PoB Warrior Gladiator


Dream PoB warrior'd gladiator with double corrupted perfect roll items (probably 10 mirror watcher's eye xD). No synth items though, which could easily increase all parameters by 50% (ie phys+explode foil).

6.4k max life, 800k ehp vs phys and 368k elemental. 80% capped ele res and 79% chaos. 82% max block, 77% without any Violent Retaliation stacks. 25% dodge.

184% ms

40.1m Shaper dps, more if we swap gems (not using conc effect; we have big 25 aoe)

Capped 30 attacks per second.

(Ignore int req as this is due to bugged enlighten gem)

Any further optimisations possible?
Last bumped on Sep 29, 2020, 8:06:44 PM

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