[3.13] Crit. Staff Cyclone, up to 20 million+, Shaper Kill, 100% Elemental Damage - video guide

Hi @All

I also presented in 3.6 + 3.7 a Crit Staff Cyclone with up to 10 Million Shaper DPS.
I updated and reworked with new content with over 20 Million Shaper DPS (POB) possible.

Most information you can find in the old thread is still valid. So I won't repeat here everything. Just have a look here for more information: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2528444 - READ FIRST :)

For a new setup, I recorded some videos with skill advice and a presentation of the skill tree and the item I use.

Videos and Guides

Pit of the Chimera (3.12) + Guide - see also next video update to 3.13


Video Update - Changes from 3.12 to 3.13, what you have to do. With these changes, damage output is nearly the same as with the 3.12 setup.



Shaper Kill (3.13) & Skill Tree Guide


Shaper Kill (3.12)


Current Item Setup (other setups see older thread or POB)

3.13 Pastebin (POB Community Edition)

Current with Cluster Jewels:
Some calculation issues:
- seems Tailwind 8% is not calculated but doesn't matter
- Critical Strike Chance is not calculated properly

Current possibility without Cluster Jewels

3.12 Pastebin

to the setup you have seen in the video (not maxed skill support gems):

Here is one without cluster jewels:

Here is one with max (8120) Life:

Here is one with more damage and only 2 Large Cluster Jewels:

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Items and Skill Gems and some other information.

Weapon: The Stormwall Royal Staff
This is the only item you must have because it converts all your damage to elemental damage.

Important are the Adds physical Damage and the Increased Critical Strike Chance for most damage.

As armor, you can use Bronn's Lithe Cutthroat's Grab for a lot of damage and movement speed - disadvantage: no life on it. But I played a long time without problems.

Common ones:

- Devoto's Devotion
- Starkonja's Head

Both are very good because you have a bit of a problem getting enough Dexterity - so both help. If you use Bronn's Lithe I advise using Starkonjas head, then you have at least one item a life increase.

Ring and Amulett
Important: You need -3 to total mana cost somewhere!
For better survivability, I use Life gain on Hit support - faster refilling. you need life, perhaps accuracy, if you still not have 3000. Also resistances and damage ist good. Also, increase elemental damage with Hit support.
Physical damage as extra x damage. increase total recovery per second from life leech (I like) and life, resistance, accuracy, dexterity - what you need.

Everything with life + movement speed and missing resistances. If you can get also Dexterity is nice. For extra damage best is getting Tailwind on Critical Strike and chance to gain elusive. But also all nearby enemies are blinds is good as also extra damage as cold damage. - so feel free.

I prefer a Stygian Vise and an Abyss Jewel. Get life on, resistances you need, and increase elemental damage with attack skills. As also on the jewel added damage to staff attacks is good. If you need missing resistances should be also on.

I am using Spiked Gloves. See Belt/Boots -> also if you need To accuracy is helpful (for 100% hit chance you need ~3000). Attack speed I would advise.

Skill Gems coming soon....
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Hey! I would like to try this build but I can't find any skill tree, could you please put a pastebin from your build on 3.12 or 3.13 ? Thx!
Important: Change to Sanctuary on .13! - It's not regenerating 15 Mana - I yesterday updated my build to 3.13 - you can more or less use everything as it is.
Instead of going to Constitution, I go to Tireless Notable to save 1-2 more mana. Cyclone now costs 1 mana with skill Gem setup from above.

POB Links see above
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Added a 3.13 Pastebin link - it is the first try to move it. The mana sustain is a bit more difficult - and the Sanctuary (Ascendency) has changed. So we have a more critical strike chance (nearly 100%). If you have that much, the inspiration support gem should be replaced by Fortify if you do not have a Cluster Jewel with Overlord notable. Or with (awaken) elemental focus support gem.
If you do not rely on mana regeneration you also can use a gem that has "+2 mana gained on hit"

If you have questions - just ask!

Will optimize the 3.13 setup the next weeks I think.
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Video Update - Changes from 3.12 to 3.13, what you have to do. With these changes, damage output is nearly the same as with the 3.12 setup.


I will work on this in the next weeks. If there is news I will let you know - Just ask for questions, Thank you for listening!
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Updating 3.13 Build without Cluster Jewels


If you want to use Fortify you have 2 options:
1) Replace with (Awakened) Elemental Focus on 6 Link with Cyclone (Body Armor)
2) Replace with Pulverise or Increased Area of Effect in 4-Link Leap Slam
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Hey, I'm following your build and it's going good so far. I was using Pillar of the Caged God and my damage was kinda low but I almost quadrupled it when I switched to a Stormheart. What I wanted to ask is which part of the tree should I complete first? https://imgur.com/a/m0lrh7I This is how it looks like right now, and I will fill that crit node I'm at and get the life and res node just below it. Am I all over the place? Where should I go next? And which ascendancy node should I get first? Righteous Providence first so I can get Inevtiable Judgement, right?
It is not important, which Staff you take until you get the Stormwall (not the Stormheart) - you need life leech - I do not choose the elemental block usually - instead set on Crit and multiplier and best physical damage Item I can get. But yes usually from 50-60 damage output is medium.
I think you will play without cluster jewels first. If you can anoint Vitality void you should go there. then you can have at level 50 this Skill Tree
Pastebin: Community Edition: https://pastebin.com/tRcGTqde
or See the image from the tree: https://imgur.com/a/Z97FuLV

Also if you go to Vitality Void it has the advantage, that you get also mana leech (a small one before Vitality Void)

Before you take the Stormwall and you have physical damage you can take Gladiators Perseverance (or take an item that has leech x physical damage on hit)
See here: https://imgur.com/gallery/HCu0BOy

Also, I Would go for damage soon after 50 to the Serpent Stance and you should take the sockets as soon as you can get some medium good jewels.
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I would go

1. Righteous Providence

As soon as you get Level 72 and can get a Stormwall - you should choose 'Inevitable Judgement' for Damage (Crit ignores Resistances)

Sanctuary and Pious Path before - you will be immune against ailments if you recognize that it is a problem for you. - If not you need bottles for this (remove shock, remove freeze)...

Also, you do not necessarily use Cyclone to early - I like Molten Strike also for example.
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