Doctor's Carry / Crafting / Spectre Service

All endgame bosses and invitations!

Awakener 8-9 - 1ex fee or split loot(can make lvl 8)!
Maven - 2ex fee or split
Shaper/Elder/Uber Elder - 1ex fee or split
Delve bosses/Cortex/Mastermind - split or fee pm for more info

10 boss invitations - 50c
Breachlords/Distant Invitation - 2ex fee
Shaper/Elder Invitation - 1ex fee

Ulab - 15c

Spectres: Stoneskin Flayer, They of Tul, Arena Master
- 3c fee

Crafting: Trigger socket
- 3c fee

IGN: @Doctor_HaroldPurity_PhD
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Last bumped on May 20, 2021, 1:30:08 PM
vouch, trustworthy
+1 free lab carry for my enchant

He is the doctor, he takes good care of ya, stellar work and top speed.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERVICE, just bring ur regen/pots to counter the traps and its a certain victory :)
This guy carried my uber lab for free, +1
gave me spectres for free cause i didnt have currency :)
+1 great boss killer & good manners
Vouch, 6l serviced my +1 shavs.
+1, really trustworthy, best boss killer
IGN: Fratgiolo
Fast and safe

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