[3.12] Voidforge Cyclone Elementalist (work in progress - need feedback)

I've been tinkering for a while trying to make a meme build work and would like some feedback from some more adept people. In summary what I'm looking for is:

1) Elementalist + Voidforge (because I like how the witch model holds the 2H weapon)
2) Cyclone (because everything else feels clunky to me and literally I always end up going back to it)
3) Being as tanky as possible because I suck at ARPG
4) Not looking for a zoom-zoom build or insanely high dps, but at least enough to do end game bosses at a reasonable pace. It took me about 6 to 8 min to do Sirus 8 back in Harvest and I was fine with it.

So far I made three PoB trees. Two as tanky as possible (one going duelist and the other using clusters) and one being more balanced. Not sure what is the minimum dps unbuffed a build needs to feel right. Still what I managed to get with not super insane equipment was:

For the tanky version 1 (PoB https://pastebin.com/biG1k1Lh)

-Physical: Brass dome, Stacks armour, determination scaled, phys red from watcher, phys red from golem, fortify, molten shell - using abyssus
-Elemental: Divine flesh + 2 born of chaos clusters + wise oak
-It should be able to tank Sirus meteor.
-Not getting unwavering stance for now but could if necessary.
-Unbuffed dps about 550k

For the tanky version 2 (PoB https://pastebin.com/TBFmyf5W)

-Similar to tanky ver1 but not going down to duelist area.
-Still should tank Sirus meteor unbuffed.
-Stacks crit and herald effects through clusters.
-No longer access to Call to Arms.
-Picked up Unwavering Stance.

For the balanced version (PoB https://pastebin.com/gGnPSMKf)

-Physical: Brass dome, fortify, phys red from golem
-Elemental: Divine flesh + 1 born of chaos cluster + wise oak
-Not getting unwavering stance for now but could if necessary.
-Unbuffed dps about 1000k
-Damage source: herald of purity scaled, heralds ele pen from ascendancy and cluster, golemancer dmg nodes, abyssus, phys to elemental conv, crit
-Not grabbing Call to Arms as I'm not sure if worth it or not
-Missing watchers eye as I'm not sure if there is one that helps (crit multi precision perhaps)
-Not using transcendent flesh but not sure if its worth it

So I'm well aware that anything can work with super insane OP mirror tier equipment. I also know that obviously any meta build can work for far less, or deal like x100 times the dps for the same investment.

What I'm looking for is for feedback or ideas that might help improving this bad idea of a build to usable levels without being Empy-tier wealthy. Also, want to hear opinions regarding which version (if tanky of balanced) is less of a mess to work with.

Also, the skilltrees were made with basically 20/0 gems and not the best equipment. I know that with better gems things would be better, but I wanted to see first if there are any other improvements to consider before going into min-maxing territory.

Things that increases dps but I consider minmaxing for now:
-Plus minimum power/frenzy charges.
-Voidforge with corrupted lvl10 Fortify and linking Elemental Pen.
-Correct alternate quality gems.
-21/20 gems.
-Bottled Faith.

Made a reddit thread and a couple of people gave some feedback over there
Last bumped on Dec 22, 2020, 10:19:03 PM

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