LFG - CTF Achievement

I am looking for people to complete this achievement. My timezone is GMT+1. Send me messages either here or ingame.
Last bumped on Jul 9, 2020, 3:19:27 AM
I've been streaming PoE full time since Oct 2018 and I got this last year, probably because I asked people in stream.

I am always willing to help out with this :)

@starkformachines is my IGN - starting July 26, I'll be going HARD and pushing for partner, so I'll be on PoE 24/7

I'm here a lot - twitch.tv/stark4machines
And 1 on 1 you can ALWAYS get me here - @stark4machines#9022

ALWAYS happy to help :)
Video of me getting CTF achievement - https://youtu.be/nEgHcucW8tI?t=214

Cued up at right spot :)

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