[3.11] Fireballing Inquisitor!

Ok let me preface this by saying that this is my first self created build, and its still a work in progress. That said, it has gotten me well into red maps and have cleared t14 and t15 on a 5L so far (Silly thing doesnt want to 6l! :() I did start out with fireball and kept at it, added a brand for extra help. It feels good with lmp, and crafting options made it so i got to yellow maps before even buying anything!

I will share my current characters POB and include a little of how it got there and the choices. I also found a similar guide recently (But for deadeye) and got some ideas from there as well. Part of the reason to writing this is to get some ideas on how to improve the build and Ill include some of the things I've been debating to try as well.

Current character POB: https://pastebin.com/yKFqSCG2

Originally i was running 2 5l one with fireball and the other with Armagedon brand. That helped drop armagedon brand on bosses and run around dodging and doing fireball as one can. My thoughts were to do 1 of two things

1. Go double 6l, one with GMP, Chain, spell Echo, Fireball, Ele focus and inspiration for clear. The other with GMP, spell echo, fireball, ele focus, inspiration and empower for bossing.(Keep in mind still working out the right gems but that seemed good to me)
2. Go with Kaoms heart with the single target setup if clear was good enough

As you can see I'm currently running Kaoms heart, that came about thanks to the other guide idea of using snakepit, which worked out well. Note that even without it clear works but it is a nice QOL ring for us and it has nice stats. I do want to test fork vs chain still but haven't gotten around to it.

I havent been able to six link anything so far (Over 1.2k fusings in...). Made a few gear changes im testing. Got tailwind boots. Assassins mark ring. +3 staff. And got a crown with fireball enchant. So far feeling pretty good. Even before all of this I managed t15-t16 with a bit of struggle on the bosses. Also changed the links to include a brand/cullingstrike/powercharge on crit setup. Next step is 6l, cinderswallow and getting leech in (amulet probably).

Current gear 7/1:

For gear my thoughts are as follows
I used

something like that to level up
Im currently using

which i think is a really strong staff for us atm. And my plan is to craft a +5 staff and use that.

Helmet - Fireball damage enchant (Im currently trying to get this now on armor base)
Life/res and going for phys dmg taken as cold/fire for the extra bit of defense

Chest: Either Kaoms heart if clear + ST is good enough. Otherwise a spell Crit one with life/res and ideally either reflect immune or phys as lightning/fire at that point. Another considered option here was Loreweaver but havent gotten to trying it at all yet.

Gloves - Silk gloves with life / res. Can look at some of the crit crafts, faster casting and others. Havent experimented with glove slot too far yet.

Life/res/MS - And with currency probably aim for tailwind first.

I want this to be a +1 fire gems, have fire damage leech and have life. Resists are extra :)

Snake pit and possibly and Assassins mark curse ring with life/res
Other option i was looking at was mark of the shaper ring, but we would need to use an elder ring

Stygian Vise with life/res, can always go for the fire dmg/ele dmg ones as extra oomf

Cinderswallow with crit
Atziris Promise.
Diamond Flask
Dying Sun / Rumis concoction

Still working that out but basically Life and as many offensive mods as you can. Spell dmg/cast speed/crit multi.

Watchers eye: TBD but i expect the crit multi ones would be BiS. Will try and POB that and see but I'm nowhere near getting one yet.

Bandits: Help Alira (Two passives late game is probably the way to go if we good resist wise, especially if it helps fit a jewel slot)

Thats all i have for now. Ill try and update and format this as it goes if there is enough interest for it. And suggestions are more than welcomed as its my first self made build and looking to improve!

Some ideas from: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2577477/page/1


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Looks nice, I'll give it a try!

Some leagues ago I played something similar with the Sire of Shards staff but it failed hard on dps xD

I've seen you invested points to get crit, is worth to pick Alira or just go with the 2 skill points?

I went with Alira. Ill update that. I havent sorted annointment and a few other things yet.

Edit: Updated. If it changes were the extra point is more value (It might if we end up defense capped and having an extra nice jewel will overdo the 20% multi easily + have life)
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I'm trying it on HC, if I get some nice +Dex rolls on equipement I'll just respec some nodes to finish the life wheel or just trying to get CI and do a random transition xDD

I'll try to give feedback about any change that could work, but until late i'll stick with your tree ;)
Nice. Leveling was mostly smooth. I did try to get a bit of tankiness in since i dont like dying and im not too great at the game or paying attention all the time to it. One important thing to watch out for are the porcupine guys that throw things after dying since we dont have corpse destruction and im not 100% sure how to deal with that other than shoot from far and move. Obviously ele reflect is death unless we go with the chest mod (or pantheon/ring)

I considered CI but I think as a templar we are so close to many juicy life nodes and also we do have enough rare slots to cap chaos resists, Also considered a chaos res cluster jewel. We have access to a lot of jewel slots on that tree, and you can move some stuff around too. The other thing might be some MOM shenanigans, but we would have to drop some auras or work some mana reductions, or look at eldritch battery in that case but focus more ES on gear too. TBH Im not a huge fan of MOM if doing mana, but it can work. Id say with eldritch battery heart of flame becomes more of a want, since it gives ES fire damage leech.

If we do end up going that route, it could also be possible to change the inqui innevitable judgement for Augury, then work on having flamability urse/ woc setups with combustion and drop elemental focus.

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I thought of MoM, but then without herald and zealotry i'd need Impresence to run Flammability for free, but it's kinda expensive i think. And we would lose the +1 to all fire gems of the rare amulet
you could run a brand / orb with curse on hit setup for flamabilty.

Maybe Curse on hit / brand / flamability / golem instead of the zealotry / herald / enlighten / golem 4L currently. Might even just fit culling support instead of the golem and move the golem to the cast on damage taken setup or the flame dash one and drop increase duration.
Updated current gear nad some links changed. Testing out the new setup. Still trying to 6l :( and stupid life on boots was a "lucky roll" for life....

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