[3.13] MOLTEN STRIKE | Chieftain | all content easy | low budget | no bullshit

This build is based on Chieftains newly recieved buffs, increasing Ancestor Totems Buffs. With these in mind Chieftain is basically great for every melee skill out there and enables builds that can maintain high amounts of damage while being very tanky. All this can be achived on very low budget with the possibility to upgrade to god tier levels. When I got a Hegemonies Era Staff on my SSF character I rerolled for a chieftain, not yet sure what skill I wanted to use. As Molten Strike feels very good during the leveling process and even after that I chose it to become my main skill. As it turned out, Molten Strike is still very good. It brought me successfully into endgame, what I have done so far with it: Elder, Shaper, both with Maven, 10-bosses Fight, all elder and shaper guardians at once, awakener 8 (for the first time ever). You can find infos about my current SSF gear in the bottom of the guide.

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to make a Molten Strike Build is the fact that you have to scale a melee strike hit as well as a projectile aoe hit. I explained this more detailed in the following guide.

As I am finishing this guide now I notice that it includes a lot of text, way more than one might expect from an actually simple build. Thats why I want to advise you not to think you have to read everything! Just create your character and start playing, you will discover most of this guides content on your own, just by playing and doing some PoB testing. As I said, it is a simple build, it only gets complicated as there are some problems (mana sustain and Ancestral Call) leading to a variety of possible ways to solve them, each leading to even more options, which I tried to cover in one of the following sections. If you are new to the game or never played Molten Strike or Chieftain, there definitly are some valuable information in this guide. Just read what ever you want to know or where ever you want to get a deeper understanding. If any questions are left, post them beneath.

I recently started to stream on Twitch, so if you have any questions or want to see the build in action consider stepping by: https://www.twitch.tv/ruebezahlel


+ very tanky: 8k Life, 4k Life recovered per second, good phys mitigation, blinding nearby enemies and 75% spell and attack block with Glancing Blows
+ high damage: 10 Mio. Burst DPS on good gear, 6 Mio. without Chieftains buff, 3 Mio. without totems and Chieftains buff
+ extremly good for multi-boss fights in Mavens Arena
+ good clear
+ easy to gear for
+ cheap, end game content should be doable on a couple of ex (I have no idea of current prices as I am playing SSF only)
+ extremly comfortable leveling process
+ high crit chance for reliable damage
+ beginner firendly
+ utilizing all charges permanently

- requires totems as well as the chieftain rotating buff to be up and for max damage
- therefore burst dps is way higher than average case dps
- still squishy to chaos damage and some other nasty map mods
- difficult to build around mana sustain
- fps heavy (might also be the generally bad state of performance at the moment)


All those content was dealt with on SSF. Look at the bottom of guide for my current gear. I cleared without the Brinkmanship node, Ill try to add some footage of the clear with it.
Elder fight: https://youtu.be/ntr5aoBkuI0
Chimera, witnessed by the Maven: https://youtu.be/-6mRFe7GFRE
Phoenix, witnessed by the Maven: https://youtu.be/seiHdoKP5UU
10-bosses Fight: https://youtu.be/nHSpvO3G-_U
All Elder-Guardians at once: https://youtu.be/hacnSr8L9Uw
Shaper: https://youtu.be/hOh87336l-E
- gonna add more boss killing and map clearing clips


We use Molten Strike to deal damage while mapping as well as for bosses. Molten Strike consits of a melee hit and multiple projectile hits. I am not sure how many projectiles hit a single target per attack, but I guess it varies between something like 2 and 4, for dps calculations I assume 3. If thats correct the melee hit should deal about 60% and the projectile hits about 40% of our total damage.
Keep in mind that the projectiles cant be scaled with melee stats and the melee hit cant be scaled with area or projectile damage.

As Chieftain we gain access to lots of good damage increases such as:
- Cover in Ash on Hit (20% more Fire Damage)
- 50% physical damage converted to fire damage (Molten strike already converts 60%)
- Rotating buff: 100% of Physical Damage added as extra Fire Damage, this buff occurs for 4 seconds every 10 seconds and almost doubles our damage - thats where the build get its "op-ness" from
- Increased Buff effect for Ancestor Totems: this buffs Ancestral Protector (20% to 40% more Attack Speed - this enables the generaly slow chieftain to hit really fast while this totem is up) and Ancestral Warchief (18% to 36% more melee Damage and 32% to 64% more melee Damage with the Vaal Warchief)

With all buffs up we deal huge amounts of damage! Without them it is still totally fine.

