[3.14] [#1 Ele Hit] Charge Masterful Form Replica Farrul Slayer


by 4 to 6 folds with third party free ssf playstyle

Anyway thanks for making this one-of-a-kind game unfun and unworthy of my time anymore, I had an entertained grad school experience and now I can move on with my life and never look back.


This build utilizes the synergy between Slayer Ascendancy Masterful Form (Your Maximum Endurance Charges is equal to your Maximum Frenzy Charges) and Replica Farrul's Fur (Gain up to your maximum number of Frenzy and Endurance Charges when you gain Cat's Agility). Now that explody goes legacy, it's once again the best chest. 3.14 patch notes didn't touch any single aspect of this build, it's gonna be a great league starter all the way to endgame ultimate minmax.

The maximum Frenzy/Endurance charge in 3.14 Ultimatum league is still 13
3 base + 3 tree + 1 asc + 1 Darkray Vectors + 1 Warlord's gloves + 1 Two-handed weapon of Shaping or synthesized BOW/shield implicit + 2 synthesized ring implicit + 1 gloves corruption implicit. I would take a minimum of 10 Frenzy charges to be considered following this build.
Plus 5 Inspiration charges for a total of 31 charges.

Elemental Hit is now the best skill with full damage aoe explosion after explody is gone (lol Herald of Ice). It takes advantage of a bow, and a little fortuitous synergy with Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support. Replica Farrul's Fur is now cheaper than Replica Shroud of the Lightless, at the historic low of 16-24ex, it's high time to try it out before it inevitably rises towards league end due to less heist farmers. The damage of Ele Hit is largely from the gem itself, and the defense of the build are largely provided by the unique chest and boots, especially the 40% or more hard physical damage reduction from 10 or more endurance charges independent of incoming hit (as opposed to armor) with full uptime, and speed coming from various sources, it's a well rounded build suitable for mapping, farming, bossing, and challenges.


A9 T16 Ultimatum Trialmaster (restless ground, razor, ruin)
A9 T15 Ultimatum Trialmaster in 2 sec (miasma, dmg from mana cost, ruin and w/e)
"Tether" league challenge Defeat Conditionally (failed)

A9 Maven with 90% resist

A9 Sirus with 90% resist

"All content" marathon speed run

A9 The Feared (copy, regen, immune) with "Monsters have 100% increased Area of Effect" challenge

A9 The Forgotten with "Players gain 50% reduced Flask Charges" challenge and Synth Courthouse

A9 The Hidden

lv 83 Catarina (Syndicate Mastermind)

Tribute to the Goddess full dark shrine in 6min

72% iiq Maven 10 boss with 90% resist

Rampage challenge in Lira Arthain with breaches

Speed delving and mapping

A9 Maven

A9 Sirus


Leveling to my first ever 100 after 8300h playtime in
T17 mega juice fractured nemesis Iceberg

T16 mega juice fractured nemesis Iceberg

T17 fractured nemesis Burial Chamber

T14 winged full juice fractured nemesis Tower


Ultimatum char:
tank zdps version with two purities 90% resist (week 5):
Note to toggle Focus in Configuration tab for burst dps

Pantheon Arakaali Shakari if low chaos resist

Ritual minmax char:

Bandits: Alira
Pantheon: Lunaris Garukhan


Other Ascendancy Passives

Headsman - Bane of Legends
20% more damage against bosses, on top of 25% more against all high health target (100%/80%), the single best boss killer ascendancy in terms of number.

The ideal bow has no place for a crit suffix and this is 60% local crit chance for a thicket bow and some floating multi.

Brutal Fervor
If you have a high crit bow anyway, you may pick Brutal Fervor with Damage on Full Life Support. This build doesn't have a large health pool for overleech to help much except for canceling out dot dmg. Vaal Pact should be allocated with discretion, because it's essentially 20%/s extra life recovery that disables all other sources of regen including 1.6% from Golem Blood and 6% from Consecrated Ground from Bottled Faith, and potentially costs extra points for pathing

Notable Notables

For succinct descriptions, assuming 10 Frenzy charges henceforth. The 3 points at the end of the charge wheel give massive 160% damage and 20% attack speed, but since leading small nodes have little effect it's still point inefficient to path all the way. A Thread of Hope can be chosen over a Timeless jewel potential.

