3.12 - Replica Tulfall Chieftain CWDT Blade Blast

Hi, I saw some characters this league doing something cool with a crit + poison based Replica Tulfall cwdt and I also wanted to do something cool.

Last league I also saw another cool build with chieftain bladefall + blade blast so I just smashed them together and stuff


It has come to my attention that the interaction between Romira's Banquet and certain spells has changed. (I also made a post in bug reports GGG pls respond)

Certain spells, that were not exceptions to the 1 power charge per use limit on romira's banquet, that lands multiple hits per use can now gain multiple charges per use. Some of these spells have been added to our this build. They are Ball lightning, Firestorm, and Glacial Cascade. (Honorable mentions go to Arc and Blazing Salvo) Adding these spells to our CWDT links will drastically improve this build by increasing our

power charges gained & lost per second
self-inflicted damage done per second
trigger-rate of our CWDT links
endurance charges gained & lost per second
Life gained per second by lost endurance charges and spell hits

I honestly feel like I'm being gaslit in real time. I tested some spells out just before I made a post in bug reports (dec 11) and when I try the same spells out today (dec 20) the results are completely different...

but hey, if it makes this build better then it's no skin off my nose

Character: Magic_Mooses

PoB: https://pastebin.com/xc5nJvxc

DPS: I have no idea. 🤷 The build can do Sirus A8, so there's that

lvl83 Catarina
Uber Elder
Awakener 8 Sirus
*I'm bad at the mechanics in final phase

screen cancer
Fewer buttons to push
tanky (situationally)
can do no regen maps
*by carrying a mana flask or allocating battle rouse on tree fugg mana flasks

lots of unique items
can't block damage at all
Self-chill from self-damage
Slow movespeed compared to most builds ;-;
Screen cancer
*can't see floor and sometimes thats really bad ex. sirus burning ground
Can't do ele reflect
Expect to suicide in minus max res maps
*can mitigate self-damage with sapphire flask, removing a powerlessness jewel, or using upgraded soul of yugul
Literally can't do regular Atziri


Chieftain, obviously

Tasalio, Cleansing Water
Valako, Storm's Embrace
Ngamahu, Flame's ADvance
Hinekora, Death's Fury

I went with Tasalio first to cover my fire res while leveling. What follows next doesn't really matter and is up to you

Kill all yolo


Note: I don't take a single dexterity node on the passive tree, you'll need a lot of dex on your gear to be able to use your dex gems sorry

Moving on

Romira's Banquet gives us a power charge on hit, per cast, per spell
*some exceptions include storm brand, orb of storms, and cremation where in a single cast, you can get a power charge every hit. if a spell lands a hit on multiple enemies in an instance, like storm brand beams and orb of storm chains, you'll only get 1 rather than 1 per enemy hit. For example, Firestorm only gets 1 power charge per cast, which is why we don't use it in this build
*no you can't have 2 romira's banquets to get 2 power charges on hit. you'll only get 1. no its not a bug

A corrupted one is needed as we don't have the space for gem in gear.
*Anger corruption is best for overall dps as the flat damage gained is applied to all our spells
*Hatred would give you slightly higher damage with Blade Blast and other spells that has phys damage to work with (still worse than Anger)
*Wrath -> lol
*Zealotry give us slightly higher damage than Anger and Hatred, but gives us a chance to create consecrated ground, which is bad


With consecrated ground we have 100% increased crit chance with it. Thanks to Romira's Banquet, we (essentially) get a power charge every non-crit hit we deal and lose our power charges when we deal a crit. In other words, we don't receive a power charge on a crit. Which could throw a wrench into our CWDT loop.

Most spells in this build have a low base crit but going from a 1 in 20 chance to a 1 in 10 chance is a pretty big leap. For an example, I will refer to Bladefall in this build, has the highest base crit chance. Without consecrated ground, it has a 13.2% chance to crit and on conc ground we have a 19.2% chance. A 1 in 7 chance to not get a power charge (already pretty high) to nearly a 1 in 5 chance.

We have 2 Powerlessness jewels to bring our max power charges to 1. This is a buff

Replica Tulfall grants us a frenzy charge whenever we reach max power charges, which is (mostly) every hit we land. We also lose our power charges when we reach max power charges, which is (mostly) every hit we land. We also take 500 cold damage when we max power charges, which we need to trigger all of our CWDT links

Voll's Devotion will give us an endurance charge for every power charge we lose. Since we're constantly losing power charges, we constantly gain endurance charges

Will cause us to lose our endurance charges when we reach max endurance charges. We will also trigger a socketed warcry when we lose our endurance charges. Enduring Cry is the only warcry that makes sense to have here for extra survivability. We also can't block anymore with this equipped (disgusting)
*when you can, look to find a +2 to duration gems or increased life on here. I'm still working on corrupting one for myself

We gain 100 life for every endurance charge we lose, and we lose plenty. This life gained is not affected by "X% less recovery rate of life/energy/mana" map mods
*corruption is not needed chest, will do fine with level 21 gems, and even level 20 gems

not really necessary, this is just one way to mitigate the self-chill

Some other stuff you can use to do something about self-chill


I went for flat phys and fire damage to spells. Both is preferred if you can. If not, then grab phys. And if not that, then fire. Phys damage is preferable to fire because it will get doubled up by Ngamahu, Flame's Advance.

