[3.13] SRS (Summon Raging Spirit) 11+ Aura Build! Double Your Party's DPS! Fun League Starter :)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my SRS(Summoning Raging Spirits) build guide :) I originally played this build in the SC Heist league, and would recommend it for Ritual League as well! This build is super fun to play both solo and in party, so I thought I'd share :D This was my league-starter, and I was able to run pretty much all content on gear that cost me about 10 exalts for everything. (at the time that I bought them, prices may have changed.)

If you would rather watch than read, try watching the video for the build instead (the written guide is much more in depth):


I update the full guide to match these changes as well.


We dodged most of the summoner nerfs coming up in 1.13 :D
The main nerf was the removal of minion duration on Mistress of Sacrifice, but I didn't really have issues keeping up 20 spirits without the ascendancy node, so shouldn't be an issue. Slight nerf on the Necro minion damage values, but also not enough to make a big impact.
The cluster jewel aura effect small passives were nerfed, so now using a Megalomaniac would be our first choice (rather than using a medium+small cluster jewel.)


I made a video guide for the build! Check it out here if you are interested:


The character hit level 96 :D The character may be on the squishy side, but if you level with safe content (Level 83 Heists and T15/Infused Beachheads for my case,) it is pretty smooth XP, and I didn't die once after deciding to push the level.

Now that I have an extra cluster jewel, I changed from a Megalomaniac cluster jewel setup to a medium aura effect cluster (Pure Aptitude + Vengeful Commander) and small life cluster (Fettle) jewel setup. (See more details in the Passive Tree section.)

I also found a mirror shard, so spending a little more money on the build. I bought a level 4 Empower, and the damage boost has been nice :) Will update again once I buy more upgrades.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving for people in the US <3


For the past week or so, I've been trying out Level 3 Empower instead of Melee Physical damage on my main SRS links. I actually like this setup better since it costs less mana for our skill, allowing us to level up Precision a couple more times :) Level 4 Empower would be amazing if you can afford it!

Pros and Cons:

+Cheaper than spectre/golem builds, 10ex to buy all gear
+Works well as a league starter, the more expensive gear is optional
+Great party build, more than double your party's DPS!
+Clear well solo as well, and most endgame bosses are no problem
+Runs pretty much all map mods (although some are a bit annoying)
-Not good as a SSF leaguestart build (some uniques are required)
-Not a HC build, build is squishy, so leveling past 96 can be rough
-Cannot tank damage, so must be very careful with positioning

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/h8jbSnMR

Passive Tree, Pantheons, and Bandits:


Current skill tree at level 96:

Once I hit level 97, I was going to spec the last life/ES node on the Written in Blood wheel, but what points you add beyond level 96 will mostly depend on preference. I would say the main damage choice is speccing the nodes leading up to Righteous Army, or speccing Lord of the Dead for minion damage, and the main defensive choice would be speccing Insightfulness for the energy shield and mana. Fitting in more cluster jewel stuff is also a great option (see next paragraph.)

Cluster Jewels

I used this Megalomaniac jewel up to level 95 (Socket between Witch and Shadow):

I bought this jewel for 1 exalt. Fettle is great for life, Raze and Pillage is great for SRS damage, and Pure Aptitude lets us fit Purity of Lightning into our Aura setup. In an ideal Megalomaniac, we would probably want Vengeful Commander (Anger/Wrath/Hatred aura effect) over Raze and Pillage, but haven't seen that for sale yet...

[This option should be second choice as of the 3.13 update]
Also, if you get a few extra levels, using an aura cluster with Vengeful Commander and Pure Aptitude + a life cluster with Fettle is an option. I switched to this setup when I hit level 96. The medium aura effect cluster cost about 30 chaos, and the Fettle jewel cost me about 10 Chaos for the base, and about 200 Alterations (and some Augmentation orbs) to hit Fettle, plus a Regal.
My current Cluster Jewels:

I chose to kill all the bandits for the 2 passive skill points. Extra skill points are always nice :)

For Pantheons, I generally use "Soul of the Brine King" for major since we don't have stun immunity anywhere else, and "Soul of Shakari" for minor since chaos damage hurts the most as a Hybrid character. Of course you will want to change your Pantheons around situationally as well depending on what boss/map you are running.



