[3.12] Holy Relic, Full Phys damage, Block, Budget, Easy


After a long break, which was caused by my transfer from PC to Mac, in this league I got a chance to play POE again. I appreciate GGG team that developed Mac client and ported POE client to Mac platform.

I played POE almost from the very begginning and wrote couple of guides (posted on Russian forum) that are not relevant anymore, since GGG nerfed the items they were based on. So no links guys, sorry.

When Mac client was released and with my return to POE, the first question I asked to myself was - what build should I choose to start a new league?
I'm always have two criterias when I need to pick a new build to play, they are:
- it should be budget (I'm a casual player and has no luck playing with game random, so no Exalts, Mirrors and Headhunters)
- it should be capabale to carry me up to end bosses.

Having these thoughts in mind, I was choosing between Shadow and a Witch with specters, since I played specters during several leagues before and know they have a good scale potential.

During my adventures from Act 1 to 10, when I was in Act 6, I discovered Holy Relic skill and decided to give it a try.

The reason was, the trees of Necromant w/ Specters and Holy Relics are very similar and Ascendencies too, so it was worth to give a try. My respec to Holy Relic went well and I continued enjoy playing it.

Generally speaking, there are not many builds, posted both in Russian and English forums that are using Holy Relic gem. I found 5 in Enlgish forum and 2 in Russian one. They all were written for version 3.9 and were relatively expensive to make.

Playing Holy Relic now in Heist league, I can tell you guys how a budget version of Holy Relic feels, what it costs and what it is capable to do.

Links to expensive builds of Holy Relic from v.3.9

Pros and Cons
Damage - 4/5
Survivability - 4/5
Capable to carry up to end game and kill all end game bosses - 5/5 (nothing is hard for this build)
Felixibility - 5/5 (you can decide what to scale in the end-game, focus on damage, focus on life and ES or use mixed approach)
Can go through no regen mods - 2/5 (I don't recommended it)
Cost - 1/5 (budget: in order to play through Acts 1 to 10 and on first maps it is enought to use 4 links and pick up items you found on the ground)
Very easy to get up to 6000+ health and more, since all nodes you take on tree is either life or minion damage (no need to buy expensive gear. Enough to pickup what drops from the mobs with health and resistances. As an alternative use trade to buys cheap 1-2x items.)
Doesn't require to buy a 6 link armour. Can carry T16 w/ 5 links - I'm doing it now and it feels amazing (6 slots are useful to make bigger AOE or get more damage on single target boss in the end, when you choose to switch between AOE for maps and Predator for bosses)

Since it's pure phys damage build, you can't play physical damage reflect maps.
Scales indefinitely, but mirror tier items and 6 links unique armour cost a fortune

Passive Tree, Ascendency and Bandits
Current passive tree - lvl 92 Necromancer

How to take nodes:

1. Arcanist's Dominion
2. Heart and Soul
3. Lord of the dead
4. Cruel preparation + slot for jewel
5. Quick recovery + slot for jewel
6. Fearsome Force
7. Death Attunement
8. Righteous Army
9. Retribution
10. Discipline and Training
11. Sanctity
12. Constitution and all health nodes around
13. Tireless
14. Devotion
15. Gravepackt
16. Barbarism
17. Jugggernaut
18. Cluster node

At this point you can buy your first Unique item that is required for this build survivability: Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel (w/ name Doriany on it) - cost 180+ chaos orbs. This is the biggest investment you should make, the rest is much cheaper.

When you get this unique gem, you can start looking for Big and Medium clusters and another unique jewel you need you should use with them. After purchasing clusters and jewel, you can re-spec to the final tree (see in my profile: char: TruPanda, league - Heist). The information on needed clusters and another unique jewel is written below:

Unique jewel "Fortress Covenant" - gives +40% minions damage - the location of this jewel should be only in medium cluster slot which attached to big cluster. (See my tree to exact location)

Large cluster should have "passive nodes adds +10% minions damage" and "Slaughter" + "Fisting Friends".

Medium cluster should have "passive nodes gives 10-12% minions life + "Renewal" - this is the main thing there (it gives minions to make double damage when on rull life). Unique jewel goes into Medium Cluster slot as I mentioned before.

After you bought clusters you can start thinking about end-game and prepare for last switch - look for "Blue Nightmare" jewel on traid (cost from 45x) and a shield with high chance of block. Also get block and resistance nodes in tree near lokation where it should be placed. Shield should be rare with high chance to block and life. I'm personally goes with Aurora.

1. Mindless Aggression
2. Unnatural Strength
3. Bone Barrier
4. Commander of Darkness

Kill 'em all - +2 очка


99% of the damge perfomed by Holy Relics. We should have two of them. One available from start and another you can get by purchasing Unique Helmet. So, everything is build around it.

