[3.13] Cyclone Voidforge Raider with Trinity Support

Update: I tried different explode chest and they all dont work correctly. Our sword doesnt make any physical damage, so you cant use a chest with physical explode. And with an Inpulsa im not really sure, it looks like it doesnt work too. But i can recommend this chest as 5link
With this chest you have really nice defensive options.


With the Patch 3.13 Grinding Gear Games re-worked all ascendancy classes und added some new Support Gems. One of the new Support Gems i found really interesting, but i didnt want to start in the league with the Gem. So now after i made a little bit currency i searched for something i can use with Trinity Support. This build isnt that expensive. Maybe something between 10-20 ex. The first thing in my mind was the Voidforge Sword. So i decided to build something with Voidforge, because the weapon makes only elemental damage and attacks with a random element on every hit. Perfect for Trinity Support. Then my first thought was to play with a Slayer, but i wanted to try an evasion/dodge build again. Normally im not a fan of evasion/dodge builds, but this build works very well.
An additional reason why i choose Raider is the possibility to get immun to elemental ailments, free frenzy charges (with a huge buff for frenzy charges) and the defense options with phasing.
The build is not a high damage build, but its enough to do every content. You can clear maps very fast and do bosses, but you still need to be aware from the boss mechanics. I wouldnt play this build in Hardcore, but maybe its possible if you pick more defensive options.
If anyone of you has some ideas how to optimize this build, then let me hear it. By the way, here is the link to Path of Building.


Short Video how im doing a T16 Pit Map

Skill Tree

This is the Skilltree with lvl 95. Remember that i couldnt set the Thread of Hope in the bottom jewel socket and pick 3 Nodes we want to have.
When you have the Thread of Hope with Medium Range, then pick Titanic Impacts, Discipline of the Slaugther and Discipline of the Unyielding.

Passive Tree with Level 95

Asendancy Raider (Picking Order):

Way of the poacher (to generate frenzy charges) → Quartz Infusion (to get phasing and additional dodge) → Avatar of the Veil (when you start mapping its good to have immunity to elemental ailments) → Avatar of the Slaughter (we pick this last, because its only good if we can have much frenzy charges. So before or after that get all frenzy charges in tree)

Skill Gems


Final Setup (weapon):

Cyclone → Infused Channeling → Trinity → Elemental Damage with Attacks → Melee Physical Damage → Fortify

If possible use the awakened Gems of Elemental Damage with Attacks and Melee Physical Damage.

Notice: When you have not enough crit chance at the start or you have some mana problems, then switch Elemental Damage with Attacks with Inspiration. That helps after you fixed the problems.

Aura Setup (chest):

Herald of Purity → Precision → Purity of Elements → Flesh and Stone → Enlighten (when you have a 5link chest)

Utility Setup:


Leap Slam → faster attacks → Enduring Cry → Blood Magic


Vaal Haste → Vaal Grace → Increased Duration


Vaal Ancestral Warchief → Culling Strike → Multiple Totems → any Gem that makes Damage for the Totems, as Example Multistrike or Elemental Damage with Attacks





This weapon is needed for this build, without the weapon it doesnt work. The weapon deals his physical Damage as a random element and deals no physical damage. The weapon has a very low base critical strike chance, thats why we need a lot of critical strike chance from items and the tree.

Notice: If can get a corrupted Voidforge with the implicit mod "socketed gems are supported by level # fortify" you can get an additional gem for the sword and you have a 7 link. You can take fortify out and replace it with something else. Something like Pulverise, Inspiration or Damage on Full Life.



This Helmet buffs our Damage a lot, but we take increased physical damage. To negate the increased damage we use Fortify, the watchers eye (i explain later) and we have a lot of evasion and dodge.
As Enchanment pick increased Cyclone Damage or increased attack speed for Cyclone, but both on an Abyssus are really expensive.


This gloves gives us increased accuracy and critical strike chance. Additional we curse rare and unique enemies with Assassins Mark. Which increases the critical strike chance and the critical strike multiplier. And when we kill that enemy we gain a power charge for more critical strike chance.
I have no recommendation for any enchanment on the gloves. Its maybe possible to use corrupted versions of the gloves with an implicit modifier.

Update: I bought a Oskarm with +1 Frenzy Charge as implicit modifier. Wasnt that expensive.

Thread of Hope (Medium Range)

With the Jewel we can get 3 very good nodes in the tree, but the jewel lowers our resistance a bit. When you insert the jewel then you can pick the nodes Titanic Impacts (increased accuracy with twohands, increases critical strike chance and the multiplier with twohands), Discipline of the Slaugther (+1 minimum frenzy charge, 8% increased damage per frenzy charge and a 8% chance to recieve a frenzy charge when we kill an enemy) and Discipline of the Unyielding (+1 minimum endurance charge, 8% increased damage per endurance charge and a 8% chance to get an endurance charge when we kill an enemy)

Watchers Eye

The Jewel with the mods we need is very cheap. Normally you pay around 2 ex or less. Look for the mod with precision that gives increased attack speed and take physical damage as Fire/Lightning/Cold Damage when hit while Purity of Elements is active (this lowers the damage we take from the Abyssus helmet)


You can pick any chest you want you feel comfortable with. I choose an Inpulsa, because of the shock bonus (our weapon can shock with every element) and the explode effect.
As alternative you can pick a belly of the beast for more life, kaoms heart (be aware the chest has no sockets), any other explode chest or chests with much evasion or resistance.
In my build you only need a 5link chest.


