[3.13] SoulRend Shadow Trickster CI, full content !

Soulrend is super cool chaos build that's quick to play! Good clear, good resistance and no problem to kill boss!
I am posting on behalf of GabDropOut who allowed me to use her char in order to share her great build =)

Video in FR, elder and T16 map: https://youtu.be/KfnGjwh-ugg

Build possibilities
As a preamble to the guide, here is the list of its possibilities:

shaper / elder / atziri / conquerors: no problem
corrupt T16 map: no problem
Sirus A1: with 200 equipment chaos
Sirus A9: with 20+ equipment exa
Maven and Uber Elder: theoretically possible but not tested

Statistics and gameplay
Here are the unbuffed statistics of the build:

8k energy shield
Chance dodge 70%
76% elemental resistance
100% chaos resistance
1 million dps without buff

It is a spell based on damage over time, so a DOT build. The spell passes through enemies and only stops when it encounters an obstacle, such as a wall. However, we cannot stack DOTs, that's why we use curses, blight and despair, to help us with dps we also use Bane which takes advantage of the multi curse with its passive 50% more dmg per curse.

In terms of aura, we use Vaal discipline, which will give us a lot of ES, and an ES recharge that can save our lives several times against bosses. We also use Malevolence, which will give us significant damage over time.
Unlike the previous two, we will also use vaal clarity, but only for its vaal version which will allow us to have a 20 second phase during which we can burst a mob / boss without our spells costing us mana. Often used in synergy with Vaal Discipline for power dps while not needing to dodge most attacks.

Passives, Ancestors and Pantheon
Here are the passives to use, you have the POB link a little further down. Go search first:

the energy shield and damage nodes to the right of the start of the tree: void barrier, method of the madness, fangs of the viper, growth and decay
energy shield nodes and damage north of the tree: atrophy, arcane will, arcane focus, corruption, unnatural calm
the clusters, jewel and chaos innoculate
For the ascents:

Patient reaper
Prolonged bread
Ghost Dance
Escape Artisit
For the pantheon:

Solaris: damage reduction against bosses
Garukhan: movespeed and dodge

Details on the tree:
We have a bonus that gives us ES based on our evasion on the chest, and evasion based on our ES on the helmet, so we're going to use his bonuses to maximize his two stats as much as possible.
We will also take a lot of ES in% in the talent tree, given that we are going to have a lot of ES flat, this will increase our life in a very strong way: example: 100 ES in flat we results in a total of almost +400 es thanks to our talent tree.
Above all, do not forget to cap on 75% elemental resistances, chaos resistances can be neglected because we are using chaos innoculation which will give us 100% chaos resistance.

Below the equipment used, the modifiers are given in order of importance:

Main stuff
Wand: chaos damage and gem level
Shield: Atziri's Reflection - curses effect, ES, resistance
Gloves: Allelopathy - curse despair and blight
Belt: Stygian aim - resistance and energy shield
Boots: Sin trek, vie, es, evasion rating, move speed
Ring 1: moonstone ring, es, resistance, chaos damage
Ring 2: dream fragment
Amulet: gem level, chaos multiply, energy shield, stats
Armor: Fox Fortune, dodge and move speed
Helmet: energy shield, chaos resistance debuff, soul damage enchantment grant 40%
Anointment amulet: tranquility for transfiguration of soul

Mana with movespeed
Jade with movespeed and / or evasion
Witchfire brew for despair and increased damage
Rumi's Concoction for the block
Diamond with luck critic
Quicksilver with movespeed
Taste of Hate

Rare: chaos over time, damage over time, chaos damage
Rare x2: spell damage, energy shield, possible resistances

For clusters
Large 8 passives: unholy grace - unwavering evil - Wicked pall (chaos damage)
Medium 4 passives: eldritch inspiration - exposure therapy (chaos damage)
Small 2 passives: energy from Naught (energy shield)
Medium 4 passives: wicked pall - unwavering evil (chaos damage)
Small 2 passives: vile reinvigoration (choas damage, energy shield)
Equipment details:

Soulrend is a chaos build, and what's more, a DOT (damage over time) build, so the main stats to prioritize are chaos damage, chaos damage over time multiply, and damage over time multiply, spells damage can also be added to the build, but this is only a bonus compared to the 3 other stats mentioned before. Items with “nearby enemies have -9% chaos resistances” increase damage, but are also expensive.
In terms of crafting, on the amulet and on the weapon, prioritize stats that increase the level of gems, such as +1 lvl of all spell skill gems, +1 lvl of all chaos gem, +1 lvl of all intelligence gem , or +2 of all socketed gem if playing with a bow.
The dream fragment malevolence ring has 20% increased aura effect and the watcher's eye + 25% damage over time multiply while affected by malevolence give us a good damage boost, but are not mandatory

In very late game, the wand shield build can be exchanged to play in quiver + bow, which are more permissive in terms of crafting and which will allow us to multiply our damage by 3/4/5/6, but be careful, it costs extremely expensive to set up.

Note that the equipment is based on a build of Chtitou in S3! Thanks to him !

Gems link
Below is the use of equipment with their associated gems:

6L damage: soulrend, efficacy, controlled descruction, void manipulation, swift affliction, greater multiple projectile
Support 3L + 1S: immortal call, cast when damage taken, increase duration | vaal clarity
Curse 3L: temporal chain, multiple chains, spell totem
Mobility 2L + 1S: flame dash, faster casting | portal
3L support: vaal discipline, enlighten, malevolance
Curse 4L: bane, void manipulation, efficacy, controlled destruction

Path of Building link
To find my equipment with a current value of 50 exa, passives and associated gems, you have below the POB link:


3.13: creation

+ and -

1- A mobile character
2- Relatively good tankiness
3- A very good general clear speed
4- Map really very easy to do, the T16 is done as easily as the T5
5- Possibility of going deep in delve
6- The build can become a power monster depending on the resources invested
7- Excellent cast speed thanks to the trickster class
8- Makes evasion and energy shield extremely profitable
9- Immune to curses, stun, freeze, chill
10- + 51% movement speed without potions, and + 116% while under potions
11- 100 chaos resistance

1- Lack of damage to low budget bosses
2- Fragile during leveling
3- Lack of mana regen on single target

An ultra powerful and changing non-meta build! In addition you get to launch chats ! If you are looking for an original build to clear the entire content of the game, do not hesitate to look into this one!
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