How to improve on levelling ?

So I've been killing some time doing some SSF softcore ACT 10 Kitava runs with 3 x Lab Trials.

I go as Ranger (deadeye) with Rain of Arrows every time. It's essentially me having some fun trying to improve my league start. I try to avoid Toxic Rain since I won't do a league start with that kind of build.

I try to mimic this run by TYTY:

He does it in 4h06m.

I've done it 3 times and I end up with around 5h 45 min every time. My best was the 3rd run at 5h 30 minutes so I guess I am improving... maybe.

So I have a few questions ?

Is there a discord or some active forum for PoE racing where I can get tips from other players ? Maybe streamers announcing runs / streams. Really been looking for this but I can't find it anywhere.

Just how bad is 5h 30 mins x)? It's not a disaster if I don't improve. Not looking to go hard on league starts or anything like that either. It's just for the fun of it.

And here is a breakdown of my 10 acts. Is there an obvious place here I should improve on ?
ACT 1 28:19
ACT 2 56:07
ACT 3 1:35:51 (including 1st Lab)
ACT 4 2:03:00
ACT 5 2:33:35
ACT 6 3:03:36
ACT 7 3:41:20 (including 2nd Lab)
ACT 8 4:16:47
ACT 9 4:58:47 (including Blood Aquaducts farming for a few levels)
ACT 10 5:29:58 (including 3rd Lab).
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Serpentman666 wrote: PoE Community Racing discord.

Invite Link expired. Could you post a permanent one :) ?
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