Here is the order I got the ascendancy in while leveling, however the order is pretty flexible (see explanation below.)

Commander of Darkness-->Mindless Aggresion-->Unnatural Strength-->Mistress of Sacrifice

Commander of Darkness- Gives you and your SRS 33% increased attack/cast speed end-game. The all res can be nice while leveling. Also a great node for your party. If you are running solo, you probably will not take this node until Uber Lab (unless you are having trouble with res)

Mindless Aggression- kind of a boring node, on the way to Unnatural Strength.

Unnatural Strength- huge damage boost for SRS, boosts our zombies and golem as well.

Mistress of Sacrifice- Casting flesh offering makes us speedy. Skill effect duration is also great since it makes it so we don't have to cast Flesh Offering and SRS as much. This might be a good node to grab first, especially if you are solo, for speedy leveling.



Weapons: The main stat to look out for is "+1 to level of all spell/fire spell skill gems/minion skill gems" The main goal here is to get a weapon that raises your SRS gem level by 2.

Current Weapon:


Also look out for the "+1 to level of all fire spell skill gems" while leveling, and ideally dual weild weapons with that stat until level 50. At level 50, we put on the shield (see section below) and keep using a +1 in our mainhand. This weapon will carry us all the way to maps. When entering maps, try to shop for a weapon that has two +1 mods. You might not be able to afford one at this point, which is OK, maps are still doable without the upgrade. I bought my current weapon for 90 chaos.

Note: If you have a craftable suffix, crafting "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" is also a viable option (for Flesh Offering and Desecrate.) I don't really mind self casting these, so I went for the minion attack speed craft instead, but if you like the one button build playstyle, the spell trigger craft might be for you XD

If you want to spend more than 90 chaos...

Other stats to look out for are Minion Damage, Minion Attack Speed, Minion Movement Speed or an open slot to craft. A wand with two +1s, Minion Damage and a craftable open slot gets pretty spendy already (15 exalts currently,) but if you want to spend more, other useful stats are Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, Resistances, mana, and cast speed.

Current Shield: Victario's Charity


This shield combined with the Necromantic Aegis keystone allows our minions to give each other frenzy and power charges. This is a huge damage boost for our SRS. The rolls don't really matter, and you can buy the item for less than 1 chaos.

A possible alternative would be a rare shield with +1 to all fire spell skill gems and high life for a tankier build (no Necromantic Aegis). You could also possibly dual weild weapons (see section above for ideal weapon,) but I personally don't think it is worth the currency investment and losing shield charge.

Chest Armors: Victario's influence


The key item in this build. This build gives us 30% reduced mana reservation for 5 auras, which allows us to run 5 auras using less than half of our mana (more about this in gem section). You should be able to buy one with a high aura effect and ev/energy shield roll for less that 10 chaos. The Area of Effect roll isn't that important. Also 6-link is not required. All gems will be supported by level 30 generosity regardless of the links. Linking is only for Enlighten to take effect.

Helmet: Rare with "+3 to level of socketed Minion Gems" "Socketed gems are supported by level # Minion Damage" and "Socketed gems are supported by level # Immolate"

My current helmet:


Gives us a pseudo-6-link for our SRS. I bought mine for around 1 Exalt. If you can't afford this piece, you can drop the Immolate stat, and your damage should still be fine for most T16 maps, will just feel a little bit slower to kill tanky rares and bosses. Try to get an Energy shield or hybrid Energy shield base if possible, but Armour base will work if that is all you can afford. A life roll on top of all that would be ideal, but I'm having trouble finding a good one that is affordable.