However, being stingy as I am, I didn't want to purchase Thread of Hope early at league start for the high price, and while I waited I came across and tried out the other Timeless jewel in light of the Doryani Glorious Vanity nerf.
The leading small nodes to the 8% dmg per charge notables actually provide pretty nice utility (2% regen, 30% aoe for Ele Hit explosion, and 20% movement speed).

With 20% attack dodge from boots and 40%/30% dodge from (Phase) Acrobatics, Wind Dancer mitigates the occasional big hits and works for degen as well, with negligible downside on evasion. The accompanying nodes are also great for filling accuracy and some chance to avoid ele ailments.

Ele Hit builds are usually socket hungry because of the two mandatory Combat Focus jewels. The slayer and shadow sockets are the only places for Crimson Combat Focus, one of which has been taken. A large cluster provides two sockets at the end for a Watcher's Eye and a base jewel, so the traditional Lioneye's Fall is given up because of point inefficiency even with the dagger wheel accounted for.

Finally the pathing to Assassination is pretty long, and is given up for either as many Militant Faith notables you roll, or a second large cluster next to Point Blank



Elemental Hit - (Anomalous/Divergent) Mirage Archer Support - Awakened Chain Support - Awakened Elemental Damage with Attack Support - Anomalous/Divergent Inspiration Support - Combustion Support

Core item of the build, always the first item to acquire if you decide to follow this build. It simply makes any other Ascendancy an easier Jugg, and with slayer's Masterful Form, super efficient synergy. Normally 10 Endurance charges function with default effects, adding 40% phys reduction and 40% to all ele resist. Interestingly, I found and tested that Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support, despite stating "supports melee attack skills", does support and provide more damage to Ele Hit, which has both melee and bow tags. It provides 40% more dmg without other condition (chilled for hypo or full life) at all levels, and has a small mana multiplier of 110%. If your quiver has chain corruption it can swap out chain for clearing setup for very low mana cost.


Elemental Hit - Barrage Support - Awakened Elemental Focus Support - Awakened Elemental Damage with Attack Support - Anomalous/Divergent Inspiration Support (- Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support or Hypothermia Support or Damage on Full Life Support)

In Ultimatum league I came across synthesized bows with max frenzy implicit. The harvest nerf disables remove and aug craft on influenced items (not that you can find any of them without intensive farming), so the synth items come out on top for having the best of both world. Especially with the new Betrayal Aisling veiled T0 mod slam (chance of double slam), these synth bows can be alt spammed for 2 or 3 good mods, slam +1 and then hope for good double veiled slam. The veiled suffixes are mostly useful (although I got an awkward thicket disgrace without speed suffix), whereas veiled prefix only looking for 16% pen.

For the good old shaper bow, the suffixes of the bow are locked in as +1 max Frenzy, Bow attacks fire 2 additional arrows, and attack speed. The prefixes for my ritual gear give high to low dps in the order: 20% more attack dmg, +2 socketed bow gems, T1 flat fire dmg. +1 level has smaller impact as it only adds 1% to two awakened supports. Penetration has diminishing return with all the other sources of resist lowering/pen. But now the realistic way of crafting would be alt slamming/fossil blocking for Frenzy +2 arrow suffix (very very unlikely already), (double) veiled slam, if hybrid speed suffix then keep suffix reroll prefix, and take whatever you are given as no remove/aug harvest craft can be further applied.


(Divergent lol) Anger - Divergent/Anomalous Summon Skitterbots - (Anomalous/Divergent lol) Precision (- Enlighten Support)
Anger gives unimpressive flat added dmg compared to Ele Hit gem's own and more importantly activates Watcher's Eye mods for that 50% mana reservation.
Summon Skitterbots on the other hand provide chill and shock to Ele Hit gem's 20% more dmg line, on top of guaranteed shock effect. Divergent version gives a little bit more dmg depending on the shock effect % threshold, otherwise use cheaper Anomalous 21/20 for 18% shock breakpoint. (Awakened) Unbound Ailment Support further increases shock effect for an additional 3.5% mana reservation.
Precision is needed to cap accuracy and/or activates Watcher's Eye mods. If you have accuracy on gear or helmet reservation enchantment, Precision/Enlighten can be dropped.

