Hunter's ignite mod are not required for regular mapping, so you're only losing some hp and move speed. However, capping chaos will require some investment either on jewels or upgrading the rest of your gear; again, on regular, not-too-juiced maps, 30-40% chaos res is enough to clear most T16 maps.

I'm not sure whether either Berek's or Abberath's hooves really speed up the clear compared to a regular Fan the Flames - I will give it a try when I cap lightning res without boots !

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