Poison Void Sphere Build 3.12 Heist


PoB (Community Fork) Link: https://pastebin.com/W06HWPJB

Non PoB:

Kill all Bandits

Soul of Arakaali
Soul of Ralakesh




Fun to play
Funny watching mobs get sucked in
Decent damage
Legions are fun

Low Life Pool
Siphoning stacks can kill you early on until you can mitigate it enough.
Takes some time to get used to the gameplay
If you do a poor placement of a Void Sphere, you may end up waiting
If your void sphere gets interrupted you may have to wait to cast a new one or can sometimes kill you (sometimes lets you cast one anyways).

Haven't attempted big bosses yet, but my strategy is to pop in a Brutal Restraint Balbala and Soul Ripper to gain charges for a Vaal Breach before engaging bosses such as Shaper, Elder, UE, Sirus. Will net you a ton of damage if you can pull all of the breach mobs on the boss to spread your poison from Pathfinder ascendancy.

Bossing Gem Swap
If you are going against a fairly immobile boss, gem swap your Second Wind for Void Manipulation to get more damage. If you need to keep recasting because of repositioning, take the damage hit and stick with Second Wind.


Here's just a link to a terrible video I recorded about an hour ago on the build that I'll leave you with for now.


Closing Note

The build is very much a work in progress at this point as I haven't done any real endgame content with it, still leveling and whatnot so I'd really only try it if you want something new and are bored + have a small amount of currency to drop. Also, expect to die here and there.

Check it out and let me know what you think of it.


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