[3.12]SlapGod's Earthshatter guide - EZ Tropical Island Deli, one shot bosses, tank

Welcome Slammers!
My name is Amir and I have the melee-fetish, this one really blew my mind so i want to share it with you guys.
Once you read the guide you will become the SLAM MACHINE you always wanted to be. enjoy!


All the Videos recorded without HH

Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0z-V2gGyl0

Siruis A8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A70NUmAwTQ

Fully juiced delirium tropical island: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akmAGbR45i8


- One-Shot almost every boss in the game
- Easy league starter with infinite scalability
- Real Tank with massive defensive layers
- No gem swaps
- Not "life-flask" dependent
- Screen-Wide AOE
- Fun and Active Playstyle (which can be a con for some plebes)

- Mediocre clear speed compare to the META
- Require some time to learn your rotations and git-gud
- Can't do no-regen and phys-reflect map mods

- Huge damage burst - Prefire Warcries and earthshatter spikes
- Screen-Wide AOE
- Using Crit-Impale build combo which scale really good.

- Permanent fortify (buffed)
- 4% less damage taken from nearby enemies with the alt-quality Dread Banner
- Stun Immune
- Easy Ailment removal thanks to warcry node
- A-lot of phys mitigation
- CWDT-Molten Shell and Vaal molten shell
- Stun huge packs of monsters

The Good Stuff (Items, POB and manual)


POB: https://pastebin.com/UTEwntjW
(Im using HH so the belt is a filler I used to record the videos, you can get much better one)

How to play:
Start of the map - Blood rage + Sand Stance
Heal - Endurance Cry
Extreme heal - Endurance Cry + More Warcries
Burn\Bleed\Shock Remove - Any Warcry
Before Extreme Situations - Vaal Molten Shell
Extra Safety - Place your Banner (I've never done this)
Boss Rotation - Blood Stance, Intimidate + Seismic Cries, Vaal Ancestral War-chief, Slam the enemy 3 times and Warcry to activate the spikes.
The Cool-Looking Move - Leap-Slam on the spikes instead of Warcrying

Choosing Your Axe:

Attack Speed - 1.4 is enough IMO
Critical Strike Chance- 6.5% +
Physical Damage- get the best you can pay for.

Important: Attack speed is for feeling-good, not so much for damage,
Don't fall into the trap of high pDPS Axe with huge attack speed and low raw damage like i did.

FYI I did all the content with Sinvicta's Mettle so dont't worry if you got no currency for GG axe.


I'm a plebe crafter, please take this section with a grain of salt.

Step 1 - Get elder base with the Earthshatter enchant and roll "nearby enemies
eat %increased shit",
Step 2 - Get crusader helmet with T1 increased fortify effect.
Step 3 - Use awakener orb on the crusader helmet and slam it on the elder
Now you have the desired mods and both are suffixes, so "suffixes cannot be changed" + scour combo is a viable option.

Get ilvl 83 6-link Fleshripper with Elder or warlord influence, use perfect fossils to get 30% quality and choose one of these Methods:
Method 1 - Spam with Zeal Essence (can make the fastest axes in the game)
Method 3 - Spam with jagged fossils
Method 4 - Spam with Jagged + Shuddering + Sanctified Fossils
Method 5 - Spam with Alts and Regals + Multimod

Always look for combination of attack speed, flat phys, %increased phys, crit chance and Hybrid mods. culling strike is also good.
you probably want to craft whichever mod you are missing + quality.
Using methods 1-4 will most likely require you to annul some bad mods and multimod.
Before you start to annul and craft I highly recommend to check your axe in POB and simulate the end result. check the trade site for similar pDPS axes to see if its worth it

"Physical Modifiers have #% increased Effect" enchant is desired but expansive.


Axe:When your DPS feels bad use the weapon vendor recipe
(highest ilvl base axe you can use + rare rustic sash + Blacksmith's Whetstone).
good unique axes:
Reaper's pursuit
Soul Taker
Sinvicta's Mettle (can easily kill conquerors)

Auras: Precision, Blood And Sand, Flesh And Stone + Maim.
Once you got enough accuracy drop precision and get Herald Of Purity\Pride (depends if you got -mana cost jewelery and enlightened gem).

Mobility: Leap Slam + Faster Attack Support until you got enough attack speed to drop the support.
Flasks: get Lion's Roar and Diamond flasks ASAP

Gem links by priority: Melee phys, Brutality, Fist of War, Pulverise, Fortify.

Passive Tree progress: In the POB there are leveling trees including Lv90 tree without cluster jewel.

Pro Tips

1. Leap-slam on the mobs will stun them - this is great defensive tool for
hard content like delirium incursions.

2. Remember to Vaal Molten-Shell before extreme situations.

3. Every time you warcry you gain 10% life thanks to the node on the tree,
abuse that when needed.

4. HH is extremely good and fun with this build, I highly recommend it.

5. you can use Sinvicta's Mettle to proc rampage and then switch to your main
main axe. you can't do that when your auras are in your axe,
unless you actually put another set of auras and enlighten in the

6. The DPS on the POB is not important in this build. you better look on your average hit damage as long as you got enough attack speed to feel-good.


Q1. Why are we using fortify support if our ascendancy give us permanent
A1. The only 2 better support gems are Concentrated Effect & Ruthless.
Concentrated Effect require gem swap and personally i hate it.
Ruthless is effective every 3 hits, ain't consistent enough IMO, might
worth checking.
Since we don't hit so often we want the permanent fortify node.

Q2. Is the Imapler node good for the build?
A2. Nope, leap slam will ruin the effect.

Q3. Should I inverst into the extra impales-watcher eye?
A3. Nope, in very rare occasions an enemy will get enough hits to actually
benefit from the jewel. you better invest in other gear.
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Awesome build man!

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