[3.11] Cold damage Tornado Shot and Barrage Assassin 11 mil + shaper dps

make tornado shot great again in 3.11

T16 Forge of the phoenix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjLY2RPuqhY

Shaper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qJGvUzSlQ&feature=youtu.be


+Great Clear

+Good single target Damage


+Lots of dodge

+Can be played on a budget



-Low life

-Low on int and strength

-End game gear such as good "rare" items will cost alot

-cannot do elemental reflect

My endgame gear

This gear is really expensive

If You dont have this kind of budget, any rare gloves/belt/boots with resistances and life will work.

use void fletcher at first if you cant afford a quiver with "Bow skills fire an additional arrow"

Mark of the elder ring is a huge DPS boost, shaper rings with curse on hit Assassins mark is expensive, so if you can't get that, try and get any regular shaper ring with life/resistances


A mini head hunter & dex stacking bow

For this Setup. we change a few things, No cluster Jewel, 2 inspired learnings, awakened fork support instead of ice bite support and fractal thoughts vaal mask instead of a rare helmet

Check "Passive tree spoiler below for the dex stacking tree and POB

Major god Lunaris Minor god Grutkhul

Help Alira.

Ascendancy and passive tree

2:Ambush and assassinate


4:Unstable fusion

POB: https://pastebin.com/JLxgWD6v 112/121 points used

Dex stacking and no cluster jewel tree here, if you dont know what im talking about, look at the spoiler above "my end game gear"

DEX STACK POB https://pastebin.com/c0s3wA2D

https://pastebin.com/kUK8LcxA 121/121 points used


Remove bleeding | remove curses | remove burning/immune to ignite are all really important flask modifiers

Gem links
1.Tornado Shot
2.Greater multiple Projectiles
3.Added cold damage support
4.Elemental damage with attacks support
5.Hypothermia support
6.Ice bite support

2.Awakened cold penetration support, OR regular cold penetration support
3.Added cold damage support
4.Elemental damage with attacks support
5.Hypothermia Support
6.Inspiration support

Curse on hit support
Herald of ice
(Movement) Smoke mine

Precision LVL 3 max
Frost Bomb
Enduring cry

Cast when damage taken
Immortal call
Increased duration support
Blood rage

Reccomended uniques for budget
Death's opus - price 20 chaos

Hyrri's Ire - price 10 chaos

Asphyixa's wrath - price 1 alch

Starkonjas Head - price 1 chaos

Really important
+2 arrows on a bow and is absolutely necessary

+! arrows on a quiver is not necessary but it really helps with clear and over all damage big time, They're also very cheap but until you can get a really good rare one, i would reccomend using a void fletcher or asphyxias wrath.


Bows fire +2 addition arrows

Dying sun

End game boss fights for this build
Shaper- Easy

Uber elder- medium

Sirus- hard

You need to know the mechanics for these bosses, the damage is we deal is good, but if you get hit by anything on these bosses, chances are you will die.

How much currency did you spend to get your endgame gear?
50 exa

Can i play this build on a budget?
Yes, around 5 exalts to get a 6 link and general unique gear that i recommended. | you can play this build easily"

Why choose assassin over other Ascendancy's
Assassin gives tons of free damage & survivability

We always have culling strike due to ambush and assassinate, we crit 100% of the time

Elusive meaning survivability and more damage

Opportunistic, More movement speed, and damage when atleast one unique/rare enemy is near, and there is almost always 1 rare enemy near by, and you take less damage

Leveling guide
Pickup a stormcloud unique bow as soon as you can at level 9, Use it till you can buy a doomfletch at level 20, use the doomfletch till doomfletch prism or death's opus, that's your choice

Gems to grab when leveling

Tornado Shot
Lesser multiple projectiles, until you can get Greater multiple projectiles at act 4
Added cold damage support
Elemental damage with attacks support
Hypothermia support
Ice bite support

Grab these gems in order while leveling

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What year is it?

Thanks for bringing it back! So refreshing to see somebody do a good off meta meta bow build
Bringing back TS, have great memories from that build in Legion. Would be interesting to see how this build works. Thanks for the guide!
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Good shit, bring back TS
As a new player to the game this guide was simple and easy to follow! Now instead of doing small dick dps I can do big dick dps. Thanks!
can it do 100% delirious fractured t16 maps?
can it do 100% delirious fractured t16 maps?
i will test it out in a bit, make a video then ill let you know
How is the budget ver ? Is it still can run map comfort ?
mysboy6 wrote:
How is the budget ver ? Is it still can run map comfort ?
Yeah it can definitely do high tier maps easily, bosses might be more of a difficult task though
I'm enjoying this build so far, never got to play Tornado Shot before and wanting to break away from Flicker Strike but still want to have some fast clear speeds. If I can't get a hold of Awakened Fork should I use the normal one? Also, if someone can explain this one it doesn't have to be OP, why do we not level Awakened Fork past 1? Thanks for the info and thank you OP for the guide.

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