For the enchant, anything that gives us reduced mana reservation for an aura we run is good (more about this in the gem section). I'll get an enchant on mine someday... just trying to upgrade to a helm with life before I no-life uber lab for a good enchant XD

If you want to spend some big money...

Bone Helment base would be ideal with a high life and res roll on top of the stats mentioned above. If you like gambling, after getting the ideal enchant (Hatred/Haste/Wrath has 15% reduced Mana Reservation,) you can take it to the double corruption alter to try to hit +2 level of socketed fire gems and +2 level of socketed duration gems. I wish you the best of luck :)

Boots: Doryani's Delusion Sorcerer Boots


I bought these for 60 chaos. Life, movement speed, and a decent amount of energy shield, along with the high level Purity of Lightning makes this a great choice for our build after we start running Purity of Lightning. If you choose not to run Purity of Lightning, rare boots with life, movement speed and resistances work great too (preferably an ES base.)

Not too many good Lab enchants for our build on boots. I would probably personally go for "10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently" for speed, and "8% chance to Dodge Spell Hits if you've taken Spell Damage Recently" for defense.

Gloves: Replica Grip of the Council


Amazing damage boost, life, strength and resistance. I bought mine un-corrupted for 9 chaos. The white sockets are completely unnecessary (failed corruption.) The non-replica version works as well, but the replicas are cheap this league, and have less of a downside.

Belt: Replica Soul Tether


I bought mine corrupted for 35 chaos. The corruption is optional, and you can buy a non-corrupted one with a good roll for about 20c. This belt gives us 20% of our maximum life as extra maximum energy shield, which is a huge boost for our effective HP. The downside "50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield" isn't really a problem, as long as we keep an eye on our HP globe, and life pot when we need to.

You can make the build work with a rare belt (preferably Stygian Vise) with high life end energy shield, but I personally felt tankier running the Replica Soul Tether.

Amulet: Important mods "+1 to level of all fire skill gems" Anger has #% reduced mana reservation"

My current amulet:


I bought my Amulet for 1.3 exalts. If you can afford it, getting a high life roll and chaos resistance roll on the amulet will help with defense. Getting a base that adds Dexterity for the implicit would help too, as we would then need less Dex on rings. My current Paua amulet base implicit (Mana regen) does nothing for me. It will be turned into a Talisman soon :)

Amulet annoints:


Grave Intentions - My current annoint. The most budget option for damage while clearing, as well as a little bit of defense for our Golem/Zombies.

Ravenous Horde- A little more expensive, but great for clearing, extra speedy SRS with Onslaught. Someday I'll stop being cheap and upgrade to this...

Discipline and Training/Blood Siphon- or really any big health node if you feel like you are getting one-shot too often. (pretty expensive)

Champion of the Cause- to really min/max our Auras. Could definitely be worth it if the reduced reservation lets you squeeze another aura into the build. (very expensive)

Rings: Rares with high life, Dexterity, and any res you need

My current rings:


I believe my two-stone ring was 2 exalts, and my Cerulean ring was 50 chaos. You may need to look for a Cerulean ring as well, if you are having trouble having enough mana to fit in your last aura. Try to also get as much chaos resistance on rings as you can afford. You will want your chaos resistance to at least be positive so Chaos damage doesn't hurt too bad.


My current flasks:


My flasks can use a lot of work. The main important thing is having an Amethyst Flask with removes poison, which helps us a lot against chaos damage (especially the Hunter fight.) The other defense flasks are more about preference, but I like having the Quartz Flask especially in Heists. We don't really get immunities to things anywhere else, so Staunching (removes bleeding.) Warding (removes curses), and of Heat (removes freeze) mods are very nice to have on our flasks.

The basalt flask can possibly be switched out for a Rumi's Concoction, since having two staunching flasks is a bit overkill. Sticking with a non-unique flask, and rolling "immunity to ignite during flask effect" could be nice too, since ignite starts to hurt really bad in T16 maps with Awakener level 8.

