[3.11] Please help with my Dominating Blow/HoP Champion

This is a build for my current Duelist (lvl 55).
I am not very experienced in this game, so I need help.
I am looking to improve my build and thus really appreciate any feedback on links, jewels, uniques and the skill tree. I am especially unexperienced when It comes to cluster jewels and unique items.

Once I reach a high enough level and played around enough with different links/builds I want to reform this post into a guide so others can use it too.

The general idea is to use Minions from Dominating Blow and Herald of Purity to eat everything. Several Auras and Warcries will be used to assist them. Defenses come from high HP and armor, endurance charges, life regen and Fortify.

Path of Building:

Skill Tree:

Main idea:


Impale Version (no warcries):

Two Cluster Jewels:

Inspiration > Conqueror > Unstoppable Hero > Worthy Foe

Kill all for 2 skill points


(I was thinking a 2H with +1 to socketed Gems and +1 to Socket Melee Gems)
Dominating blow > Melee Phys > Melee Splash > Ruthless > Multi Strike > Maim = Impale

(A hat with +1 to minion gems)
Herald of Purity > Feeding Frenzy > Minion Damage > Minion Life > Melee Phys > Ruthless > Maim

(Ideally Support both, can make due with 1 of them)
Holy Relic > Summon Carrion Golem > Blind

War/Dread Banner > Haste (> Generosity)
Pride > Flesh and Stone

CWDT > Convocation > Flesh/Bone/Spirit Offering > (desecrate)? > Immortal Call
Which offering is worth it??

Leap Slam/Shield Charge > Fortify > Faster Attacks
Molten Shell

(Warcries) Which ones??
Enduring Cry > Rallying Cry > Intimidating Cry

Jewels/Cluster Noteables:

Life, Minion Damage, etc..

Large Cluster Noteables:
(Minion Dmg)
Call to the Slaughter > Renewal > Rotten Claws

Medium Cluster Noteables:
(Aura base):
Replenishing Presence > First Among Equals

(Minion dmg while Herald):
Cult-Leader > Invigorating Portents > Disciples

(Minion HP):
Dread March > Renewal > Blessed Rebirth > Life from Death > Feasting Fiends

Unique Items:
(I am really bad with these so any suggestions are welcome)

- Victario's Influence (to buff auras or HoP)

- Cicle of Guilt (reduces mana cost of HoP)

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I changed some things around and created a link in Path of Building.

The leveling has been going insanely well, the minions are shredding through everything. The instant warcry is also kinda neat

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