Further we scale the damage by dealing critical strikes and reducing or penetrating our enemies fire resistance.

Stats to look out for: Added Physical Damage to Attacks, Critical Strike Multiplier, Attack Speed, Increased Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Elemental Damage, Fire Damage, Physical Damage, Fire Damage to Attacks, Critical Strike Chance

We mainly sustain our defense by heavily investing into life. With perfect gear you might be able to get about 9k life, 8k is totally fine though. With that high HP it is extremely effective to get lots of life regeneration and life leech, both of which are scaled by the 50% increased life recovery from the Chieftain noteable. This leads to about 50% life recovered per second all together!

Further we invest into Block Chance. By taking Glancing Blows we gain 75% attack and spell block, together with Flesh and Stone we can reduce and avoid most of incomng damage.

The goal we try to achive is to avoid getting hit with high damage and to avoid getting hit twice or more in a row, so we have enough time to recover our hp pool to its max again. It still happens that this build gets one shot. Especially chaos damage is very dangerous if you dont have some chaos resistance on your gear and we are also not the best when it comes to reducing elemental damage, as we only have 75% ele res and nothing else to mitigate it (makes Wise Oak a very good choice).

All in all the defence of the build is very forgiving for people that are not that good at mechanically dodging dangerous attacks. I guess though, that unexperienced players might thing "oh, 8k life, that must be tankiest build ever!". But that is not the case. It has a lot defensive layers that allow getting hit more often that with other builds, but it also has its weakspots, which I wrote about above. So still be carefull and try to avoid as much damage as possible by dodging it iwth Leap Slam or whatever. Also you can read the "tips" sections for some tips on how to stay alive.

Our clear is mostly determind by the amount of attack speed we have, try to get as mus as possible! Increases to attack speed feel very powerfull in build, for clear and damage.

Other stats that increase the clear capacity of this build: Area of Effect, Melee Strike Range (level 21 Molten Strike grants +1 Melee Strike Range btw.).

How AoE works with Molten Strike:

PoB: https://pastebin.com/UcUM1tge
What this provides:
- Example gear with BiS stats in diffrent tiers (good, perfect, god)
- passiv tree for certain levels (first, second and third lab, lvl 90, 95, 97 and 100)
- Pantheon, Bandits
- Gems

Keep in mind to adjust your build to your needs by using diffrent gear and other nodes in the passive tree! My way is just one way. If you like using different Items/Tree Nodes then do so. Always check your PoB for the best option. That becomes especially important as the following section will show different way to build this character depending on what amount of currency and what preferences you have.

The tricky part about building around Molten Strike: Mana and Ancestral Call:

As mentioned this is a pretty staight forward build: you pick up a staff, socket Molten Strike and kill things. Then there are some good items here and there, some buffs to catch up, but no big mechanics that are used somehow. Two thing need a bit deeper thinking though. One is about the Ancestrall Call Support Gem, which allows us to clear with strike skills such as Molten Strike, but it doesnt grant any damage bonus, in fact it reduces it. Our goal here is to replace it with a good damage support while still being able to clear maps. The second thing is Mana sustain and will be discussed after the Ancestral Call part.

Ancestral Call:

There are three ways to handle the damage loss due to Ancestral Call:

A: Gems swap: Ancestral Call for Mapping, Inspiration for Bosses
- cheaper as you dont have to get Hunter Influenced Gloves with +1 targeted Enemy and the Tribal Fury Annointment
- you can annoint Brinkmanship for way better clear speed!

B: getting additional targetable Enemies with Tribal Fury and Hunter Gloves:
- you dont have to swap gems!
- you are running your best gem set up all the time, also while mapping which is also a defensive benefit as monsters die more quickly
- you can hit multiple enemies with max damage during boss fights
- it seems like you can hit from a greater distance when you have sources of additional targetable enemies, which is extremly usefull to stay safe during bossfights, being able to target only one enemy takes away this big advantage
- you really want to get Brinkmanship somehow to get endgame viable clear speed, would require a slightly differen Skill Tree with loss of some damage and attack speed and a jewel slot.

c: getting an additional Support gem through a mod on an Elder Staff (see an example in the "My Gear" section below and possible mods in the "Gear" section).
- increases the cost for the staff heavily, I managed to luckyly craft one in SSF by myself (Harvest obviously helps a lot there)
- not full damage potnetial as these mods only grant level 1 support gems
- you can annoint Brinkmanship, while not having to gem swap for bosses
- more damage in all cases where you hit multiple enemies
- for pure max single target you can still swap ancestral call for Combustion for example (need a white socket then)

Mana sustain:

As we do not reach that little Life and Mana Leech one pointer leading to Spirit Void that solves the mana problem for many melee builds, we somehow have to get creative to solve our mana issues. There are many ways to do so, but we have to make sacrifices in any case. I'll try to show you all options and why they are good or bad, please check your characters PoB to figure out what options results in the best defensive/offensive/clear values. Keep in mind that you can stick to a cheap and easy to access option (like Option B) first and upgrade to a more effeicient option (D or even A) later.