Jewels: Conqueror's Efficiency and rare jewels. Rare mods to look out for are: Life, "1% reduced mana reserved" corruption. attributes/resistances you need, "Minions have #% chance to blind on hit with attacks," "Minions deal #-# additional physical damage"


I believe every jewel I have on was less than 50c. Note that my current jewels are kind of budget, and have lots of room for improvement. You will want life on every jewel (if you don't want to die in rippy T16 maps).

For the mods other than life, what kind of jewel you buy will heavily depend on what your character is lacking/not lacking from other gear. If you are just short of fitting in your last aura, prioritize the reduced mana reserved implicit, if you are just short of capping a resistance, get that resistance on a jewel, if you are having trouble with Dexterity requirements, get a jewel with Dexterity, and so on. If you have GG gear and aren't lacking anything, focus on getting the minion blind chance mod on two of your jewels, and a well rolled additional phys damage mod on all of your rare jewels. "#% Increased Minion damage" and "Minions deal #% increased Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently" are cheaper options for damage mods. (See passive tree section for cluster jewel options)

Additional note for the rich:
Getting the "1% reduced mana reserved" corruption on Conqueror's Efficiency is super nice, but they are 18 exalts on trade at the moment :(



4L in helmet: SRS-Unleash-Melee Physical Damage-Melee Splash/Multistrike

If you do not have a helmet with "Socketed gems are supported by Level # Minion Damage" yet, use minion Damage instead of Melee Phys

I bought a 21/23 SRS for 1 exalt, but this is not required.

Melee Splash/Multistrike will be a gem swap. Melee Splash for clearing, Multistrike for bosses

Unleash does not directly help our damage, but it allows us to cast 4 SRS at once (at max seals,) which will let us get to 20 SRS (max) significantly quicker. It also helps us with mana issues since we only need to cast SRS every couple of seconds.

Empower level 3 (or 4 of course) instead of Melee Physical Damage is also a great choice, if you can afford it. Melee Phys is almost just as good as Empower level 3, so I recommend switching to Empower later in the league when the gem is cheaper.

Gems in chest (Victario's Influence):

Hatred-Summon Skitterbots-Wrath-(Vaal) Haste-Enlighten-Anger
Unless you have Enlighten level 4, it doesn't matter whether your chest is 5L or 6L.

I currently run this setup with a level 3 Enlighten:
Hatred-Summon Skitterbots-Wrath-(Vaal) Haste-Enlighten; Anger

I have Anger unlinked because it only reserves 3% of my mana, (see amulet in gear section) and reserves the same amount when linked to the Enlighten level 3.

Run this setup if you do not have a level 3 Enlighten (Links don't matter at all in this scenario):
Hatred, Summon Skitterbots, Wrath, (Vaal) Haste, Anger, Precision

Additional Aura setups:
4L in gloves or boots: Enlighten-Flesh and Stone-Dread Banner-Precision
If you are running Precision in your chestpiece, put Clarity (or Purity of lightning if you are not running Doryani's Delusion) here instead.

Other Auras: Clarity, Vitality, Purity of lightning(preferably granted by boots,) Purity of Ice or fire (once you get a Level 4 Enlighten, and a lab enchant for reduced reservation. I don't have this yet.)

Aura Explanations:

Hatred/Wrath/Anger- Main damage auras for our SRS. We don't need any of these auras to affect our character, so we put it in Victario's influece for the Generosity support, and reduced mana reservation.

Summon Skitterbots- Shocks and chills enemies for us. Also doesn't directly affect our character, so it goes into Victario's influence.

Haste- Makes our SRS speedy. It would be nice if our character could be speedy too, but we need the reduced mana reservation, so wo put it in Victario's influence.

