Racing / Lutbot and macro to logout.

Hello guys.

I'm starting to be interested in racing even if i'm still bad for now.

I've seen a lot of people using macro to logout faster to be back in town. Firstly i'm playing without macro for now, just with esc and logout click.

I'm not here to debate if it's authorized or not, as it is a grey area.

I just have two questions :

- What good racers think about that, is esc+click a better option or don't you care about it ? I'm really interested in what you think about it (confirmed racers), how do you see it in the world of poe racers ?
- Why people are using external program to do it when a simple macro making : enter + type text : /exit + enter works too ?

Thank you all, for now i stick to the classic way, but may go to /exit one if it's allowed (wich surely is) to avoid clicking on exit (it happened as i'm unexperienced with it for now).

Thanks, and pleased to be your padawan.

Edit : After thinking about it, i will copy paste /exit without macro, for me it's the best legit solution.
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