(Anomalous/Divergent) Dash - Anomalous Second Wind Support
(lv7) Wave of Conviction - (lv1) (Anomalous) Cast when Damage Taken Support/Increased Duration Support
Vaal Haste/Grace - Increased Duration Support
Sniper's Mark
Some builds use Asenath's Chant to trigger but with 10 Frenzy charges' 40% cast speed, it's just fine to hand cast the Mark to that one boss

Aspect of the Cat - Less Duration Support
Cat has a 12s period with Farrul but unfortunately both Frenzy and Endurance charge durations are half a second short. They can be filled out with one jewel implicit each or unlinked less duration support for quality of life of not hearing that annoying charge gain/loss tatatata sound effect in hideout.

(Anomalous/Divergent) Cast when Damage Taken Support - Steelskin
(Anomalous/Divergent) Immortal Call
Immortal Call gives massive less damage taken, and we have high endurance charges regained every 5s with less duration cat for 2s Immortal Call after 3s cooldown, it's a perfect match with a little practice to pop up before incoming boss skills or imminent mobs spawns. But if you can't be bothered with more key pressing, Cwdt Steelskin is always an option for dodgy glass cannons. Note only one guard skill should be used.


Standardized Ele Hit amulet since the start, with one mod Avatar of Fire it gives 50% more dmg, in addition to pen/str/life/ash. The highest dmg anointment is Lava Lash, but I choose ES leech for a little bit more recovery with Doryani/Headhunter and Large Cluster jewel notable uptime


The cheapest slot. Compared to dozen ex Tailwind Elusive boots, +1 max Frenzy, all time 50% movement speed and 20% attack dodge (33% increased elusive effect at max effectiveness) clearly prevails


They were +2 Agaloves all along
Warlord's +1 max Frenzy charge and Elevated Hunter's (100% chance) intimidate on hit are the two key mods. For putting up this guide, I was eventually awarded +1 Frenzy corruption on the gloves I had always been wearing, after 2 curse on hit, 2 white, 4 bricks and more poofs.

...Oops I Did it Again


Deafening Scorn into T1 Elemental Damage with Attack for dmg, or simply filling resist and int requirements


Standardized +1 arrow edwa multi quiver. Getting meaningful double implicit will be my objective in 3.14


The poor man's hh with interesting Rampage mechanic, helping with monster kill counts and mapping efficient training, and realistically a lot of animate weapons to distract aggro.

Same old hh all day every day. There's zero lab enchant impactful for attack builds, blind may be useful defensively when you gain shroud walker or have blind chance on shaper quiver, onslaught could fill accuracy, phasing can add a little evasion with Divergent Dash
Also in light of the cray cray hh drop rate after the shameless "can now drop everywhere" "buff", it's worth noting that exchanging div cards is now more economic than buying one (uncorrupted) hh as a whole, and piecing together 64 Nurses is especially cheaper than both Doctor and Patient. Why? Women don't get equal pay everywhere.

I bought half on May 4th at 1.7-1.9ex each, and the rest on May 5-6th at 2-2.1ex each. Such a purchase on the fence. But eventually 64 trades saved me 16ex in total from a 140ex whole hh, which take one trade half a minute is 32ex per hour profit. Insane. As long as you don't get patient

If you happen to have veiled mods with Focus, this old Betrayal unique that has never seen use is actually good for bossing or mapping alike with 4s reduced Focus cooldown and 70% inc dmg, and optional Chaos resist that the tank setup is in dire need, and also doesn't mess up cold resist when swapping with Bisco

For bossing without phys dmg (basically every endgame boss except Izaro, Chimera and Minotaur) if you can fill your resist/str, the new Maven belt changes Endurance charges to Brutal charges which give 3% chance to deal triple damage. At 10 charges it's 60% more dmg for a belt slot, completely overshadowing however good stygian. Note that chance to deal triple dmg greatly diminishes the effect of chance to deal double dmg, because dd rolls within the percent of not dealing triple dmg.