Before that I want to outline some characteristics of Molten Strike that have to be considered. As we are using Multistrike we spend mana once (with all support gems and Tireless, but without Inspiration, its 29 Mana)and perform the attack three times. In a boss type scenario in which we attack one single target, we hit three times with the melee strike and in a bad case 3 times with the projectile (way more in a average case, but we have to consider the worst cases). So spending mana once results in at least 6 hits.
Assuming we attack 8 times per second, we spend 2.67 times 29 mana, resulting in 78 Mana spend per second. These are more or less example calculations, you might wanna do your own calculations with your stats.

Option A: Using an Divergent Elemental Damage with Attacks Support Gem.
When I initially wrote the guide I didnt plan to write this section as I thought every trade league player has easy access to this gem, which would provide Attack Damage Leeched as Mana. It is very powerfull as many mana leech stats only work for physical attack damage, excluding elemental attack damage. Not so for this alternative quality effect, but it seems to be very expansive, about 12ex in Ritual Softcore. As I intend to make cost efficient builds, I cannot build around a mandatory Item that costs 12ex. If you are one of the rich 1% you might wanna get this gem, as it makes gearing way easier.

Option B: Annointing Spirit Void (Node that grants Attack Damage Leeched as Mana)
Depending on your maximum mana you will leech about 200 mana per second upon dealing damage. This completely covers all of our mana problems, right like Option A would, but we cannot use another annointment. That hits actually hard! This way we can't use Tribal Fury or Brinkmanship. I consider this to be the worst option.

Option C: Using Clarity and #% increased Mana Regeneration Rate stats
You have to get at least 78 mana regen per second (your value might vary, look at the calculation above), a bit more is probably necessary, as you are not only using MS but for example your Totems too. This comes to the cost of an additional aura that you somehow have to integrate and the need for stats on your gear which makes gearing a lot harder and you might miss important other stats that way.
In a similar way problematic is the option to invest in -# to Mana Cost of non-channeling Skills or #% reduced Mana Cost. While these stats are powerfull for mana sustain they always take space where other important stats could be.

Option D: Mana gained on Hit stats
Thats probably the best way and the one I managed to go for in SSF. You can get this stat on Viridian Jewels: +(1-2) Mana gained on Hit with your Attacks. If you decide to go for them you want to get at least 2 of these mods. 4 mana gained on hit, considering our calculation in the top, results in at least 24 mana (lets say 24 up to multiple hundreds depending on the amount of nearby enemies and the amount of enemies hit by one projectile) gained per once spending mana. Thats solves mana issues mostly in every case.
The problem here is that Viridian Jewels cannot roll the Attack Speed with Staves mod and you are restricted in your jewel choice even more. But:
...you can get this mod from other sources too:
1. Harvest Implicit on Gloves: 4 Mana gained on Hit with Attacks
2. Hunter mod on Gloves: also up to 4 Mana gained on Hit with Attacks

Together with the Options outlined in the concept section there are many ways to build this character. As it would involve a lot of work and testing I currently cant figure out the one and only way. I showed you every possible option that is out there and now it is up to you to find you way to go for this build.

Gear Explanation:

Stats are sorted in order of importance.

General information:
Keep in mind to always have at least 75% Elemental Resistances. Also note that getting Chaos Resistance can be very powerfull as Chaos Damage is basically the last weakspot of the builds defence. Last but not least keep in mind that while we are good on Strength and Intelligence we lack of Dexterity. Get one good roll on one piece of gear or tow smaller ones on tow pieces of your gear. If you cant get the requiered 155 Dexterity you might want to decrease the level of Blood Rage (as thats the dex hungy gem).