This is what I have. Nothing huge. Look for life and res and if you can, some temple mod like increased damage against chilled enemies, or added fire damage against burning enemies


Life, res, if you can, get cooldown reduction, and if you really can, grab damage

Other ring:

Life, res, if you can, get damage and if you really can life gain on spell hit


For regular jewels, look for increased life and fire damage.

For our single Abyss jewel, you'll want to find phys or fire damage to spells, life, and chance to hinder with spells. Phys damage is preferable to fire because it will get doubled up by Ngamahu, Flame's Advance. The hinder helps us live, trust me


You can be a little flexible here. You can go for either Fire Damage, Elemental Damage, or Spell Damage.

For a Fire Damage one, look for Smoking Remains and Prismatic Heart.
*Smoking Remains has a lot of fire damage and has some utility with a chance to drop blinding clouds on kill
*Prismatic Heart gives us decent damage and some resistances if you're running short

For an Elemental Damage one, look for Prismatic Heart and Disorientating Display.
*Prismatic Heart gives us decent damage and some resistances if you're running short
*Disorientating Display has decent damage and has a chance to blind nearby enemies when we use elemental abilities

For a Spell Damage one, look for Burden Projection and Essence Rush.
*Burden Projection is decent spell damage and has spell knockback for more survivability
*Essence Rush is always being taken advantage of since we will always be leeching ES

If you're rich and can afford a large cluster with a third notable, just look for more damage you're tanky enough


We want the curse one. Find one with Wish for Death and Evil Eye. Wish for Death will give us a FREE culling strike against cursed enemies (since we trigger our curse through CWDT, this isn't a problem at all) and Evil Eye makes cursed enemies take 5% increased damage and blinds them for 4s when we curse them.

*the blind only applies to enemies that go from uncursed to cursed. If they are already cursed and we curse them again, the 4s blind will not apply

3-Link on wand -> Storm Brand + Arcane Surge + Combustion
*Low level storm brand to avoid mana issues, superior quality for faster cast speed
*Try to keep arcane surge at a level where you would the buff every other cast
*Combustion for more minus fire res

3 socket on eternal apple -> Enduring Warcry + Herald of Ash + Herald of Purity
*Enduring cry auto-triggers on here
*Superior quality Herald of Ash for increased fire damage
*Herald of Purity for more phys damage which is converted to fire
*not too difficult to colour with with jeweler crafting

4-Link low level CWDT -> Lv1 CWDT + Lv8 Creeping Frost + Lv11 Ethereal Blades + Lv4 Glacial Cascade
*Divergent CWDT isn't necessary, but nice to have to save us an instance of self-damage to trigger
*My gloves have increased damage against chilled enemies and this bitch drops chilled ground which chills enemies
*Anomalous 20% EK is a must for an additional lingering blade on ground
*Glacial Cascade provides a little bit of extra survivability with knockback

4-Link low level CWDT -> Lv1 CWDT + Spell Cascade Support + Lv4 Blade Fall + Lv4 Ball Lightning
*Bladefall drops lingering blades for blade blast
*Spell cascade give more blades for blade blast
*Ball lightning for lots of power charges on hit

4-Link high level CWDT -> Lv20 CWDT + Lv20 Elemental Weakness + Lv20 Wave of Conviction + Lv20 Firestorm
*I chose Elemental Weakness over Flammability because it doesn't have increased ignite chance. Having played ignite based CWDT builds before, you can run into some serious performance issues when you ignite too many times before killing mobs.

***See example here***

*Wave of Conviction for more minus fire res
*Firestorm for lots of hits per trigger

6-Link CWDT -> Lv21 CWDT + Lv21 Blade Blast + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Fire Penetration + Energy Leech
*Blade Blast go boom haha. Superior quality for increased aoe
*Energy leech makes sense here. You're never at full es, and with constant blade blasts going off you're always going to be leeching es.
*You can go woke gems here too, I just haven't bothered to yet

Pretty much any of the "on hit" enchants or "when hit" enchants
*I'm not sure if the "X of Winter when you get hit" can give you power charges on its additional hits. It pulses like ball lightning, but I don't know the interaction between these pulses and Romira's Banquet

Elemental Pen when you haven't killed recently - great for bossing

Bladefall additional volley
Blade Blast Aoe or Damage
Wave of conviction more minus res


Maybe a Maw of Conquest for more survivability (watch out for that increased spell crit tho)

Increased cooldown recovery on Boots and/or Belt for more triggers per second

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Thank you for sharing, might give it a go soon!

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