[3.13] Memoria's Fire Blade Blast Elementalist [Easy to play, Great clear, All content]

Hello and welcome to this build guide. I really enjoy the "new" elementalist and wanted to try Blade Fall/Blade Blast which is typically played as Chieftain and Assassin. So far I enjoy it quite a lot! So far I've done all content except the insane Maven stuff on a 5-10ex budget.

The build and guide is a work in progress, I will update with more info and make it prettier later on.

Feel free to join me Twitch or Discord if you have any questions or want to see the build in action.

Discord: https://discord.gg/NgZTgBs
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/Memoria_gaming

How it works
This is a non-crit build where we convert our physical damage to fire and buff it through golem buffs, fire/spell damage and phys gem level. With Heart of Destruction we basically get built-in conc effect and increased AoE to our blade blast which kinda makes it a 7L

Phys to fire conversion
With Avatar of Fire we need +50% extra physical to damage conversion. we get +20% from Magmatic Strikes and last 30% we can get from Watcher's eye or enchant on gloves.

Coming soon!

Path of Building

You will need PoB Community fork to get it to work: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases



+ Huge AoE and great clear speed (even better with explode chest)
+ Single target damage is pretty good
+ Easy to play (2 buttons basically)
+ Inexpensive to start
+ Tanky (block capped, up to 8K EHP, swap in Bastion of elements for more tankiness)
+ Ailment immune


- 2 buttons can be boring in the end for some
- Single target need some gear before it's good (The Anima Stone, Primordial chain and +1/+2 physical spell skill gems makes wonders)
- Less damage than Assassin

Ascendancy & Pantheon


Liege of the Primordial - Elemancer - Mastermind of Discord - Heart of Destruction

You can replace Heart of Destruction for Bastion of Elements for more Ele dmg mitigation

Kill all


Major - Up to you, typically Solaris vs single-target and Lunaris for clear. Brine king is nice if you find yourself getting stunned a lot
Minor - I'm using Gruthul for clear and Ryslatha for bosses for the flask charges


Rare wand with:
+1 all spell skills gems and/or +1 all physical spell skill gems
Spell damage
Cast speed
Physical/fire damage to spells

Rare shield with:
+1 to physical spell skill gems
Spell damage
Resist if needed
For more tankiness: increased chance to block spell damage, recovery life on block

Rare helm with:
Conc effect (Elder)

Enchant: Any of the Blade Blast enchants works fine

Other options: Crown of the Inward Eye

Body Armour
Rare with Life, res, killed enemies explode
Carcass Jack is a nice budget option

Rare gloves with:
Phys converted to fire
(Flammability cure as implicit is fairly cheap if you can't get it on ring)

Rare Stygian Vise with:
Increased Fire Damage if you want to spice it up

Rare boots with:
Movement Speed

The Primordial Chain
Xoph's Blood
Rare with Life, Res, + to Physical/Dex skill gems

Rare rings with life/res/fire damage
Circle of Anguish with double Herald of Ash dmg mods

The Anima Stone
Primordial Eminence (I run with 2)
Intuitive Leap placed next to Mystic Bulward on top
Thread of Hope Medium ring to reach Divine Judgement/wrath/fury
Calamitous Visions (If you're running Circle of Anguish)

Cluster Jewels
Large: Doryani's Lesson and 1-2 fire damage mods such as Cremator and Smoking Remains. Physical jewel with Force Multiplier and Iron Breaker works too.
Medium: I chose to skip medium but if you're running Circle of Anguish and Calamitous vision you should get Herald jewels.
Small: Chaos res with anti-venom if needed, else Life with Fettle.

Life flask
Rumi's Concoction or The Wise Oak
Cinderswallow Urn
Mana flask (If you need it)

Gems and Links

Blade Fall - Inspiration - Controlled Destruction - elemental Focus - Intensify - Energy Leech

Blade Blast - Combustion - Unleash - Spell Cascade

Lightning Golem - Flame Golem - Stone Golem - Meat Shield

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Chaos Golem

Herald of Ash
Herald of Purity (or Anger if you can)
Wave of Conviction (If you don't have flammability link it with WoC and Hextouch)

Leveling Section
Coming Soon

My other build guides
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Last bumped on Mar 8, 2021, 2:24:36 PM
I see you have like a max 9 golems. how many of each are you summoning?

And for the intensify support on blade blast, are you mainly doing the 3 stack intensify on bosses usually? and 1 stack while clearing

What is the general playstyle? just bladefall while maping and sppam blast on boss?
And whats a good node to Anoint on necklace
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Hey,I am playing this build. Arcane Swiftness is a great node to annoint. I suggest swapping intensify for AWK Area of Effect, more consistent.
Looks good, gonna try it out. I think you swapped Bladefall and Blade Blast in the gem links section. Blade Blast should be the 6 link, right?
jwn8175 wrote:
Looks good, gonna try it out. I think you swapped Bladefall and Blade Blast in the gem links section. Blade Blast should be the 6 link, right?

For you and everyone who wants to try this build out - https://pastebin.com/ZS2R6rRi

This is pretty much lvl 95 optimised version of the build with some investment (about 50-60EX). 1EX wand and cheapo rings need an upgrade, boots and gloves are trash as well. Biggest clear speed upgrade is explody chest. Energe Leech support is weird, I recommend just using AWK Fire Pen. Few millions less (and I am still on like 26), but more consistent. Don't level up Spell Cascade, either use normal 1/0 or awk 1/0. Drop increased AOE from tree, it hurts bladefall more than it does good. I've done all content with it comfortably. THe build can also fit regen belt for like 1200HP/S which is neat.
My version of this build, destroys everything:

Anyone has pointer on how to level through the acts with this build? I am quite inexperienced with making my own leveling strategy but I want to try this build as my next league starter.

Edit. After doing this on my own, the guide is a good start but you have to learn yourself on how to improve the build on your own. Here are my gears

Less than 1ex weapon I picked up

Around 20ex helmet I crafted

About 3-4ex shield I harvested

Around 15ex crafted amulet

bought this ring for 6ex

crafted this other ring for around 10ex or less

this boots is easily 30-40ex or more

HH suits this build but it is okay not to have

this elevated gloves costs around 20ex less or more. it still needs life

this elevated chest was from my storm brand, easily 30ex with random mods but I fixed is heavily and probably around 40-50ex

And a lot of other stuff like clusters, jewels, awakened skill gems. Overall great build and scales very well with investment. I probably need more around 200ex to min-max this build
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