Help rescue 3.11 Frenzy Raider


i started the league with the idea to build a party raider, that focuses on supporting a self-cast-dischargers by providing Frenzy Charges as fast as possible with conduid, so the discharger has not to sacrifice too much on charge generation.

A Buddy then should focus on discharging what should result in a very effective combo build.
The Problem is: I have no buddy...

Now i am somehow stuck - i am level 67, have 10 Skillpoints left, used 1 respec point so far - and i am thinking about the best options i have to make the build still solo viable. Other option would be just to start a new char...

Frenzy Bow : Respec to Deadeye might be the better option ?!
Oro Flicker : To much to respec ?!
Frenzy Melee : Not viable ?!

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Last bumped on Jun 29, 2020, 3:45:06 PM
I think Mathil played last season melee frenzy hollow palm raider, if only that gem wasn't so expensive atm I'd suggest you to try hollow palm. :/

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