Again the stingy me didn't want to spend on league start farrul beast, and the random aspect rare drops are usually too crappy to use, so eventually I go back to the original cat 4 link, which is actually very nice offensively, only without life. Alternatively Devoto with enchant for 31% attack speed is equivalent in dps, but much faster and has nice chaos resist

Last slot in the build, usually use the helmet to fill Int and resist. The Blizzard Crown implicit gives just about 1% dmg but without splitting it's pretty rare now. When picking rare with Ele Hit 15% attack speed enchantment, remember to avoid Hubris Circlet with intensely high Int requirement.
The ideal helmet to go for is Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Elemental Damage of Elevated Shaping Awakener's Orb onto Nearby Enemies have -12% to Fire Resistance Blizzard Crown of the Elevated Conquest, and if there's an empty suffix, Suffix Cannot Be Changed with harvest Crit chaos for Global Critical Strike Multiplier of the Conquest. And the final mod may be acquired with a lot more metasuffix chaos and Maven into Elevated Warlord's Damage Penetrates (2–3)% of Enemy Elemental Resistances.


Standardized attack/bow large cluster with FFFF (Feed the Fury, Fuel the Fight) and Martial Prowess is the highest dps by far if leeching (life/mana/es).

Two medium cluster slots can choose from various damage/utility/defense options. Despite "the small passives which grant nothing" for this build, the fire dot multi medium offers great damage notable Cooked Alive and "utility" notable Cremator. Using a unique chest, it's crucial to destroy corpses with this in highly juiced maps for the game's performance. You can also find this notable on a large fire cluster with dps compromise.
I choose a flask duration medium cluster for the other slot because it's one of the two mediums with life notable, and Spiked Concoction gives good utility as well as dmg, although pob does not auto check Alchemist's Genius (increases Flask Charges gained and effect of Flasks by 20%, for 4 seconds, when you use a flask).
Other options include crit medium for faster zooming, proj medium for plain inc% dmg, and even curse medium for blind and cull if you opt out Bane of Legends.

The highest dmg mods from Watcher's Eye are in the order of: Anger 50% multi > Anger 15% fire pen > Precision 30% multi ~ Anger/Precision 60% dmg > Precision 15% attack speed.

Combat Focus is the easiest to get Corrupted Blood Cannot implicit.
Doryani Glorious Vanity small nodes look for multi, life% and spell dodge
The final 1-2 sockets can be life% and triple multi, quad multi, mana cost which may reduce 1-3 depending on breakpoint, or simply filling attribute/resist

Tank setup

The new find Militant Faith is a strong defense option without giving up dmg. The useful stats on the jewel for per 10 devotion are 4% ele dmg, 2% ele resist, 1% non-curse aura effect, and 1% reduced cost of skills. The randomly changed notables become effective when you stack 150 devotion, and those useful for the build are Immune to Elemental Ailments while on Consecrated Ground, 5% additional Physical Damage Reduction, +1% to all maximum Resistances, also 10% chance to inflict Fire Exposure on Hit, and maybe most important for the meme, +1 to Minimum Power Charges. Divining Militant Faith only changes notable distribution and Keystone which we don't care, but keeps the two per devotion stats, so buy the correct stat pair, and it's up to your personal divine luck to find yourself a good jewel

To further address the ele dmg reduction, I went all the way to become half an aurastacker, using 4 aura mediums for cold and lightning purity, hitting 90% max resist hard cap. From mapping experience, sacrificing some dmg, acro and about 1k life is totally worth it. Esh, Baran and Eradicator can eat their hearts out trying to lightning lucky shotgun me (yes still can
One of the large cluster must be fire dmg with cremator for corpse destruction still. Large fire specifically with Cremator AND Corrosive Elements AND one of three suffix notables always has the two prefix notables before the jewel sockets so it saves 2 points, while also saves cwdt Wave of Conviction (especially after nerf) setup for Immortal Call and Grace, etc