Pick any rare amulet you want. But its important to get some intelligence on it, so you can wear all items and skill gems for this build. I would recommend an amulet with mods like critical strike chance, critical strike multiplier, maximum life, resistance or any other mods you need.
As Anointment i choosed Whispers of Doom (3 Golden Oils) and allows us to curse the enemies with one additional curse. The Oils are not that expensive like older leagues, but the cost around 40 chaos for one oil in Softcore. The prices changed maybe.
If you have mana problems try to get „channeling skills have -# to mana cost“


For the Rings you can pick anything you want too, but i recommend to use one ring with „curses the enemy on hit with Elemental Weakness“. Because we have Whispers of Doom on the amulet, we can curse enemies with Elemental Weakness and Assassins Mark from the gloves. But the Assassins Mark curse only works for rare and unique enemies. Vermillion rings are really good, but you can only wear them when you are Level 80.
What i would recommend is to get a lot of life and resistance on the rings, maybe attributes you are missing or some damage mods like increased elemental damage with attacks/adds physical damage to attacks.
If you have mana problems try to get „channeling skills have -# to mana cost“


Pick some rare boots with life, resistance and movement speed. If you have the currency i would recommend to get mods like „chance to recieve elusive on critical strike“ or „you have tailwind if you critical hit recently“.
As enchanment you can pick stuff like elemental penetration if you havent killed recently, increased attack speed after you killed an enemy recently or anything else you feel good with.


As belt i decided for an stygian vise with elemental resistance, maximum life and some elemental damage with attacks. Maybe not the best belt, but feel free to use something else.


Cinderswallow Urn (with critical strike chance) → Lions Roar → Diamond Flask (with immunity to curse) →Jade Flask (with increased evasion) → Divine Flask (with immunity to bleed)

First i wanted a Bottled Faith to get more citical strike chance, because our weapon base critical strike chance is low, but we dont need it. We can reach enough critical strike chance without it, thats why i picked a Cinderswallow Urn. If you have enough currency you can get a Bottled Faith.


I choosed Alira, because of my gear i miss a lot of resistance. When you plan to play with other gear, then kill all Bandits.


I took Soul of Solaris, because of the 20% chance to recieve 50% less damage from area hits.

And i decided for Soul of Ralakesh, because i hate bleed on my self. But feel free to use everything you want.
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Actually speculated a similar build before I saw this.

Didn't think of Inpulsa as an option for explode, but I'll try it out.

Will let you know how it goes :)
Yeah, Explode Chests wont work correctly with this build. Going to make some small updates now. Someone mentioned to me this chest https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Doppelg%C3%A4nger_Guise

This is a really good one!
Personally I went with the Perfect Form since it allows me to have a massive amount of evasion as it increases evasion by uncapped cold res and it gives Phase Acrobatics also saving me 4 points on the passive tree that I could allocate elsewhere.

While it does give -30% cold res, my gear handled resistances fine so I swapped out gloves for regular gloves and that way I could swap out the resistances aura to improve my damage that way.
So far Im having big fun with this build. But for some reason my DPS is almost half of yours. If you can give me an advice on what to improve, i'd be very gratefull :)

Zaheer66 wrote:
So far Im having big fun with this build. But for some reason my DPS is almost half of yours. If you can give me an advice on what to improve, i'd be very gratefull :)


I took a look into your PoB and everything seems fine. In the PoB Link Trinity Support and Infusion wasnt active and i saw that your Infusion Support Gem is lvl 1.

When your gems are at maximum lvl and everything is turned on, then you have around 4,6 mil dps.
Did not Inpulsa trigger the explosions correctly?

Like the idea of this build, I was theory crafting a cyclone trinity earlier, but did not come up with anything good! This seems like a good use of my level 95 Raider that I league started with but had a failed build that I sold.

If Inpulsa does not trigger explosions, I might just go Kintsugi :)

Attack Crit Elder/Hunter chest might not be a bad idea either, with extra curse on it freeing up Annointment. Second curse ring and replacing the gloves wiht melee damage and culling gloves would also be pretty nice, or tombfists.

Perhaps freeing up enough resistances to say using Skitterbots for chill and shock, instead of purity of elements. Or a herald of ice for semi explosions.

Plenty options, I like the baseline you made, an easy to get into comfortable build. Max frenzy raider is always a great mapper, and decent bosser!
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So far, I'm playing with 9 Frenzy charges, Kintsugi, Darkray Vectors, Ryslatha's Coil, and currently crafting an Amulet with Damage per Frenzy charge, and I just can't survive enough.

Do you think that Doppel would work better than Kintsugi+Wind Dance? Why not change Melee Phys gem with Rage?

I just can't rise life over 4100 :'c
I may not being playing ranger, but legacy voidforge and cylcone is pretty strong.

Standard gameplay as marauder
anyone have try this in 3.14 ?

after buying 40+ regret orb for my raider, want to do a cyclone with. and looking for something with elemental dmg.

so if anybody have one , would be nice to know if up to date .

thx :)

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