[3.12] Memoria's Penance Brand Assassin [All content, Video Guide included]

Hello and welcome to my Penance Brand Assassin Build Guide!

Feel free to join me Twitch or Discord if you have any questions or want to see the build in action.

Discord: https://discord.gg/NgZTgBs
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/Memoria_gaming

How it works
We are using Penance brand which is a physical brand that converts 50% of the physical damage to lightning. We then convert the remaining 50% to lightning and then convert that lightning to cold to increase our survivability. We scale the damage with power charges and cluster jewels to increase damage, range and activation frequency. Adding Explosive chest onto that and we've got really nice clear and single target.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjl1CuK69p4&t=2s

Path of Building

3.12 Content Cleared
Awakener Lvl 8
lvl 83 Grand Heists
T16 80% juiced Delirium (100% coming soon)



+ Fast clear
+ Safe - Freeze & Chill
+ Cheap to start with many options to min-max


- Without Badge of the Brotherhood you need to play a bit safe
- Not HC friendly
- Brands are not for everyone

Ascendancy & Pantheon


Opportunistic -> Mistwalker -> Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion

Help Alira for crit multi and res


Major - Up to you, typically Solaris vs single-target and Lunaris for clear
Minor - I'm using Gruthul for clear and Ryslatha for bosses for the flask charges



Other Options
Rare with these mods:
+1 to lightning/all spell skill gems
Ele/lightning/cold dmg as extra chaos
Spell/Lightning Damage/cold damage
Flat added lightning damage/cold damage
Critical strike chance/Multiplier


Mods to look for on rare
+1 to Maximum Power Charge
-cold res to nearby enemies
Enchant: Cast speed/Area damage to penance brand or Wrath reduced reservation.

For budget version go with Life and resist.

Body Armour

Other options
Rare 6L with Life & Resist, Frenzy is optional. If you don't have frenzy on chest get Cold Snap into your Cast when Damage Taken setup.


Mods to look for
Phys converted to lightning (or open suffix to craft it)


Mods to look for
Lightning/ele/cold dmg

Other Options
Replica Soul Tether - If you can sacrifice res on your belt, cheap option instead of Glorious Vanity.


Mods to look for


Other Options
Badge of the Brotherhood (Expensive, fast)

Mods to look for on rare
Crit multi
+1 int/lightning skill gem
Lightning damage
Spell Damage
Damage per power charge


Crit multi
Spell/area/elemental dmg

Glorious Vanity - Place either below Pain attunement or Mind over Matter. Gives Corrupted Soul (20% of max life as extra ES + 50% of non-chaos damage taken bypasses ES).

Cluster Jewels
Large: Cold and/or Lightning cluster with Any of the following mods: Blanketed Snow, Doryani's Lesson, Snowstorm, Vengeful Commander, Prismatic Heart, Widespread Destruction
Medium: Grand Design + Remarkable on 3 of them, Grand Design + Holy Conquest on the last one. For more single target and less clear, go with Grand Design + Brand Loyalty.
Small: Chaos res with anti-venom if needed, else Life with Fettle or Sublime Sensation/Towering Threat.


Gems and Links

Penance Brand - Concentrated Effect - Swiftbrand Support - Power Charge on Crit - Controlled Destruction - Inspiration

Enlighten (Lvl 4) - Herald of Ice -Herald of Ash - Wrath

If you can't afford lvl 4, get lvl 3 and get Sovereignty on the tree

Brand Recall - Arcane Surge - Flame Dash - Second Wind

Hextouch - Frostbite - Wave of Conviction or Frost Bomb

If you get Awakened Hextouch then add Elemental Weakness as 4th link

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration

Portal - Lightning Golem - Vaal Grace

Leveling Section

I prefer leveling with Storm brand and later Spellslinger. Leveling trees can be find in the PoB.

Leveling Gear

Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Lochtonial Caress, Wanderlust, Le Heup of all, Lifesprig, Axiom Perpeteum, Sacrificial Heart, Karui Ward (MS only)

Rare wand with spell/elemental damage, spell crit/multi, added flat dmg.

Leveling Gem Links
Start with Freezing Pulse - Onslaught - Added Lightning Damage
If you have tabula, get Added Cold damage and Arcane Surge.

At lvl 12: Storm Brand - Added Lightning Damage - Added Cold Damage - Onslaught - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting

At league start we'll get Storm brand at Act 3 Siosa, use Freezing pulse or any other spell of your choice.

At lvl 18: Storm Brand - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Added Lightning Damage - Faster Casting - Onslaught (Can be moved to Orb of storms instead)

At lvl 21 Get 4L Lightning spire as well for additional single-target damage: Lightning Spire Trap - Added Lightning Damage - Trap and Mine Damage - Controlled Destruction

Remember to get Herald of Thunder.

In Act 3 (Around lvl 24) you can get Spellslinger and get Arc + Ball lightning:
Ball Lightning - Elemental Focus - Spellslinger - Added Lightning Damage
Arc - Increased Critical Strikes - Spellslinger - Added Lightning Damage
Can be triggered with normal attacks or Frenzy linked to Faster Attacks.

Storm brand is an option if you prefer not to use Spellslinger. Swap out Faster Casting & Onslaught for Lightning pen & Conc effect

My other build guides
Herald of Thunder Autobomber https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2891996
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Video guide link is the actual pob link. And the pob section contains an outdated 3.11 link. Will check out the build, I have used your HoT AND BV HoI build last league, both were dope, keep up the good work!
Hellsing_ wrote:
Video guide link is the actual pob link. And the pob section contains an outdated 3.11 link. Will check out the build, I have used your HoT AND BV HoI build last league, both were dope, keep up the good work!

My bad, fixed now! :)
Also, guide says help Alira, but Path of Building says 2 passive points ^^
Hellsing_ wrote:
Also, guide says help Alira, but Path of Building says 2 passive points ^^

Help Alira if you need res, I switched over to 2 passives after getting double clusters and had more than enough res.
Can this do simulacrum 20/20?
you do sim 20/20 as a warmpup with this build.
Threw this together today.

Feeling my single target is abit crappy :(

I know im missing some of the clusters which im working today.

Any suggestions?
Also dunno if my damage is enough for simu i got pretty much demolished after wave 17
id like to play your build, but after starting with poison bv everything feels super slow. so what do you think of using withering step, taking no witness in the three and maybe even anoint freedom of movement?
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