Glacial Hammer + Totems Guardian (I'm new)

Hey guys! I just pulled together this build for Templar which I think is pretty viable in theory, though I don't know how viable it will be in practice. I'm new to the game but I like making my own builds. I felt like posting this one because all other Guardian builds I've seen are either Dominating Blow or Support Auras ones, so I think it would count as something different. As a Guardian build it's supposed to be tanky, it runs auras, but it also cares about DPS in a manner which can get things done smoothly (supposedly).

I will not follow the pattern of this sub-forum which only has build guides and I will go ahead and share my build with you guys so that we can get into discussion with it, if you feel like it.

Here's the link to POB:
Last bumped on Oct 8, 2020, 9:53:37 AM
Please don't.
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