[3.11] Self-cast Frostbolt WITHOUT Ice Nova exists!! 8M+ DPS Inquisitor

NOTE: Post not finished yet, I'm new to making forum posts, still working on it.

Greetings, exile. If you stumbled upon this thread, I should warn you, this is not a guide yet, merely an idea of an off-meta build I'm making. It seems to be very successful so far so I've decided to make my first ever build "guide".

Current Stats:

Life : 4.6k life + 1.1k ES
Damage : 3.4 million
(Projected DPS is 8million with better gear, gem levels and character level)

Skill Tree

PoB :


I believe this staff is BIS for this build, an upgrade to this would be worth atleast 30ex.
Main mod to look out for is the "Spells have #%+ to crit chance", preferably with good ES and life on the body armour.
Tailwind boots
The reason I'm using this belt is the increased life recovery rate, although there might be better options out there.
Helmet is NOT finished yet, the only important reason I'm using this right now is the hatred enchant and the huge amount of dexterity.
Using the gloves because of Vaal Pact, the only source of recovery we have anyway is leech.
Leech mod is mandatory, it can be obtained both as a Redeemer mod or an incursion drop-only item. An expensive upgrade would be leech mod AND "+1 to level of socketed cold gems" mod.
Curse on hit Assassin's Mark ring.
Second ring is for life, resists, and as much damage as you can get out of it.

Flasks, Jewels, Bandits


An expensive flask to acquire is Bottled Faith, Sulphur Flask. Will be using it instead of the Jade flask, and getting rid of poison immunity on silver for curses instead.

Bandits:Currently I'm leaning towards help Alira, but I might respec to kill all later.

Jewels:This build has 4 jewels, 3 of which are mandatory and the 4th is so good it's also pretty much mandatory.
2x Frozen Trail Cobalt Jewel
1x Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel with "Bathed in the blood of x sacrificed in the name of Ahuana"
1x Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel with "Adds x cold damage while affected by Hatred"

Details about Glorious Vanity
Glorious Vanity will be socketed at the topmost jewel slot on the tree. What it does is transform passives in radius. It will convert the keystone "Minion Instability" into "Immortal Ambition" which will let us leech Energy Shield AFTER life, increasing our life pool by a lot.
A counter effect is that because of Glorious Vanity we can't take the big DPS boost nodes leading upto "Serpent Stance".


Main Skill : Frostbolt + Awakened Spell Echo + Awakened Controlled Destruction + Cold To Fire + Power Charge on Critical + Awakened Added Cold Damage

Support skill : [5link, also works in 3link] Orb Of Storms + Inc AoE + Culling Strike + Arcane Surge (Level 7) + Faster Casting

Auras: Hatred + Herald Of Ice + Herald Of Ash + Enlighten, Clarity

Movement skill : Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify (Leap Slam because we need an attack, see Inquisitor ascendancy - Instruments of Virtue)

Other stuff : Decoy Totem, Vaal RF (only vaal skill for insane DPS boost), Ice/Lightning Golem.

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I wanted a comment on my thread :)
Looking good! Would love to see a video showcase of map clear and bossing

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