[3.13] Wild strike trinity gladiator block build, WIP

Hi there,

Was hoping to share this once i have it solidified, but feeling a bit stuck. I think the build may require some of the more juicy items I have in the PoB to get damage high enough. As compared to physical block builds it has much lower life (around 5-5.3k).

Path of building: https://pastebin.com/kmnVTmtZ

Overall the idea with the build is to have high crit chance to trigger the ailments from secrets of suffering.

I've left most things unchecked in the config, for seeing a more worst case scenario of damage output. It's hard to keep flasks up the whole time for example. Frenzy charge generation a bit unreliable for block chance. Not a ton of information as to how the ailments like brittle & scorch will build when hitting the enemy.

My own character is lacking a few levels, but has most of the base level gear. Improving damage could be done by getting crit chest & watchers eye. The latter being really expensive. Could be this is just simply an expensive build to make happen, but I also feel rather spread thin.
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I really like wild strike so interested to see where you go with this.

In case it gives any inspiration, I ran this (squishy) wild strike trinity raider with crit and the damage is just insane.


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