[3.11] Elementalist General's Cry Consacrated Path

Hello guys,

This time I'm back with a new guide,
showing a build that uses in a very spam way the new Skill Gem General's Cry

Old builds (but gold)



- Fast Clear (not top tier speed)
- Good Survability
- Good Single Target DPS
- Ailments Immune
- Very High evade chance (90+%) against Blinded enemies
- Decent life pool (5k+)

- Can't do Reflect Maps (in Budget Version, see first comment)
- Can't do No Mana Regen maps
- Lot of things on screen
- Sometimes you'll get oneshotted by a crit
- You can avoid stuns only if you get double influenced ring

General's Cry and Consecrated Path

General's Cry is a new Cry added in 3.11 , with some new passives in skill tree that let you cast Cries faster and instantly , that let you use a linked skill on 5 Warriors that uses corpses to be summoned.
Warriors attack just 1 time with linked skill , remember that Cries have a cooldown.

Consecrated Path will be used for his teleport ability (so Warriors will teleport on enemies) and for the generation of Consecrated Ground.

You can use whatever you want , but I suggest Consecreted Path

How to play this build

Rotate like a Cyclone , spam Wave of Conviction and Desecrate.
In the meanwhile , you need to watch General's Cry's cooldown , ALWAYS.
When you can use it, USE IT.
Easy, right?

Remember to let your golems alive , you'll be status immune with all of them up.

Must have Uniques

This is our DPS. (can be changed with a good rare staff, see first comment)

Life and Good DPS burst. But you need Shaper (and Elder) ring.


6L : General's Cry - Consecrated Path - (Awakened) Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - (Awakened) Elemental Focus Support - (Awakened) Melee Physical Damage Support - Concentrated Effect

5L : Cyclone - Cast While Channelling Support - Desecrate - Wave of Conviction - Fortify/Punishment/Temporal Chains

Fortify VERY Suggested

4L : Herald Of Purity - Herald of Ash - Hatred - Englighten

4L : Summon Lightning Golem - Summon Stone Golem - Summon Flame Golem - Minion Life

1L : Blood And Sand & Portal

2L : Leap Slam - Faster Attacks Support




I suggest to get Brane King and Ryslatha , but you can choose whatever you want.

Levelling Guide

Use Zombies (on 6L, focus on phys damage) and Skeletons (on 4L) , like a normal minion build.
I suggest using a Tabula Rasa (of course) and a weapon with high phys damage).
While you go through lab , equip carrion , stone and fire golems.
Equip Hatred and Herald Of Ash as soon as you can.

Always pick up items with good life, res and phys - fire - cold damage (in this order of importance)

This is not so easy to level up, so I suggest to find a party until you get some core item.

PoB Fork



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Edit 10/07/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Enemies are always blinded.
Respect Unwavering Stance to get 2 points needed for The Interrogation

New Pastebin (will be added in main thread) : https://pastebin.com/0b4jNsST

Edit 11/07/2020

We are stun immune with this Ring :

It's self crafted , I just need little light res, life and I got good damage.
Base cost 2-3EX

Edit 13/07/2020

Got new Helmet Enchant (+1 Warriors generated by General's Cry) and addedo Punishment in CwC Cyclone with Desecrate and Wave of Conviction.
No more Volatile Dead (your pc will thank me)

You can equip every curse you want (I suggest Punishment for DPS solution , Temporal Chains for survability)

Edit 14/07/2020

We changed something on the three and on items.
We got more life (now we are at 5.5k) and more DPS.
We changed our amulet with a rare one that boosts our DPS.

New Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/TctQm4Fw

Edit 23/07/2020

We crafted a rare weapon with Harvest and some Alteration + Augmentation.

We changed the flasks , now we got this :

And added some new rare items with life and res.

Here the new Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/rGbHH1LG

Budget Version : We got unique weapon, remember to activate Lightning golem in skills.
End Game Versione : Disable Lightning golem in skills.

The difference between those 2 settings are :
- Budget version is more DPS , but can't do Ele reflect
- End Game version is a bit less DPS , but we can do Ele Reflect and have a bit more sustainability because we don't have the debuff of the Siphon Charges.

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Try charged dash.
Draegan101 wrote:
Try charged dash.

On Consecrated Path?
Do you have a guide for leveling?
schweini_88 wrote:
Do you have a guide for leveling?

Level up using Skeletons and Zombies, rying to get as mush phys damage as you can, and equipping Hatred and Herald of Ash as soon as you can.
Is bettere if you have a Tabula Rasa with 6L Zombie (there a re tons of guides that show you which gem is better, but remember to focus on phys damage) and 4L Skeletons.
As far as you get through lab , if you pick up golems, use Carrion , Fire and Stone (at end game, when you have almost everything, switch Carrion with Lightning and drop Zombies + Skeletons and equip the correct gems)

I'll write the guide in better version today, please keep an eye

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