Watcher's Eye has to be double Precision for dmg, or any quality of life (useless) modes from defensive auras. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ultimatum/8LVPGgVhV
4 mediums have 3 winter/grounded commander each, and pure guile/aptitude to reduce total Purity reservation to that of an Anger to fit in the original scheme. And the easiest slot to get +2 aura/aoe is Darkray, or you could use an undesired Hand of the Higher Templar for a while, but eventually you want to have aisling T0 +2 aoe prefix on Warlord helmet (I'm not gonna double corrupt frenzy intimidate gloves again coz I have it at home


5 way Legion leveling with "Legion" Gloves of Rampage and HH

Full solo leveling scheme:
lv 1 to ~65: Acts up until Desecrated Chamber without second Kitava -30% all resist, do lv 68 lab
lv 65 to 72: Delve at monster level within 9 lv of char, equip most of the gear and lv21 gems, do uber lab and Kitava
lv 72 to 81: Simulacrum one full run, bisco should be enough, deaths allowed. The final 20th wave bosses may be tough. Equip all gear
lv 81 to 90 or any lv you are comfortable mapping with: 5 way Legion (with HH) or pure breachstones (without)


My league start gear in Ultimatum

Magic Thicket bow with +2 bow gem and 19% speed is all you need. Find krangled 6l bow with the right color and a hybrid chest (easier to recolor at crafting bench with additional vaal orb costs) . Other slots look for T1 life with some resist, multi on quiver and tali with a useful anoint, ele with attack on quiver (or crafted) and belt, - mana cost on temple rings if possible and voila, a boring rare build.
Because Xoph's Blood is unrealistic at league start, take advantage of Ele Hit's original skill function of alternating element and use the imba Trinity Support. One Combat Focus can be used to ban lightning so you can freeze and shatter (porcupines) more often. Drop Anger for high lv Precision to fill 3000 accuracy.
On passive tree, the charge wheel at the bottom can be used for Lioneye's Fall double wheel on the right. I got very lucky with speed more common harvest chaos and got the FFFF clusters, but for leveling lv70-90 these points can be used for life and nearby nodes on tree.



At this point it's pretty clear why GGG was determined to destroy the selected "too deterministic" h****** crafts, and make other remove/aug not applicable to Influenced items - they needed to pave the way for the ever more deterministic T4 veiled slam. A craft available after Catarina fight with Aisling of Rank 3 in Research, adding a veiled mod to a rare item, with a chance of adding a second veiled mod becomes the definitively better h****** Aug craft, in that all veiled mods are T4 modifiers being printed on the item rather than a crafted mod in the previous leagues, and you get a choice of 3, which in most cases grant some extra power to the item, if not the ideal mods, when properly planned and blocked beforehand.

As a result, you may not be able to follow a complicated, rng filled crafting process to obtain a triple or quadruple elevated double influence item anymore, but you can now craft something a little less, with two elevated or T1 mods (on the same pre/suffix side), one or two T4 veiled mod (at 15% chance) of desired pre/suffix location, and a crafted mod. If you want to fill that 6th mod, Leo can also be in the house for that slam with eyes closed but much less heartwrenching if landing something bad (because it's free who cares).

And managing the syndicate board to achieve such a Catarina safehouse is much easier than before as well. In Valdo's Rest pick both Betrayal atlas passives, run Jun missions with attention on getting the right member slain into the right safehouse, and one more slay later to promote to Rank 3, and just keep running until Catarina intel is filled and down that safehouse for all rewards at once. There's no need for meticulous two-member management and total control of the board, if you didn't get your members in with the right button most of the time (like T3 room blocking of Alva temple), still run Catarina and get a new board to try again with just about 10 maps.

Also want to point out the perks of being a leader is no longer doubling the reward, but when interrogated for Catarina, not losing rank. The effect of this is that if Catarina is filled by this leader's intel, you can still run Catarina immediately while also getting this member's T4 reward without having to wait to use other safehouse leaders' intel instead and not running this safehouse. That's some extensive consideration for the actual mechanic and my appreciation to the dev that thought about it and had it down in codes to truly improve the quality of life ot the mechanic.