Precision- Not as important for damage, but accuracy helps our SRS constantly hit, and the crit chance is nice too. Only level this gem if you have leftover mana after fitting in your last aura (leveling Precision is last priority!). We only need unreserved mana equal to our SRS mana cost with multistrike, so level Precision accordingly. You can always sell the gem to vendor together with a scour orb to reduce the gem level by one if you accidentally level the gem too high.

Flesh and Stone- Always stay in sand stance. A nice defense boost.

Dread Banner-Never place the banner. Barely reserves any mana, and gives us a little bit of defense and damage.

Purity of Lightning- Only run this after you get the Pure Aptitude node (see cluster jewel section.) Helps us greatly with lightning resistance, which makes it easier to concentrate on getting Chaos resistance on gear. Also gets our lightning resistance up to 83% (with the Doryani boots) which is a nice defense boost. You will not be running the actual gem if you have Doryani's Delusion, since the boots grant the gem. Note that Enlighten will not affect the mana reservation of the Purity granted by the boots. The upside of not using the boots, is you can link the Purity with Enlighten, but then we start having issues with lack of gem sockets (will probably have to drop Zombies.)

Clarity and Vitality: Keep these two gems at level 1. We just run them because they reserve almost no mana, but still give 3% increased attack speed each to our SRS (from Ascendancy.)

Movement (3-link in shield or weapon):
Shield Charge-Faster Attacks-Fortify
You will most likely not have room for a blink movement skill. If you really want to use a blink skill, you can switch out faster attacks for Dash (for bossing especially)

3-link for our other minions:
Summon Carrion Golem-Raise Zombie-Feeding Frenzy

Gem choice explanation:

Carrion Golem gives our SRS a pretty good amount of flat physical damage. The zombies are more for defense, as they make it harder for the mobs to get to us. If you start running a 12th aura, zombies will probably be dropped (we are pretty starved on sockets.)

Feeding Frenzy support on these minions constantly gives our character the buff that grants 10% increased minion movement speed, attack speed, as well as 10% MORE minion damage to ALL of our minions. Huge damage boost for SRS.
I used to run spectres instead of zombies, but since we barely take minion life on the tree, the spectres would die often, and re-summoning them takes too much time. Zombies will also die occasionally, but re-summoning them is much easier.

Other skills (unlinked):
Flesh Offering-Huge speed buff for our SRS (and some speed for us too because of our ascendancy.) You don't have to cast it too often, but you pretty much want to make sure the offering buff is always up.

Desecrate- We cast this when there are no corpses around to cast Flesh Offering
These two skills will go in your weapon if you go with the "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" option

Additional note: If you want to spend more currency, the Awakened versions of the support gems we run will of course make the build slightly stronger, but the build runs fine without them. All Awakened gems should be straight upgrades from their normal variants (even considering the alternate quality gems.)

Alternate quality gems:

Active Skill gems:

SRS- Divergent (+2 max spirits) is probably the best, but costs 450 chaos to get a 21/20. The movement speed quality on our usual superior SRS is not bad, so I would just stick with the normal one unless you have extra currency to spend.

Wrath- Divergent(reduced reservation) would be great, but very expensive(24+ exalts), so only for the rich XD I went for the budget Anomalous (10 chaos, increased effect of Aura) since this quality is definitely better than the default superior(Area of effect).

Anger- Divergent is a nice for sure, but is 5% increased movement speed really worth 22 exalts? I don't think so. Probably just go with default superior for this one(Anomalous is bad for us).

Summon Skitterbots- if you have an extra 60 chaos laying around, buy a Divergent (inc. effect of non-damaging ailments.) The build works fine with default superior (minion move speed) as well.

Vitality- Anomalous(life leech) can be really nice to help keep our zombies/golem alive. Not required of course, but actually not too expensive(25 chaos)! I might look into buying one...

Precision- Anomalous (reduced mana reserved) is amazing, but expensive (12 exalts.) I personally went with Divergent (inc damage, less AoE) since it is cheap (15 chaos) and better than default superior (inc AoE of aura.)If you are on a budget, default superior works fine.

