[3.13] Burning Arrow MoM Golem Elementalist

Hey there!

I've played two different BurningArrow Builds this league and decided to combine both of them into one build.

Shoutout to "forceddrama" for his MoM Mana Stacking Stormfire BA Scion & a random Korean guy from poe.ninja/builds! for his non MoM BA Golem Elementalist :D

POB: (My Actual Level 94 Elementalist)

Summary / TLDR
- 12M+ Bossing-DPS / 9M+ Mapping DPS
- 4,5k EHP with 40% MoM
- 60/50% Attack/Spelldodge (71/61% with Flask up)
- ~20% Evade Chance
- 1,6k Life Regen with Agnostic and Buffed Stonegolem
- 25% Phys Reduction with Buffed Chaos Golem
- ~3k Arcane Cloak Shield

Pros & Cons

+ Viable for fast Mapping and Bossing (Everything expect Atziri Deathless)
+ Fast Lifereg -> Tanky against Dots & Degens
+ 6 Golemsfriends. You're not alone!
+ Pretty much immune to Elemental Ailments
+ Dodges almost everything
+ You can focus on dodging stuff while the bosses are burning

- Heavily Unique & Cluster Jewel dependend. Not really SSF Viable
- Not 100% Stunimmune (You have decent Avoidance)
- Can't dodge spells on the ground like Atziri's flameblast
- Not HC Viable, you'll might get oneshot sometimes
- Cant facetank like Max Block Builds
- Cant run reflect Maps
- No regen / Avoid Ailment Maps are annoying


- 12M++ Boss DPS (Boss DPS = Remove GMP - Add Swift Affliction) (Up to 18M when Standing in Sigil of Power)
- 9M+ DPS While Mapping (With Greater Multiple Projectiles)

- With Mind of the Council and Crusader Anoint you Pretty much Stack Damage with Mana
- Golembuffs add alot of damage to this Build
- Deal Fire Exposure on Hit with Cluster Jewel
- Curse Enemies with Flammability and Combustion via Armageddon Brand

Standing and Stacking Sigil of Power buffes your Damage up to additional 5M DPS (18-19M)


- ~4,5k EHP (~3,2k Life + 40% MoM with Cloak of Defiance)
- 60/50% Attack/Spelldodge (71/61% with Flask up)
- 20% Evade Chance
- ~25% Phys Redcution with buffed Chaos Golem
- 1,6k Liferegen with Agnostic and buffed Stone Golem regen
- Golems take hits for you, and 2 Stonegolems taunt
- Arcane Cloak Shield with ~3k Absorb



Xoph's Nurture - 7-Link and good base DPS + Convert


Rare Penetrating Quiver with Damage over time multi, life and resistances


Mind of the Council - Alot of Mana and added Lightning Damage per spent mana + 30% lightning damage taken from mana before life

Body Armour

Cloak of Defiance - Gives us alot of Mana, MoM (1 Passive free) and additional 10% mana before life taken. Also alot of evasion


Omeyocan - Gives us 20% Attack and Spelldodge, alot of Mana and good Movement Speed and of course Onslaught


Rare Gloves, with alot of Resistances, Life and Mana


Dyiadan Dawn. Good Life / Resistances and our Ignites deal damage faster


Atziris Foible: Alot of % & Flat mana + regen. Anoint Crusader. Less Attributes requirements enables us to wear Xophs Nurture

Ring 1

Essence Worm. Our only Aura is Malevolence with supreme ego. Removes reserved mana and buffs malevolence a bit

Ring 2

Rare Ring with Life, Mana, Resistances, Elemental Damage to attacks. Optional: Fire Damage


Must Have

Unique Jewels

3x Primordial Eminence Viridian Jewel
1x The Anima Stone Prismatic Jewel
1x Mantra of Flames Crimson Jewel

Cluster Jewels

1x Large with 8 Passives (+12% Fire Damage)
Musthave: Corrosive Elements
Additional: Burning Bright / Disorienting Display/ Smoking Remains, Some Resistances

2x Medium with 4/5 Passives (4% Fire Damage over Time Multi)
Aim for: Blowback, Burning Bright, Cooked Alive (2 of them on each Jewel)

Optional additional Jewels
- Rare with %Life %Mana %Burning Damage %Fire Dot Multi
- Watcher's Eye with Malevolence Buffs
- Trancendent Mind
- More Mantra of Flames Crimson Jewels

Gems / Skills


6-Link (7-Link with Xophs Nurture)
Swap GMP for Swift Affliciton for Bossing

Malevolence in Essence Worm 1-Link

Curse-Setup 4-Link

Golem's with Culling 6 Socket, get at least 4 Link

Arcane Cloak & Arcane Surge Setup - 4 Link

Movement & Sigil of Power & Bloodrage


Important: Get an enduring Mana flask with Curse Immunity.

Kill everyone

In Progress:
Videos, Item progression, etc.

This Build (and POB) is not fully Min/Maxed. Everything above is with my current gear and budget.
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