We chose to go for a staff. As I basically copied Mathils 3.13 starter, I was kind of predetermind in that regard. But using a staff gives us a big advantage, also one small disadvantage though:
+ We gain critical strike chance and multiplier independent from wether we hit with the melee or the projectle part of Molten Strike. Most crit notes for certain types of melee weapons only scale melee critical strikes, not so with staves! Thats why they are so good for Molten Strike. Also they make it very easy to get lots of block chance.
- We have to travel in the upper part of the tree so that we cant reach the good stuff in the bottom part of the tree like Point Blank (30% more projectile damage). Thats not completely terrible as all the staff node in the top are very good and we deal enough damage without Point Blank.

Unique: Hegemonies Era, okish phys values but reliable power charge generation and good crit and aps values, spell block and also its very cheap
Rare: at least:500 pds, 1.4 aps, 7 crit chance, 20% spell block implicit. If you cant afford or find a staff like that or better, you should use Hegemonies Era. It is absolutely enough to get good damage in the end game. If you have a couple of exalts you can get very good staves though, even far better than the listet stats and even better than a Hegemonies Era.

You can also get the following mods on an Elder influenced Staff:
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Endurance Charge on Melee Stun
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Power Charge On Critical Strike
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Fortify
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Inspiration

They are all good, especially the Inspiration one. But all in all they are not cruicial and will probably make the staff very expansive.
Note that Fortify only increases the melee strike and Inspiration wont grant permanent 5 inspiration charges, as we spend too much mana to keep them up for some time.

Body Armour:
Incursion Rare: 100+ flat Life, 10% increased maximum Life (Incursion Mod), 8% increased maximum Life (Crafting Bench), Ele/Chaos Resistances

Crown of the Inward Eye - Transfiguration of Body adds about 80% increased damage and we get about 20% incr. Life, probably BiS when it comes to damage here. Downside is that a very high flat life roll ist better and you might need resists in the helemt.
!Abyssus - lots of MELEE crit mulit and added phys, while we probably can deal with the increased physical damage taken, the damage mostly applies to the melee hit only and doesnt grant any life or resists. So its no good option.
Rare: Life, -9% to Enemy Fire Res (Warlord), phys taken as fire damage (Warlord or Crafting Bench), Elemental Resists, Chaos Resistances, Dexterity

Enchantment Molten Strike Projectiles (I am not sure how good it really is), Molten Strike Damage, Blood Rage Attack Speed

Rare: Life, Strike Skills target 1 additional nearby Enemie (unless you take the Ancestral Call version), Ele/Chaos Resistances, Attack Speed, Physical Damage to Attacks

Rare: Life, Tailwind on crit (not even that mandatory damage wise, but nice to have), Ele/Chaos Resistances, Movement Speed, Dexterity

Rare: Life, Added Phys, Crit Multi, Physical Damage added as extra Fire Damage (Elder), Increased Ele Damage with Attacks, Dexterity and Resists if necessary, but prioritise damage here. You can get really sick amulets damage wise.

Annointment: Tribal Fury, or another one if you choose to play with Ancestral Call, look at the Concepts Section for alternatives.

Stygian Vise: Life, ELe/Chaos Resists, Strength (for extra Life), Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks

Vermillion Rings (base type with 5-7% increased Life): Life, Crit Multi (Essence Craft), +1 to minimum Frenzy Charges (Crafting Bench), Elemental Resistances and Dexterity if still necessary, Added Physical Damage, Increased Elemental Damage with Attacks

Rings are very powerfull in this build. They not only serve a lot of life but lots of damage as well. Definitly get +1 to minimum Frenzy Charges on both rings. Together with the node from the tree we get 3 permanent Frenzy Charges: 12% more damage, 12% increased Attack and Movement Speed and 24% increased Damage.

You can spam Scorn Essences on a RIng until you get a good life roll and maybe some resistances and dexiterity, then annull (Harvest!) all the unusefull mods and multicraft the missing mods.


Thread of Hope: we use this one to get Access to some Damage Increases, Crit Multi and one additional minimum Frenzy Charge.

Murderous Eye (Belt Slot): Life, Crit Mulit, Attack Speed, Added Phys, Added Fire

normal Jewel: 7% Increased Life (you can easily divin ones with less than 7), Crit Mulit (with two handed weapons, ele skills, fire skills, global, try to get at least 2), 8% Attack Speed (with staves)

Ignore the Molten Strike Threshold Jewels!


