[3.11] Armageddon Brand 3-6M DMG Help/Share

Hello everyone, this weekend i ended up with this Armageddon Brand build and it turned out really fun:

Video T16 Map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pjVzgdHonM

PoB Current Gear (Lv 94): https://pastebin.com/bHqvXmJL

In PoB i have the "Meta" named items, those are items im trying to acquire.

PoB Aimed Gear (Lv 97): https://pastebin.com/mx4qeZKH

Since i don't have much experience making builds i need help to improve it, if someone can look into it.

Current Gear (lv93): Life: 3.817 / ES: 1.559

Aimed "Meta" gear(Lv97): Life: 4.401 / ES: 1.764

I can do all maps except elemental reflect (physical reflect i need to remove purifying flame), no regen/no leeche is tricky.

The problem is bosses in general, Conquerors sometimes 1-shot me, Minotaur, any Heavy Damage spikes, since i have much regen/leeche, heavy damage is the only thing that kills me.

Also, i wanted frenzy charge on body armour but thats much unlikely for me to get plus the lv gems mods.

In theory 3 Frenzy Charges would give me close to 1M dmg.

My first post here, sorry if it is unorganized but if someone can help me make this build better, i would appreciate it, having so much fun with it.

So, any thoughts?
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