The good, the bad and the ugly: Bosses and Maven/Ritual

This league brought an interesting feature, putting map bosses out of their arenas and into new environment of Maven's Crucible and Rituals. While some bosses thrive in it, some turn into little more than a joke. This thread is about compiling information on the bosses' performance, so people can pick their invitations a bit better and hopefully avoid some nasty rips.

I'll start with a few:

The Ugly (good): Lord of the Grey (Belfry). This Kitava rerun isn't much dangerous by itself, but becomes downright hilarious as its top half slowly shuffles around the ritual site or crucible, while his attacks are easily avoided in more open space outside his arena.

Puruna, The Challenger (Atoll): Perhaps most impotent Atlas boss in the game doesn't get any better.

The Bad: The Goddess (Plaza), Vision of Justice (Orchard). These two, AFAIK identical bosses can be quite deadly with their degen bond (or whatever it is) if your movement is constricted by other bosses or cramped ritual, as the only defense I know of is to break the bond by moving far away from her very quickly.

Feel free to chime in with your own experiences.
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The Solaris lady (forget her name) from Cold River is pretty nasty if left alone. That fire lattice skill of hers is pretty hard to duck with how tightly packed the lines are.

Crimson Township guy (spams degens) and the Park boss (heals enemies) are also nasty if unchecked.
Lex Proxima is really tricky.

Park boss has those AOE beams and consecreted ground that cause AOE degen and heal bosses. Defiled Cathedral has red degen beams that are also really annoying. Academy boss can use silence and can REALLY mess up your day, especially combined with the other 2 guys. Cursed Crypt boss has vul and ele weakness aura which can fuck you up badly if you aren't aware of it. Get all for of them you can get into a situation where you literally can't attack anymore as a caster once your warding flask is empty while having to dodge degen beams nonstop and if you get to close to the crypt boss you die instantly. Entirely unpleasant.

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