[3.13] The Triggered Summoner - Animate Weapon + Zombies/Skellies/Spectres (WIP)

Build uses "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill" to summon Animate Weapon. All I have for now are these super high quality videos that's 98% accurate. I'll get around to finishing a written guide as I have time throughout Ritual.

tl;dr did all content deathless & easy. best comparison is a Carrion/Stone Golem build at a fraction of the cost

The Triggered Summoner Explained Pt 1 (Explaining core mechanics & why it's different)

The Triggered Summoner Pt2 - Animate Weapon (POB/Character Review)

POB Links
3.12 Character https://pastebin.com/iAw3YHPR
3.13 League Start https://pastebin.com/1JknXWjq

Character on poe.ninja time machine

If you intend to use Animate Weapon while leveling please refer to ThanatoZ guide. If you're looking for more tips look at Ghazzy's guide. Both are well written and provide a ton of information.

ThanatoZGaming - [3.12] Cold ANIMATE WEAPON Summoner | League-Start & Leveling Guide | Low Budget, High DPS!

Ghazzy - [3.12 Video Guide] Animate Weapon Necromancer [SC/HC - End-Game Boss Viable]

If you're looking for a crafter in SC Ritual to craft the Trigger Socketed Spell @sabro

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thanks for taking the time to make some videos! Really appreciate that! I will try out this build next. Looks fun :)
nice guide mate
what is the weapon swap mechanics?
u didn't explain much in video 2 i guess

as he said

1. enter the map
2. use bladefall (its on the weapon that don't have trigger)
3. animate them
4. swap weapon (your trigger weapon)
5. kill stuff and as you use your offering/convocation your trigger weapon will auto summon new ones

*you might see during a ritual or an annoying map layout that you will start to lose animated weapons so you just weapon swap and summon again (its super quick thanks to the extra copy and unleash)

I haven't played aw since breach its fun :)

thanks for the guide trigger weapon does make it somewhat easier from what I remember
Veteran Chains of Command AW player here, saw the build and wanted to try your approach.

Invested a bit, not min-maxed but not bad for now with just a couple of "+1 skill lvls" and a mix of added minion phys, minion damage and utilities abyss jewels.

Will try an AW4 Sirus today or tomorrow(made the build specifically for this, as my main HollowPalm infernal blow can't survive all those ground dots).

Just some notes:

- "Socketed gems are supported by lvl 1 fortify" doesn't work with "triggered socketed skills on skill use" because AW gets the "trigger" skill gem's tag and fortify doesn't work with triggered skills.

- If you don't like Smoke Mine get Dash/flame Fash with Second Wind(drop Phase Run too at this point).

- To make this build a little less swap-button-mashing you can drop Convocation and put Bladefall instead on that ring. This will let you to drop some Lingering Blades every now and then when there are no weapons on the ground to animate.

- Using "global"(on unset ring) Bladefall gives another option: being able to curse on hit with a curse mod(vulnerability on one ring/gloves corruption[?])

- If you dropped Smoke Mine, you can set Predator on L-Mouse/Walk hotkey and with "always attack without moving" on you will be able to "walk and command minions" to attack all mobs you pass your cursor on.
WARNING: This will make your char walk toward said mob, so Dash/Move away after setting the marker

@FOURmulaic: watched both your videos, nice showcase, but a poe.ninja ghost doesn't give enough "hold" on mechanics and interactions to those with less experience/knowledge.
I was playing chains of command a bit and it was the meme-yest thing ever and is not something I am interested in spending too much time on, but this seems so cool.

10/10 will try thank you for the guide.

My only question is why you are switching weapons. I am not sure if you explicitly said why, or maybe I wasn't paying as much attention as I thought I was.

Are you using Bladefall to clone your weapon? This league I already made a chains of command scion and I dropped it at level 70 because Animate guardian is a lazy boy...

But yes I enjoyed leveling spell-slinger+bladefall+AW but that was also the epitome or leveling with auto attacks.

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Interested in giving this a try, any updates or clarification of your ideas? I'm always down for hipster builds but your POB link is quite different from your video builds

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