Deadeyes s ricochet

Good times ahead....
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literally headed here to point that out too. If the projectile distance limit gets reset each chain like with magma orb count PvP out as completely unplayable, down from barely playable....
Turn any projectile skill into Spark, what could possibly go wrong?
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
I don't get the reasoning with these SEVERE BUFFS to deadeye almost like I am going to be forced to make one to play PVP.

- 30% MORE dmg on Far Shot. As if offscreen with LA, RoA and Ice shot needed more offscreen damage.

- 2! extra projectiles. 2. Really something lol.

- Ricochet... For real though?
Now we will be seeing LA/Ice Shot both with inherent AOE and Projectile modifiers bounce off walls and kill everyone. As if they needed to interact with walls even more. RIP PVP LOL

All you need now is high aps and high projectile speed to make ricochet happen as much as possible. This isn't even counting how many arrows you are firing..
Each one can ricochet.

Guess you gotta make a deadeye or you're out.

Yall gotta start looking like this now LOL

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