Skymagus' Hideouts

Hideouts are in my opinion the most fun part of this game, especially now they persist between leagues. After receiving a very nice compliment in Harvest league, I thought maybe it was time to actually share some!

I like my hideouts functional so Alva, Jun and the map device are checked and working.

Newest first:

Inside the Heart of the Blight (Baleful Hideout; Blight/Harvest)

What lies beyond those portals from which blighted monsters stream? A compact lair for the blighted exile!
(I ran out of master rep in Blight league after laying only the basic foundation; the arrival of new decorations in Harvest was a very welcome surprise and I've made full use of both the water plane and blocking volumes. The crafting bench has been moved to the central heart structure since screenshotting for increased efficiency. No MTX needed, but if you have the Blight league portal, the hideout is designed to match.)


Map device with open portals: Blight Portal (Blight league)

Primeval Undersea Sanctum (Sunken Hideout; Blight League)

A pocket of air at the bottom of the sea, maintained by very ancient magic.
(Also because the primeval tileset is cool and has no hideout base of its own. It turns out small hideouts have their uses for full conversions. No MTX needed.)


Portal: anything blue looks great, including the basic one. (Soulstealer portal shown).

Island Tower and Gardens (Unearthed Hideout; Harbinger/Abyss/Bestiary)

A dark island under eternal cloud...quite cosy and defensible after a little rebuilding.
(My first decent hideout, with all the essentials for a comfortable(ish) exile. Pets are optional, replace or ignore; no necessary MTX.)


Map Area - designed to fit the basic portal

Staging Area

Hot Spring

Main Tower


Dog Kennel

Watchman's Nook

Fishery and Shrine

Crafting Area

Haunted Grove

Cave Entrance

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