Flesh and Stone- All options are pretty bad. Anomalous (increased evasion and armour) is probably the best, but probably not worth 17 chaos unless you have extra chaos lying around.

Purity of Lightning- If you get the aura from boots (Doryani's Delusion) you don't have quality. If you don't use the boots, use default superior (inc AoE of aura,) or Divergent (lightning pen) for a very slight damage boost if you want to spend the currency (25 chaos)

Flesh Offering- All options are pretty good. Default superior (inc duration) if you don't want to have to cast the skill as much,. Anomalous (life leech) is you don't want to have to recast golems/zombies as often, and Divergent (minion attack speed) if you want to keep pushing your SRS DPS. All options are cheap, so comes down to preference at this point.

Summon Carrion Golem- I am personally running Anomalous (5 chaos), because increased buff effect means extra flat added phys damage for all of our SRS minions. The default superior is not bad either, especially if you want your golem to be more tanky

Hatred, (Vaal) Haste, Clarity, Dread Banner, Raise Zombie, Shield Charge, Desecrate- Stick with default superior.

Support Gems:

Feeding Frenzy: The default superior (base duration) is bad, so this is an important one to get alternate quality for. The best choice would be Anomalous (minions recover life on hit,) but this one is expensive (95 chaos,) so I personally decided to get Divergent (minion movement speed) instead for 5 chaos.

Multistrike- Divergent(10% inc attack speed) is probably a little better than default superior (10% inc damage,) but also probably not worth spending 35 chaos. Will be a slight upgrade option for the wealthier class :)

Melee Splash- Anomalous (inc melee damage) is probably the best option for us. Also cheap(4 chaos)! I really should have leveled an Anomalous gem for my current character, whoops...

Fortify- This is just a link for shield charge, so not priority at all, but Anomalous (inc Fortify effect) is straight up better than the default Superior (inc attack damage) for us. If you are rolling in chaos, and want to completely min-max your gems, then go for it :) (25 chaos.)

Minion Damage- This support gem should be coming from your helmet, so we won't have quality. If you haven't bought the helmet that comes with Minion Damage yet... you should probably be saving up for that rather than looking into buying an alternate quality Minion Damage :p Jokes aside, Anomalous (chance for double damage) is better than default superior (inc damage,) so use Anomalous if you happen to find one before you can afford the helmet :)

Enlighten, Faster Attacks, Melee Physical Damage, Unleash (all options are bad)- Stick with default superior



We can use SRS starting at level 4, so doesn't matter too much what skill we use up until then. Infernal Legion support is very strong on SRS while leveling, so start using that gem from level 8 if you have a 2-link. Once you get a 3-link, you will want to run Minion Damage(req. lvl 8) as well. If you get a 4-link early (pre-lvl 38,) you can run a Melee splash/Melee Phys gem swap for your 4th link (probably only need to swap for the main bosses. At level 38, you can swap out Infernal Legion for Unleash, and use Multistrike instead of Melee Phys for your gem swap.
For auras, if you have the links, run Summon Skitterbots-Infernal Legion at level 16. Now not only do Skitterbots chill and shock, but they burn too :) At level 24 we can add either Haste (if you have enough Dex,) or Hatred. If you can't sustain mana with both auras, take Infernal Legion off of the Skitterbots. Remember it is OK to use a mana flask (or even two!) if you need to. At level 31, if you are using Hatred, link Generosity to it if you have the links.
For other skills, don't forget to start using Flesh offering at level 12. You can get Desecrate at level 16 as well to help you create corpses for the offering. At level 34 start using Carrion Golem (support this with Feeding Frenzy if you can).
As an aside to all that, if you have gem sockets left over, you can throw in a Raise Zombie Gem (preferably linked with the Feeding Frenzy.) You may also consider linking them to a Fortify or Minion Life so they don't die as often while leveling.