Life FLaks - Bleed Immunity
Silver Flask - Freeze Immunity
Dimond Flask - Curse Immunity

These Flasks are more or less mandatory, we have two slosts left for Uniques now:

Bottled Faith
- BiS! This Flask is huge in so many aspects: 2% base cir chance, 100% increased crit chance, 10% more damage, 40% increased Damage and 6% Life regeneration - completely overpowered!
Rumi's Concoction - also very good for maxing crit chance and for a good amount of armour which we need for Molten Shell as well, best defensive option
Wise Oak - als very good for damage as well as tankyness if you manage to balance resists, Chieftain is a bit weird in that regard as we tend to have a lot more fire res than every other res, try to get rid of fire res from most gear pieces.
Dying Sun - I am not yet sure how good this is as I still have to figure out how it impacts the amount of projectiles that hit a single target, but I hypothesis that it is an actually good dps increase (cant be used together ith wise oak as Dying Sun adds Fire Resistance)

!Cinderswallow Urn - not good as we dont ignite, only our totmes but they dont count as the Player!
!Lion's Roar - also not good as it only scales melee Damage

Thats a lot of options there, while the last two of them are bad, all the other ones are fine. As I like a good balance between offense and defense I stick to a Rumis together with a Bottled Faith.

Passive Tree/Ascandancy/Bandits/Pantheon:

Passive Tree, lvl 95: http://poeurl.com/ddIG (the PoB in the top has level 90, 95, 97 and 100 trees)

Ascandency: Ngamahu, Tasalio, Tukohama, Hinekora (doesnt have to be chosen in that order)

Bandits: Help Alira!

Pantheon: Soul of Solaris to avoid big hits and Soul of Shakari to get a bit more tanky against chaos damage


Also sorted in order of importance.

6-Link: Main Skill
Molten Strike [L21/Q20]
Elemental Damage with Attacks [L20/Q20 (Divergent)]
Multistrike [L20/Q20]
Elemental Focus [L20/Q20]
Fire Penetration [L20/Q20]
Inspiration [L20/Q20 (Anomalous)]

Note: If you do not yet have the Tribal Fury Annointment AND the Hunter Gloves with +1 targetd Enemy you have to use Ancestral Call instead of Inspiration Support. You can swap it back for bosses, but in many scenarios it is very good to be able to multiple enemies at the same time (like 10 Boss battles in the Maven Arena for example).

Note: To min-max I suggest to get as much awakened gems as possible as well as full quality and 21 gem levels.

Note: You might wonder why I am not using Melee Physical Damage Support, Ruthless or Fortify. Thats because, as mentioned, we are scaling a melee strike as well as a projectile AoE hit. Inspiration, Fire Penetration and ELe FOcus scale both of these hits while the previous mentioned Gems would only buff the melee part of the attack.

5-Link: Auras/Heralds
Enlighten [L4]
Herald of Ash [L20/Q20]
Herald of Purity [L20]
Flesh and Stone [L20]
Precission [L20]

4-Link: Totems
Vaal Ancestral Warchief [L20]
Ancestral Protector [L20/Q20 (Phantasmal)]
Multiple Totems Support [L20/Q20]
Combustion [L20]

3-Link: Movement
Leap Slam [L20/Q20 (Phantasmal)]
Fortify [L20]
Faster Attacks [L20/Q20]

3-Link: CWDT Setup
Cast when Damage Taken Support [L1/Q20 (Anomalous)]
Molten Shell (L10/Q20)
Wave of Conviction [L1]

Sockets that are left: Assassin's Mark [L20/Q20 (Anomalous)] and Blood Rage [L20/Q20]


Nothing special here.
Follow the usual leveling tips and get the usual levleing gear.
You can use Molten Strike right from the beginning. Link it with Ancestal Call and Combustion first of.

Later just use the best avaliable support gems and craft your staves with the recipe that gives you increased physical damage or just spam chaos or alteration orbs. Its not that important how good your staff is.

For leveling trees take a look at the PoB that I linked in the top of the guide.

Current Gear (on SSF Ritual):

Thats what I managed to get in SSF. Got lucky with the staff and the flask, the rest are just regular crafts that you can achive by playing a bit more than just casual.
Although I consider this gear as mediocre to good I am able to easily do all endgame content. Be aware that I dont consider t17 100% delirium max juiced map farming as endgame, more like t8 Awakener, Shaper, Elder, Guirdians etc.

My new Staff:

It is far better than the Hegemonys Era, but not yet perfect. Still it brings my dmaage to a point where any further upgrades are more or less pointless.