So much for the reworked and buffed Betrayal mechanic, now let's take the gear in my build as examples to see how to make use of it for gear crafting for every player, new or experienced, casual or hardcore. Fun fact, the first ever double slam I got after 15 single slam streak was by @Exstyles, a trusted provider who casually bumped into the league mechanic for the very first time. I believe compared to the intensive farming of h****** with watchstones and atlas setup for the now extremely rare Aug craft which cannot be applied to Inf items, Betrayal crafting is much easier to understand, much easier to obtain, and much easier to use for an at least satisfactory item for everybody.


For any equipped item slot with no unique mandate for your build, you can apply veiled slam for an extra mod or two on the basic rares you already have that have open affix. To better make use of the veiled slam you found though, of course you'd want your items to have as few meme mods as possible, and every affix count. Simply put, the base rare for veiled slam has two or three (T1-3) modifiers that you are always looking for in that slot, that you input on trade website when you search for it. And there are three ways of getting that base.


For rare modifiers with low weight (and no tag), alt spam the magic base until you hit one or two of the mods at both prefix and suffix, (beast imprint so you can try regal again), and regal for a potential 3rd good mod, if not, try annuling the extra mod for a clean rare base. This method goes as long as poe and is the cheapest and safest option, however requires some patience and reaction speed (lol) and can get more in line with other methods since now alts are also extensively used to roll watchstones.

Bow Attacks Fire 2 additional arrows of weight 100 and ilvl 86, or +1 arrow for synthesized bases that most likely cannot get to ilvl 86 without extreme luck. Alt spam until arrow suffix and +2 bow gem prefix, and regal for a 3rd good affix such as attack speed or crit chance suffix. Then craft Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers suffix for 1ex (or if hitting a prefix in regal, Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers for 2ex before that to block suffix entirely), and slam an exalt or Leo for +1 gem prefix. Now you have a clean base with 3 great affixes


Or multi affix rares.
For essence or fossil exclusive modifiers, you will usually get a rare with more than 3 random mods upon using the essence and resonator. It's the same case for temple/delve mods you find, or just any rares you id with desired mods (on one side of the pre/suffix). To isolate the desired mod, there are also three ways with or without risks for best results.


Targeted annuling from h****** was deleted for this obvious reason. Imagine getting any base and target annul to desired clean base and slam for perfection, too easy too strong too good to be still true.
So we are back to the prehistory of Orb of Annulment. Not much skill here, just slam with eyes closed, and now you want to see something still there instead of not, and you may forget so screenshot early and often.

This 4c normal rare quiver has T2 life and ele dmg with attack prefix, T1 crit multi suffix, and 3 other bad mods. Attempting to annul it clean is 3/6*2/5*1/4=1/20 chance, and obviously here I didn't have luck, so throw it away and get a new one. Use this method only if not other way around a 6 mod rare, or the base is so cheap it's cost effective.


If 2 or 3 of the desired mods are on the same side or either prefix or suffix, metacraft scour can clean the other side's up to two mods deterministically.
For this Frenzy ring, spam Scorn essence for anything good along with it in suffix and in this case, attack speed and T4 resist. So craft Suffix Cannot Be Changed prefix, scour all prefix including the metamod, and I have a clean base with 3 suffix.

If the other side is filled by 3 mods, you can either luck the 3 in 6 annul, or for safety use h****** reforge keep pre/suffix until the other side is not filled to craft metamod.


Nerfed because of the overabundance of high ilvl (6 link white) rare bases, (beast) splitting was also a method to isolate mods without the chance of annuling the mods, but the chance that good mods are split into two items instead of one which you want. It's mostly used on 6 link because you get one for the price of the beast along the way. Enchanted, fractured, synthesized, and influenced items cannot be split.

For the exact bow above, we can also fossil spam with Corrosive, Metallic and Jagged to block phys, ele and chaos mods, and roll into +1 +2 gem prefix only, and highly likely some of the wanted suffix. If succeed, split and hope for mods dropping into one bow like the above, otherwise you can always do method 1 later on either bow base.