Before we start equipping our end-game uniques/ideal rare gear (see gear section), we can level using rares with life and any resistances you need. If this is not your leaguestart character, and have some leveling uniques saved up, go ahead and use those while leveling too!

At level 50, buy a Victario's Charity and spec Necromantic Aegis. You want to make sure your passive tree paths near Necromantic Aegis when you an in the level 45-50 range, so you can spec the node right when you equip the shield.

At level 52, buy a Victario's Influence. Try to buy a 6-socket one if you can (even if the rolls are low.) We can buy a better one later when we have enough Jewelers to 6 socket on our own. If you can't buy a 6-socket one, either buy a 5-socket for now, or buy a well-rolled one and test your luck with your own Jeweler's orbs. Don't spend Jeweler's orbs unless the chest has a good roll. If you can get the 6-socket, run Anger, Wrath, Hatred, Haste, Skitterbots, and Precision(lvl 1 for now) in the chestpiece. If you have to run 5 socket, you can probably run the Precision socketed somewhere else and still sustain mana if you have picked up all the aura nodes on the tree (see below.) If you are having trouble sustaining mana with all the auras, drop Skitterbots for now, and add it back in once we get Conqueror's Efficiency.

The order of the passives you add is fairly flexible other than adding Necromantic Aegis at level 50, and adding the 4 aura clusters before we equip Victario's Incluence. After equipping the chestpiece, add nodes based on what you feel you are lacking (probably life first,) until you eventually fill out all the recommended nodes (see passive tree section). The cluster jewel passives will come last.

What level can we start using the other uniques we need?

You get Conqueror's Efficiency as the quest reward for "The Wings of Vastiri" quest in Act 8.
You can equip Alternate Grip of the Council at level 60, although if you can't afford these that early on, it's fine, your SRS damage should be fine until at least yellow maps.
Replica Soul Tether is required level 48, but a rare belt with high life will work perfectly fine until maps.
Doryani's Delusion- The required level is 67, but we probably won't fit Purity of Lightning into our build until at least level 80 anyways.

Remember to ID all rare scepters/rune daggers/wands/spirit shields for the chance of getting +1 to all spell/fire spell skill gems. Once you have a +1 weapon, you are set for weapons until maps. Also remember to check the gem section, and start leveling Aura/Minion gems we need later in our open sockets and off hand weapons.

Once you get to maps, gradually try to upgrade your gear until we can have a similar setup to the gear suggested in the gear section. Remember to check if you can fit another aura in your setup every time you do a mana/mana reservation related upgrade.


General Build Overview
Level 83 Mastermind (Catarina)
Awakener (Sirus)

More boss kill videos and a build video coming soon!

Thank you for reading the guide! Sorry if it's a bit messy, I'm pretty new to writing guides XD Please comment if you have any questions, or you can ask my directly on my stream at www.twitch.tv/hanarashi if I am live. I plan to put up a video guide for the build soon as well :)
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Looks solid!!

Thanks for the build.
Thank you for reading!
looks like a fun build, thanks for the write up!
Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have as much fun as I did if you try the build :)
Great party build? Now I just need friends ;-;

I haven't played an SRS build in ages though so I might check it out - thanks for the guide. :D
IGN: iAreNubcake - PM me on here otherwise
Note: If you whisper me and someone responds with a stupid IGN, it's probably me.
Luckily the build works great solo too! I've been mostly playing solo lately since my friends quit the league early...

Thanks for reading the guide!
Hey :) thanks for your guide. But i have two Questions, what shall i do with the Bandits and what are the best Pantheon Choses for this Build?
Thanks for reading!

For Bandits, I would go for the two passive skill points (kill them all) since the build is pretty point-starved.

For Pantheons, I generally use "Soul of the Brine King" for major since we don't have stun immunity anywhere else, and "Soul of Shakari" for minor since chaos damage hurts the most as a Hybrid character. Of course you will want to change your Pantheons around situationally as well depending on what boss/map you are running.

I'll add the above info to the main post as well :)
Thank you :)

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