[3.14] Assasin, Poison, Blade Vortex, Cobra Lash, Plague Bearer, Hearld Of Agony. On A Budget

2 Keypress to import a build from the forums.
Find A build in the forums that you may want to look at [tree etc.] Then copy the pastebin code. ex https://pastebin.com/y45pSAEZ Then Just go to Path Of Building, import + export build. Then chose inport from pastebin, then just hit cntrl + v, and the code will appear in box. If code is valid, it will turn green, then just hit done, and it will import that build. If the version is wrong, it will turn red. No Need to write the code down & type it into the box anymore!! Just Hit cntrl + V !!!

I will try to keep this code updated.

POB {pastebin code}





Noob Friendly. Fairly Inexpesive. 6L armour was about 38 chaos.

No Cluster Jewels Here

Bandits>> Kill All 3

You can cast blade vortex, despair & Then cobra lash or mix & match.

I use the tidle key for despair, then tab for blade vortex, & right
mouse for cobra lash.

Mow thru mobs with ease.

Move fast to keep up with the party.

Only level 94 so far. Not too many red beachead party's in standard. I
like those one's the best. Good EXP.

You Can Equip 2 Trinkets/Aumlents Now.
Just do a trinket blueprint hiest.

You can mix & match stuff to your liking.

Looks Like

I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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Any update for min/max or end game gear pls

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