The high end crafting for the specialized mods from influenced items, now limited by h****** nerf is much less likely to yield triple or quadruple influenced mods, but if your build doesn't need that many, it's still viable.

1. Frenzy Intimidate Gripped Gloves

Note remove augment life is NOT available (prophecized). Note Reforge keep pre/suffix is also applicable for metascour method if the other side is full, and then still metascour

2. (-resist) ele dmg taken multi Blizzard Crown

1. Get ilvl 85+ Blizzard with enchant, use Warlord's Exalt Orb
2. alt spam for 2 T1 influence mods, ideally Nearby Enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance because crit multi can be targeted with h****** crit chaos when there's an open suffix and Suffix Cannot be Changed. But I settled with multi and elevated multi with Maven's Orb at 50/50 chance
3. buy shaper helmet with Nearby Enemies take 6% increased Elemental Damage and one other Shaper mod, elevate with Maven's Orb at 50/50 chance
4. Awakener's Orb Shaper helmet onto Blizzard, landing with another suffix. Didn't want to risk 1/3 because it wasn't the ideal elevated mod anyway, kept as is for veiled slam.


It's too straightforward this doesn't seem like a guide on it anymore.

Veiled slam can only be applied to rares without crafted mods or existing veiled mods, general pool or member's. It would make error message if you attempt to. No pre/suffix blocking allowed, thus the superiority of rares with mods on one side.

For rares with both open pre and suffix, you can alt and check if it lands on prefix (longer) or suffix (shorter). If not the one you wanted, remove crafted mods at crafting bench as long as you don't take it to Jun, and then try again.

If you are going for double veiled and didn't get it, remove crafted mods at crafting bench as well. It seems if you get double veiled and unveil one, you can't take it off to remove the other mod without unveiling it.

Again for rares with mods on both sides, if double veil are no good, do metascour and try again. For mixed rares, double veil is usually final, so a veiled pre+suffix rare will be priced much higher if both mods are great.
The possible veiled mods are from the generic pool only, but you can still add member's signature craft afterwards, just like before, at a little lower intensity than veiling the rares they drop.

Veiled Chaos Orb is also an option for rares with mods on one side, without the chance for any more than one random veiled mod, as long as you are prepared for two other trash mods blocking metacraft retry with h****** reforge keep. Veiled Chaos Orb is however still applicable if the side that cannot be changed has veiled mods already. For 2ex per metacraft and potential h****** craft, its cost is in line with Aisling's on tft.

A little more on the bows I use, there are much more useful veiled suffix to choose from it's unlikely to brick, so a prepared base with 2 open suffix 1 open prefix is better than the other way around. It's something to think about after you try and fail your first, or better just plan well ahead.

Special note to "Focus" mechanic from veiled mods which has never seen use since Betrayal because the crafted mods were inferior. Focus is an instant skill granted when equipping any item with a Focus mod, has 4s uptime and 12s cooldown that also starts cooling down on use (as opposed to after effect ends for Guard skills).

Focus mods usually have a numerical value 3 times as strong as its constant counterpart (40% chance to deal Double Damage while Focussed vs 14% chance to deal Double Damage), and gets better when you stack on more rare slots (50% increased Attack and Cast Speed while Focussed on gloves, 15% additional Physical Damage Reduction, 32% chance to Dodge Attack Hits while Focussed on helmet or boots) so you can faceroll will full dps. When you are given no other good choice, give it a try.


Veiled slam is obtained after Catarina fight with Aisling of Rank 3 in Research. The craft adds a veiled mod to a rare item, with a chance of adding a second veiled mod. Unveil to add one or two T4 veiled mods on the item as "printed" mods as opposed to taking crafted mod's place.

As detailed in the post, you can build the rare items to be veiled from the ground up, or viewed from the h****** perspective, veiled slam to finish the crafting, except unwanted veil mod position can be removed without hassle.
Because veiled mods are guaranteed T4 mods, under most circumstances it's better expectancy than h****** slamming T1-10 and you don't get to reroll tier with it anymore. For most players it's an easier way of higher quality to craft some great endgame rare equipment.