What abot an elder staff with Fortify or Endurance Charge on Stun Support?
Fortify isnt that worth taking as it only provides a damage buff for the melee hit. Stilll the almost permanat Foritfy effect is nice to have. It is not necessary at all though and the additional cost that comes with a roll like thatisnt justifyable.
ECoS is great if you decide to go full on max endurance charges.

How crucial is a Bottled Faith for endgame content?
As explained i the Flasks section the Bottled Faith Flask gives huge amounts of bonueses we can really well benefit from. While it adds only about 20% damage overall it also provides defensive as well as more damage consitensy due to more crit chance. Try to get one as fast as possible. It isnt mandatory though!

Can this build be played on SSF or HC?
SSF: I am playing it on SSF, so yes. To be honest though, I have quite good gear, got a Hegies and Bottles Faith for example. How it performs as starter without this gear I cant say. As a Bottled Fiath isnt that crucial and famrable as you reach the endgame and a Hegies can be replaced with a well crafted staff this build is totally SSF viable, not so much as SSF starter though perhaps.
HC: I dont play HC and do not relly know what standards of tankyness a HC Build has to keep up with.

Is it worth to get more than 2 extra enemies targeted by strike skills?
No, not really. In some clear situations it might be benefitial, but I didnt feel a difference that much.

Somehow the clear doesn't feel good in the endgame?!
As I figured out the Brinkmanship Node increases the clear a lot. If you aren't using Tribal Fury I really suggest taking it as anointment. Besides that option I am currently trying to figure out a skill tree that involves Brinkmanship so we don't have to get it by annointing.

Besides AoE and melee strike range, as mentioned in the Concept section, attack speed is very important to make the build feel good. Be sure that you have all passive tree nodes that involve attack speed. Get a blood rage gem at lvl 20 with 20% quality and jewels with 8% attack speed for staves!

What can be done diffrently?

I always encourage people to not blindly follow guides but to adjust them to their needs, budgets and avliable gear. Thats why I want to give you a couple of tips how you can build this one more tanky or more hard hitting:

1. More Damage/less Survivability:
- get an Reduced Mana Reservation for Anger Helmet Enchant
- reduce the gem Level of Precision to something like 10 and get the lost accuracy somewhere on your gear
- replace Flesh and Stone with Anger
- get an Watchers Eye with Fire Penetration while affected by Anger

2. Less Damage/more Survivability:
- get two Kaoms Way rings
- take Valako instead of Hinekora (Ascandancy)
- get a divergent Blood Rage to be still able to leech life
- get a rare staff with ECoS, socket your Molten Strike setup in the staff
- use Infernal Cry to Cover Enemies in Ash

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- added my new staff in the "my gear" section
- added additional notes on the denfensive concept
- added AoE explanation to the clear concept
- added a note in the beginning of the guide about the amount of text in this guide
- moved the discussion about ancestral call in its own section
- added discussion about Mana sustain in this new section
- combined some sections in a new section called "Appendix"
- added some points in the pro/con section

- added question to FAQ section about clear

- finalized the guide, every section added
- added videos
- added gif
- added new options in the weapon section
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The numbers and defensive layers look pretty solid on POB at least, and I also love that the gear has missing stats to make it easier on what I need to look for and fill out the rest. I also love molten strike builds too, so this would be a blast if it was as good in practice as it was on paper. Do you have any videos or can upload some?
Sure, Ill upload videos and add gifs/pics to the guide as soon as I am able to record them.

As I am playing it on SSF with mediocre to good gear it should be a blast on trade league at least. You can have a look at my gear in the last section of the guide.
Last edited by henry4200 on Mar 11, 2021, 5:00:04 AM
Just started out but you can already feel the awesomeness and the simplicity of the build without the need of mirror tier items. Thanks man ;)
Even after all the Molten Strike nerfs, is it still pretty decent, especially in this kind of setup? Always wanted to play Molten Strike since 3.9 league, but all those nerfs scared me off.
Last edited by D3M0_LITION on Mar 17, 2021, 10:41:35 AM
Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Ill try it, i really love Molten Srike. Wainting for the mapping videos.

D3M0_LITION wrote:
Even after all the Molten Strike nerfs, is it still pretty decent, especially in this kind of setup? Always wanted to play Molten Strike since 3.9 league, but all those nerfs scared me off.

Molten Strike is perfectly fine. DOnt worry about all the recent nerfs/reworks.
ghuton wrote:
Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Ill try it, i really love Molten Srike. Wainting for the mapping videos.


There are already some. Watch the guardian maps, I gues they include some mapping scenes.
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