Main link (5 links):
Empower - red
Holy Relic - blue
Minion Damage - blue
Brutality - red
Controlled Destruction - blue

In the beginning you have a 4 link (red-blue-blue-blue) Brutality - Holy Relic - Minion Damage - Controlled Destruction

later on you purchase armor w/ "+1 to level of socketed active gems" and 90+ to life
Don't buy corrupted or armour for Dexterity or any combination w/ dexterity. The ideal shoudl be strenth + intelligence (it will be breeze to color it)
Cost (around 25+ chaos orbs):

After this, you should get a 5 link on it by either using a prophecy (cost from 7+ chaos) or crafting by yourself and color it to required colours.

5th gem should be Empower - buy it level 2 (cost 7+ chaos). As soona s you get more chaos orbs, buy Empower level 3 (cost 10+ chaos orbs) and sell the one you used (level 2)

Take Unnatural Strength by completing 1st and 2nd Labirinths

Later on, you should buy Holy Relic 20/20 - cost 20+ chaos) and then upgrade it to level 21/20 (or buy on trade)

The last thing that we need to our base build, is Geofry's Legacy - cost 1+ chaos. It gives us opportunity to use two Holy Relics instead of one.


Gems in slots, so I'm not mention them separately

Rare +1 to gems and 90+ life - ost 25+x


Unique - cost 1x+
Place animated guardians and raise zombies in it. Animated guardian will give you the auras and zombies will be your meat shield.


Unique - cost 2-3x


Unique - cost 34x+
Not required from the beginning. In the beginning buy a rare ones w/ life and resistances


Rare - 20+ move speed + resistances


Rare -100+ life + resistances


Rare - "Allocates Mental Rapidity for the end game, the normal one should have life and resistances


Rare - life + resistances. Try to get slot in one ring for the Raise Spected gem. You can summon up to 3 specters. I'm using Syndicate Operative (killer), They Tul and Arena Master (support speters). You can play without them, since all damage comes from Holy Relic, but running in the company is always better then run alone.


Rare - main is attack speed (1.80+) - cost 1x


Animate guardian

I'm using budget version. All items cost around 1-2x. My animate guardian is not for damage but for auras, like support aura team mate.

Leer Cast
Ambu's Charge
South Bound
Victarios Flight
Dying Breath Iron Staff

How to raise it? You should buy all items, drop them in the beginning of the level and click activate animate guardian skill and then click on desired item to equip. Repeat for all items.

I have two news for you: good and bad. Bad news is when someone kills animate guardian, you loose all items with him. The good news - you don't need to resummon him.

Holy relics need to resummon everytime you enter the game.

I recommend turn animate gardian in HOGM and pmn some high level guardians with chaos damage.

What's the next?

You can decide by yourself. I choose block option w/ shield, unique jewel for block and clusters. You can choose to spend extra nodes in life.

If you choose life option, you can get up to 7000 life and 2000 energy shield on level 92 (my achievement before I started using block variant of the build)

In case of block, you loose some life, I'm currently around 5500 life and 2500 energy shield, but you get more survivability on the end game maps.

Tips and tricks:
How to get enchant for Geofry's Legacy Helmet?
Look for great crown on trade w/ enchant minions deal 40% damage (cost- 25x+).
Use clear and chance orbs to get unique Geofry's Helmet Unique item.
Buy prophecy to transform Geofry's Helmet into Geofry's Legacy Helmet.
The enchant remains

Thank you for reading to the end.
Your comments are highly appreciated.
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Thanks for sharing, looks cool and simple.
Any PoB link ?
thomzon wrote:
Thanks for sharing, looks cool and simple.
Any PoB link ?

I can't install it on Mac, sorry

Here is a link to the tree in poe online planner.
Take a look, may be you can use it instead
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Hi. I once played holy relic build 2 league back and I really like at how strong holy relic is. In heist league, ggg added holy relic with coolddown recovery alternate quality. Are you using this? and also do you have like a gameplay footage of your version?

deathtaichou wrote:
Hi. I once played holy relic build 2 league back and I really like at how strong holy relic is. In heist league, ggg added holy relic with coolddown recovery alternate quality. Are you using this? and also do you have like a gameplay footage of your version?


I never played Holy Relic before and for me it feels strong but I can't compare it with the earlier versions of 3.9 and 3.10
T16 maps and Heist runs on lvl 81-83 works like a breeze

I'm currently using build tree w/ cluster jewels and block

The standard version of Holy Relic from v.3.9, feels somehow weaker compared to the new one. Regardless the fact that you can get more life and ES (I had around 9k in total) it's weaker because you don't have block and kill boss takes more time.

Some of my russian comrades were capable to get lvl 100 using Holy Relic this league and kill hardest in-game bosses, like Aul in Delve, Uber Atziri and Sirius A8.

Unfortunately I don't have any video w/ this build. But here you can see something posted by other users who are playing Holy Relic in Heist (see youtube links in last post on page).

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