Reallocate your atlas passives now and go back to Valdo, for your favorite auspicious as well

Warning! Long! Thesis style

Ultimatum shop for stuff on the char https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3102022
Standard mirror service https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3080594
Now it's a guide. Feel free to leave any comment but no subscription allowed.
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"Theoretical" dps with exploitation of ninja pob, clickbait only
No.1 Ele Hit, No.1 fire dmg build, No.1 dps on depth ladder, and most obtainable in real game due to least degree of abuse of aura cluster

week 12 +4 rep farrul supreme ego final push
1.6b dps

week 11 meme fulfilled
759.5m dps

week 10 did you know Combat Focuses lower your dps?
500.3m dps

week 8 elevated abuse of ninja pob
316.9m dps

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Really interesting build, I think I'll try it out next. I was always keeping an eye on ele hit builds and this one seems like it'll be a lot of fun. Hopefully it won't cost too much to craft the items besides the bow.

Do you have any videos of bosskilling? I'm curious to see how fast you would be killing bosses like Sirus..
Goa1aso wrote:
Really interesting build, I think I'll try it out next. I was always keeping an eye on ele hit builds and this one seems like it'll be a lot of fun. Hopefully it won't cost too much to craft the items besides the bow.

Do you have any videos of bosskilling? I'm curious to see how fast you would be killing bosses like Sirus..

with mapping hh gear Sirus stands 1s each phase but you know, pob doesn't know how to calculate Bane of Legends, and same with Maven, but I've 40/40 so
under 3k life is also not the easy way ^^
Radisize wrote:
under 3k life is also not the easy way ^^

Well you shouldn't have held the pob warrior version as standard. Nonetheless I kept my promise and uploaded the video(s).
I play actually a Slayer Ele Hit. It's really for me the most tanky and dmg i played on PoE from far.

I will try your alternative, because most of the item i already have, and it will be easy to switch without any invest ( i already have a Replica Farrul somewhere in my stash lmao ).
But i'm afraid about survivability : With my own build ( normal ele hit and Astral Plate ), i'm close to 6.5Khp with Vaal Pact and OverLeech, is really like God Mod. Stressless and i enjoy it.

Do you have any guide or advice for craft a bow like that ? Because most of them are 150ex or more.

My gear actually :


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Keussef wrote:
I play actually a Slayer Ele Hit. It's really for me the most tanky and dmg i played on PoE from far.

I will try your alternative, because most of the item i already have, and it will be easy to switch without any invest ( i already have a Replica Farrul somewhere in my stash lmao ).
But i'm afraid about survivability : With my own build ( normal ele hit and Astral Plate ), i'm close to 6.5Khp with Vaal Pact and OverLeech, is really like God Mod. Stressless and i enjoy it.

Do you have any guide or advice for craft a bow like that ? Because most of them are 150ex or more.

My gear actually :


I haven't played any char with over 5k life so I can't comment on how useful higher hp is against Sirus and other oneshots while compromising damage.

For the bow, definitely don't use such a slow bow for that jebaiting implicit. I was told the general idea, corrosive metallic for frenzy 2 arrow suffix, keep suffix for +2 level, suffix cannot be changed, remove/add attack for 20% more attack, remove/add fire for T1 flat fire, remove/add speed. you should check pathofcraft
CraftofExil say it need 16000 try just for both affix ( frenzy + 2 arrows ). So it definitely not the best way i think.

Next step is to craft T1 As and Life on this :

I have 100ex to spend, but i'm not sure about to spend all without be sure i will have something decent.
I know my bow is not the good one. AS is really bad, but i like the way to shoot strong. Like "hit'n run".

Frenzy ring is actually 120ex now, and i will not sacrifice my life ring for more damage. Because actually, it's already very strong !

I do double damage than a classical Ele hit, with just the Replica Farrul's.
Keussef wrote:
CraftofExil say it need 16000 try just for both affix ( frenzy + 2 arrows ). So it definitely not the best way i think.

Mirror worthy confirmed

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